Hunting Bike Trailer: Choosing the Top Trailer for Hunting


While e bike hunting and fishing is a fun pastime if you catch yourself a big haul, how are you going to take it back home with an ebike alone? The answer is to get yourself a proper hunting bike trailer.

In order to help you level up your hunting game, below we have six great ebike hunting trailers. We’re going to do a deep dive and decide at the end which one is the best hunting bike trailer overall. Sound good? Then let’s get started.

1. Bakcou Folding Deer Trailer

bakcou bike trailer

First up is this wonderful 2-wheeled Bakcou trailer. It has axles that quickly and easily attach to the back of your mountain or hunting ebike. As a bonus, this Bakcou bike trailer also comes included with free axle extenders.

The load capacity of this Bakcou bike trailer is 200 lbs, which is more than enough to handle any large adult-sized deer you happen to conquer. A trailer like this will make it much easier to haul back any large carcasses without having to do it with your own hands.

And as the name of this trailer implies, it is foldable. This makes it very easy to store either in your car or at home. It also only weighs 25 pounds, much less than any deer you may be hunting, so there’s no worry about hurting yourself while picking it up.

2. Bakcou Folding Hunting Trailer

bakcou trailer

Next up is another great Bakcou bike trailer. This is a larger one weighing about 42 pounds, but luckily, it is also foldable.

It more or less has the same load capacity as the previous one, so you might be wondering what distinguishes this one. To answer that question, I have two words for you: fat tires.

Many people already know that fat tires offer superior stability on rough terrain, and many hunting ebikes also use fat tires for this reason. Why not have a hunting bike trailer that uses fat tires too?

This is a great Bakcou bike trailer if you own a hunting bike that also has fat tires. If you pair a fat tire ebike with a bike trailer that doesn’t have fat tires, you might not have as smooth a ride as you want. 

This e-bike hunting trailer is designed for hunters who hunt in the most extreme of conditions. If your hunting ebike is meant for these areas, get yourself a hunting bike trailer that can handle the heat as well.

3. Rambo Canoe/Kayak Trailer

hunting bike trailer

We’re going to take a break from Bakcou and now take a look at a Rambo ebike trailer. This may be a weird-looking one to you at first glance, but I promise it serves an important purpose.

For one thing, this is a very lightweight trailer, so you’ll barely feel it when tagging it along empty. More importantly, this Rambo bike trailer is meant for holding boats, specifically canoes or kayaks.

Not all hunting is done on solid ground. Sometimes you need to do some high-octane fishing when going down a river. If you like to do your hunting on the ground and on water, this is the bike trailer for you.

This Rambo ebike trailer can fit medium-sized canoes easily. The front and rear mounting places hold them snuggly. Just strap your boat from both ends, and it will be tight and secure. You’ll never have to lug your canoe by hand ever again.

4. Bakcou Hunting Cargo Trailer

e bike hunting

Going back to Bakcou, we now have the Bakcou Hunting Cargo Trailer. This is a unique option as it only has one wheel, as that’s all it needs.

This is a somewhat more lightweight version compared to the previous Bakcou trailers on this list. It isn’t going to handle the heaviest of games, but it is a solid option for hauling back a lot of small or medium-sized animals, as well as your equipment.

The best thing about the Bakcou hunting cargo trailer is its rear suspension. This makes it highly resistant to shocks and bumps, so don’t be put off by its thinner size and lighter stature.

This hunting bike trailer also comes with tarp linen that can be placed all around the cargo area. It’s useful for securing the contents as well as protecting them from strong winds or heavy rain.

5. Quietkat Cargo Trailer

ebike hunting trailer

The last hunting bike trailer brand we’ll be looking at today is Quietkat. This cargo hunting e bike trailer uses an adjustable rack and has good suspension for off-road traversal. 

Both wheels are fat tires measuring 4 inches in thickness, making them good enough for harsher mountain trails.

The entire hunting bike trailer weighs 38 pounds, so it isn’t too far on the heavy side.

Because of the adjustable cargo back, you can have the rack shaped like a bed or like a chair. This gives it some solid versatility depending on what you’ll be carrying.

This is the type of hunting bike trailer that you can get creative with. It isn’t just meant for carrying back your hauls. You can also use its versatile design to carry cameras, firewood, or any kind of supplies you need with you on your journey.

6. Quietkat Cargo Trailer Single Wheel

hunting e bike

The final hunting bike trailer to discuss today is Quietkat’s single-wheel cargo trailer. With a 4-inch wide fat tire, this ebike hunting trailer is strong enough for tough terrain but thin enough to fit through tighter spaces than usual. This trailer is just as wide as a hunting ebike, so wherever you can go, it can go too.

With a 100 lb weight capacity, you can move tons of large items or medium-sized elk and deer. The cargo liner is made out of mesh which makes it more durable and tear-resistant.

It’s also very roomy thanks to the 14’’ by 24’’ cargo space, so you can fit tons of things in there. Coolers, camping equipment, hunting gear, firewood, and bows can all be stuffed inside with no problem.

Final Hunting Bike Trailer Verdict

There can be only one winner today, and while all six of these hunting bike trailers have their benefits, I have to choose the Bakcou folding hunting trailer as the victor.

While it may not be the thinnest frame or have the thickest tires, it completely blows out the rest of the competition with its impressive 200 lbs load capacity. You will never struggle to haul back the heaviest of games with this thing.

It’s also highly durable, compatible with virtually any hunting ebike axels, and you can get everything done in one trip without having to do any backtracking. This really comes in handy when it comes to minimizing noise and any scents you leave after each pass.

Hope that clears things up for you. While you can’t really go wrong with any of these choices, know that the Bakcou folding hunting trailer is the one that will never let you down.