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If you own one of the many scooters manufactured by Razor then you may be in the mood to modify your vehicle with some new parts. It’s always a good idea to have an extra component to enhance your scooter or to replace old parts you’ve had for years. Whether you need a new battery or a new tire, here is our list of the best Razor electric scooter parts to reinvigorate your ride.

Replacement Battery for Razor Electric Scooter

Batteries are one scooter component that is guaranteed to degrade over the years and the more you use and recharge your electric scooter.

Replacement batteries, however, aren’t just useful for replacing aging original batteries with degrading performance, they also allow you to upgrade your electric scooter to extend the range and run-time since they can be more powerful than the one your scooter came with.

Luckily, most of these replacement batteries require any soldering and are very easy to install. Simply place the battery in the spot your old one used to be and connect with the supplied cables. That’s it!

AJC 4.5Ah Razor Scooter Battery

For Razor E100 / E125 / E150 / E175

AJC Razor e100 e125 e150 e175 12V 4.5Ah Electric Scooter Battery - This is an Brand Replacement

Product Features

  • A great battery replacement for Razor scooter models e100, e125, e150, e175
  • Voltage of 12v
  • 4.5Ah capacity
  • Very affordable and acts as a superb substitute


This battery is compatible with many of the original classic models of the Razor lineup. It makes for a great replacement for original packs that have lost their juice after many years of usage. You should, however, re-use your existing cable and hardware since these are replacement batteries only.

This battery pack is the bread and butter of Razor electric scooter parts as it will extend the lifespan of your scooter by several more years. It’s also much cheaper than replacing your entire scooter, especially due to its affordable cost.

VICI Performance 9AH Battery Pack

For Razor E200 / E200S / E300

High Performance Upgrade for Your Razor E200/E200S/E300 Batteries for 28% Longer Run Time VICI High Performance Battery Pack

Product Features

  • Great battery replacement for the Razor e200, e200S and e300
  • Will add up to 28% more battery life compared to the standard stock battery versions
  • 12v and 7.0AH
  • No need to charge on arrival, immediately ready for use


While replacement parts are a necessity, upgrades are more like a bonus to improve upon what you already own. One of the best Razor electric scooter parts you can hope for is an increase in your battery’s performance.

This VICI enhancement gives you a 28% boost to your Razor scooter’s run time. If you’re the type of person who always seems to run out of energy, then a stronger battery pack is just what you need. This will breathe new life into your Razor scooter with extra power that will go be noticeable from the get-go.

VICI 7AH Pocket Mod Battery

For Razor E500S

VICI Brand High Performance Razor Pocket Mod Batteries, For: Bella, Betty, Bistro, Daisy, Hannah Montana, Kiki, Sweet Pea, Vapor Includes Complete Wiring Harness Easy slide on Terminals

Product Features

  • Extremely easy installation that requires no smoldering on your part, the terminals slide on easily with zero effort
  • Great battery replacement for the Razor e500
  • Comes fully charged and immediately ready for use
  • Comes with a generous 1 year warranty


Razor’s E500S is one of their more powerful models meaning that it needs an equally powerful Razor electric scooter part to match its caliber. This high-performance VICI battery mod will extend the battery life of your already powerful electric scooter.

Thanks to the high-quality craftsmanship, installation is quick and simple. The slide on terminals snap on easily and should prove to be a great investment that will benefit you for years to come.

Power Star 7AH Replacement Battery

For Razor E200 / E200s / E225 / E300 / E300s / E325

PowerStar-2Pack-2 year Warranty 12V 9AH SLA Battery for Razor e200 / e200s / e225 / e300 / e300s / e325

Product Features

  • Replacement battery for the Razor e200, e200S, e225, e300, e300S and e325
  • Also works very well with e-bikes, alarm systems and more
  • Comes with 2 packs of 12 volt 9AH lead acid battery units
  • Installation will require some minimal smoldering


If you own one of the E2XX or E3XX models then this is going to be the Razor electric scooter part for you. This is a pair of highly durable batteries with very sturdy build quality.

While installation requires some soldering, these Power Star packs come with an impressive two-year-long warranty. They can also be safely charged overnight and have a very impressive shelf life.

Purchasing this pair of batteries will provide a satisfying power boost to your E200 or E300 series model for a very long time.

Razor Electric Scooter Charger

Whether it’s for your cellphone or wireless headphones, we all need to buy a replacement power charger at some point in our lives. The same is true for electric or motorized vehicles. If your scooter’s charger has been damaged then rest easy knowing there is a Razor electric scooter part to replace it.

KAQIAR New 36W Electric Scooter Battery Charger

For Razor E100 / E125 / E150 / E175 / E200 / E300 / E500 / PR200 / E225S / E325S / MX350 / Pocket Mod / Sports Mod / Dirt Quad 3-Prong Inline

Product Features

  • Compatible with the Razor e100, e125, e150, e175, e200, e300, e500, PR200, e225S, e325S and more
  • Comes with a built-in overload, over voltage and short circuit protection mechanism
  • 24v 15A unity with 36w of power
  • 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty included


This battery charger is compatible with several Razor models, not just limited to scooters. This is a great buy whether you own one or multiple Razor products.

Razor Original Scooter Battery Charger

For Razor E200 / E300 / PR200 / Pocket Mod / Sports Mod / Dirt Quad

LotFancy Electric Scooter Charger for Razor E100, E200, E300, E500, PR200, MX350, Dirt Bike, Pocket Mod, Sports Mod, and Dirt Quad, Replacement for W13112099014, 24V 1.5A Battery Charger

Product Features

  • Razor e200, e300, PR200 compatible
  • 1 year warranty
  • Charger only works with lead acid battery types
  • Built with a longer than average cable for convenience
  • LED light remains red when charging and turns green when reaches 100%


Razor sells its original scooter battery charger that is only limited to their initial scooter models. It’s slightly cheaper than the previous battery charger and comes with a slightly longer cable. It’s only compatible with a few models but will be a perfectly suitable replacement cable for these scooters.

This Razor electric scooter part is actually a modified model that sports an updated port as well as an LED light that glows red when it’s still charging and turns green when the battery is full. This feature makes it invaluable to any rider who is anxious to get back on the road.

Razor E Scooter Replacement Wheel

Razor Scooter Wheel 3.00-4 Tire & Inner Tube Combo

For Razor E300 / E325

3.00-4 Tire & Inner Tube Combo For Razor Pocket Rocket Razor E300 & E325 eZip 4

Product Features

  • Compatible only with the Razor e300 and e325
  • Reinforced treading for an increased shelf life
  • Traction makes it fantastic for dry terrain
  • Easy and quick installation process


Speaking of wheels, this tire and tube kit combo is a very durable Razor electric scooter part for the E300 series. If one of your tires has bit the dust, then purchasing this replacement part should be your next logical move. It’s quite easy to install and has very strong traction and sturdiness.

The reinforced treading will probably make it a better tire than your original one. Traction on dry asphalt surfaces will feel more stable than ever before. Take into account the easy installation process and you have yourself a great Razor electric scooter part for replacement or enhancement purposes.

Razor Scooter Wheel FDJ 8 x 2

For E100 (Front) / E125 (Front) / E150 (Front & Rear) / E175 / E200 (Front & Rear) / E200S (Front & Rear)

FDJ 200x50 (8'x2') Electric & Gas Scooter Tire Razor ePunk Tire & Inner Tube Set for E100 & E200 Scooters

Product Features

  • Compatible with the Razor e100 for front, e125 for front, e150 for front and rear, e175 for front and rear, e200 for front and rear, and e200S for front and rear
  • Lightweight component that will not impact the overall weight of your electric scooter
  • Inner tube is already preinstalled inside the wheel


The final Razor electric scooter part we have today is compatible with several models. This tire already has the tube pre-installed saving you some time on an already easy setup.

Because it can be fitted onto so many different models, the FDJ wheel is an ideal replacement part with great reliability. It’s lightweight, making it an especially good Razor electric scooter part for vehicles designed for younger ages.

Re-inflating the tire is a painless process and the treading makes it stabilized at any speed on several different kinds of surfaces.


If you want to make the most out of your Razor scooter, keeping it in tip-top shape by buying new parts on occasion is a must— especially when it comes to the battery. Pick up some spare parts when necessary and don’t let your scooter collect dust if only one thing is wrong with it.

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