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If you’ve ever wanted to know what the absolute fastest electric scooters are then you’re going to have to take a look at Nanrobot. They have made some of the most technologically advanced and fastest electric scooters that have ever been put on the market. Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at two of their fastest and most cutting-edge scooters.

Note: Previously compared e-scooters: D4+ vs LS7 is recently updated to D6+ vs Lighting for 2024.

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The Fastest Electric Scooter for 2024

The  and the are our two competitors today.

We’ll be comparing them in several categories so that we can get to the bottom of which one is the superior scooter. We’ll summarize everything at the end with the pros and cons section and our final verdict.

With that said, let’s get into the comparisons.

Battery Life and Charge Time

Battery life has and always will be one of the most important aspects of any electric or motorized vehicle, which is why we chose to talk about it first. If you want a vehicle that will take you dozens of miles then it had better have the energy and the power to pull that off.

Both the D6+ and the Lightning can be used for a little over an hour at max speed, which is something we’ll talk about more in the next category. However, they both have different charging times despite similar battery life. The D6+ needs to be charged for 10 – 12 hours (5 -6 with 2 chargers) while the Lightning requires 8-10 hrs (4-5 hrs with 2 chargers). You’ll be fine if you charge your scooter overnight regardless of which one you pick. But the numbers don’t lie and the Lightning is the victor in this category.

Winner: Nanrobot Lightning

Max Speed and Max Range

Here’s the part that many of you have been waiting for: which electric scooter is the fastest and will provide the most thrill? There’s no point in making you wait any longer. The Nanrobot D6+ is easily the victor in this category.

Don’t get too carried away with that fact though. The Lightning is still a very, very speedy electric scooter. It’s called Lightning for a reason. It has a top speed of 30 miles per hour and a max range of 25 miles per charge. These are still very impressive stats that put most other scooters to shame.

But the D6+ is still in a completely different league. With a gargantuan maximum speed of 40 miles per hour and a range of 40 miles per charge, nothing can beat it when it comes to raw speed. This thing is so fast that braking at max speed will put the scares into you – more on that later. If you care about nothing except getting the utterly fastest scooter experience possible, it’s obvious what you have to pick.

Winner: Nanrobot D6+


Portability is a very important factor for all-electric scooters. Since they’re designed to be taken miles and miles away from your home, it’s nice to know that your vehicle will be as little of a hassle as possible when lugging it around.

While both the D6+ and the Lightning have folding designs for when they aren’t in use, the D6+ weighs about 77 pounds while the Lightning only weighs 65 pounds. They’re both bulky but the Lightning is undeniably a little easier to carry around, whether that’s putting it into a car or lugging it in and out of storage.

Winner: Nanrobot Lightning

Max Load Capacity

Both electric scooters both have impressive maximum load capacity which is far beyond the standard 220 pounds. However, there’s a slight difference between the two. The D6+ can carry up to 330 lbs max load while the Lightning can only carry up to 280 lbs. This is proportional to their body weight. The D6+, which weighs heavier than the Lightning, boasts a greater max weight capacity than the latter.

Winner: Nanrobot D6+


Nobody wants to ride a scooter that offers a bumpy and unpleasant riding experience—especially if you’re going at 30 or even 40 miles per hour. Luckily, both the D6+ and the Lightning are made from extraordinary parts and components. Their construction provides a ride that offers incredible stability on any asphalt.

Both electric scooters are fitted with multiple shock absorbers that not only make them safer but smoother to ride on terrain that might not be completely flat. The D6+, however, features a Dual C Type Hydraulic Suspension while the Lightning features Dual C Type Spring Suspension. Both provide excellent shock absorption which is suitable for any kind of road. However, a hydraulic system suspension provides a smoother ride compared to the spring system counterpart.

Furthermore, D6+ has 10” Pneumatic off-road tires that offer better shock absorption compared to the 8” Solid tires from Lightning.

In the end, we actually have to say that the D6+ is the winner of this category. On top of that, the D6+ has a secret weapon that the Lightning doesn’t have: an optional, detachable seat.

For an extra $150 you can get an that comes with an extended chair that rests a couple of feet off of the footboard. It’s a fantastic investment if you plan on using your scooter very often and want to keep your feet and legs less stressed. Presumably, the extra weight of the chair will take some juice out of the battery life but we say it’s absolutely worth it.

Winner: Nanrobot D6+


No matter which electric scooter you pick you’ll be happy to know that they are both top of the line when it comes to safety. Both e-scooter feature Disc Brakes that offer excellent braking performance.

Yet unlike the Lightning, the aside from the version with . The one having oil brakes costs $100 more than the one having disc brakes. Yet aside from the price, oil brakes are far more reliable during extreme conditions as the oil applied to the system helps lower down the e-scooter’s temperature.

So when it comes to the braking system, the D6+ is undeniably the best choice as it offers a better braking option.

Both scooters have headlights, rear lights, and sidelights which are an absolute must if you plan to go riding after dark. The headlights can be quickly activated by the press of a button up on the handlebars.

These Nanrobot scooters may don’t have a horn or a bell but they both have flashing turn signals that quietly indicate they’re about to turn or change lanes. The D6+ has the brighter headlight, however, so we have to give the point to it for that.

Winner: Nanrobot D6+


It’s always essential to know what kind of tires your scooter has. Tires are probably the most important part of a scooter and they can make the difference between a good scooter and a great one.

The fact of the matter is both the D6+ and the Lightning have excellent wheels. However, there are distinct differences between the tires these two e-scooters possess: the size and type of wheels. As mentioned earlier, D6+ has 10” Pneumatic off-road tires while Lightning has 8” Solid tires.

Clearly, D6+ is the champion when it comes to wheels. Its pneumatic off-road tires offer better grip and better abrasion resistance, providing more safety for your outdoor riding.

Winner: Nanrobot D6+

Bonus Features:

What’s a high-end electric scooter without having any cool nifty features to complete the package? Thankfully, both the D6+ and the Lightning have quite a few.

Both scooters are quite distinct when it comes to size and portability. The Lighting, however, comes with a smaller and lighter body compared to D6+. Lightining has a general height of 125 cm and a width of 115 cm while D6+ has 133 cm and height and 131 cm width.

Each scooter has an LCD screen on the right side of the handlebars. On this screen, you will receive a lot of information about your scooter. You can see the battery life, the amount of time the scooter has been turned on and there is even a speedometer. It only displays speed in kilometers per hour so you might want to brush up on your conversion abilities.

Additionally, both scooters have an energy-saving mode and a gear changer to alter your max speeds when you want to conserve the battery.

Although Lightning is the clear winner when we talk about portability, it’s also hard to refuse the additional features D6+ has to offer. Aside from the freedom to choose between having or , you also have the option to include a into it.

Winner: Nanrobot D6+

Pricing and Value

Here’s the elephant in the room that some people don’t like to talk about but we would rather keep things genuine: we have to talk about the price.

After laying down the distinct features between D6+ and Lightning when it comes to size, wheels, and brakes, one could say Lightning doesn’t stand a chance on D6+.

The problem now is the price. The Nanrobot D6+ is priced above most other scooter models but is still quite affordable considering all its features. The Nanrobot Lightning, on the other hand, is $400 lesser than the cheapest version of D6+ at this time of writing the article (check out the latest prices below).

This begs just one simple question: is the Lightning, being cheaper than D6+, mean it doesn’t stand a chance for being the best e-scooter for you? Our honest answer is NO.

Although the features are slightly lower compared to D6+, Lightning is actually one of the best e-scooters in the market today. It, however, is designed for budget-conscious customers, who still want to get hold of a solidly-built e-scooter.

Ultimately, Lightning is the better choice as far as getting the most bang for your buck is concerned. It’s almost as good in every single way except it doesn’t offer a seated version, unlike D6+.

Winner: Nanrobot Lightning

40 miles

40 mph

77 lbs

2000 Watt

The is not just one of the fastest electric scooters of today reaching a speed of 40 mph but it also gives a wide range of braking options as well as a choice of adding a !


  • Offers optional detachable seat
  • Pneumatic off-road tires for a smoother driving experience
  • Disc/oil brake options for solid stopping power
  • Eco-mode for power saving
  • Excellent battery life
  • Electric protection features
  • Larger tires
  • Brighter headlights


  • Takes a longer time to charge
  • Quite heavy
  • Quite expensive

Product Features

  • Unbeatable battery life for an electric scooter
  • Max range of 25 miles and max speed of 30 mph is more than enough to satisfy the vast majority of e-scooter enthusiasts
  • Fantastic and highly responsive braking system
  • Performs very efficiently off-road, including on dirt and sand
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Very efficient in terms of battery use

25 miles

30 mph

65 lbs

1600 Watt

The may not be the fastest electric scooter, but it’s one of the best e-scooters I have ever had the joy to ride on! It’s perfect for budget-conscious customers who still want to experience the best ride for themselves.


  • Budget-friendly
  • More portable
  • Lightweight
  • Lesser charging time


  • Smaller wheels

Product Features

  • The max speed of 40 mph is too intense for some people off, but this is undeniably an incredible thrill for the people who can handle it. This is truly a one of a kind electric scooter
  • Max range of 40 miles gives this a lot of versatility, giving you the power to cover a lot of ground off of just one battery charge
  • The 2000 watt motor is unbeatable
  • The headlights are superb, making this a fantastic option for nighttime rides
  • An optional attachable seat is available so you can sit down as you do your commutes

Final Thoughts and Verdict

If you came here for speed and speed alone, the has got to be your choice. Combined with its large tires and wide footboard, you’ll be blazing around your town or city in comfort and in style. 40 miles per hour is an utterly thrilling speed to be going at on a motorized scooter. It offers such a unique thrill while also having the efficiency to get you to your destinations quickly.

If you’re concerned more about the price, the accomplishes a lot and it is a phenomenal value. It’s easily one of the best scooters and the option when it comes to quality and portability.

Thanks for reading our comparative review of Nanrobot’s cutting-edge fastest electric scooters.

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Kevin Sellsit February 19, 2019

These scooters have two distinct and entirely different designs. The difference in ride quality is phenomenal, and only outclassed by the significantly higher cost to engineer and manufacture it. Worth every penny, no doubt.

Had you actually ridden both scooters for more than a stroll around the parking lot it would be abundantly clear that despite similar running gear, real world performance and handling are worlds apart.

You said, ” Both electric scooters are fitted with multiple shock absorbers…”
Look again! One rides on 6 steel springs metal to metal with zero (0) shocks and only shock like slides to fool you into believing those heavy springs are somehow dampened against spring oscillation.
But wait! The other scooter has entirely different suspension engineered after the famous ROSTA type suspension developed in Germany! No HEAVY springs on the far superior LS7!
You said, “Both scooters feel pretty much identical when we were riding them at speeds of around 20 to 40 miles per hour on cracked sidewalks” … Of coarse they do! So try flying off a 16″ curb or down a set of 12 stairs at 30mph, or even crash head on into set of 6 uphill stairs at 12 MPH!
Can I take that back? I do not recommend that test with the D4+. LS7… that is what you’re paying for, and it’s worth every penny if you are riding this as your daily vehicle.
Since I still have your attention, lets look at the spec sheet once more.
LS7 70 lbs
D4+ 82 lbs
Your specs not mine. Is it possible that the much faster, much further, much quicker scooter could actually have more motor, more battery, and more safety and be lighter without those 6 heavy springs? Your specs.
In my opinion you didn’t fully understand just how good both of these scooters are. These are top of the line adult transportation vehicles, not the toys you find laying everywhere in so many city’s these days.
If you are only going a block or two, jump on the micro scooters, but if you’re going to work 16 miles away, and back…think LS7.

Rog March 27, 2019

FYI you can also get a seat for the LS7.

    Razor PowerCore E90 Electric Scooter November 13, 2019

    Compared to motor vehicles maintain electric scooter is very easy here you can get complete information regarding Razor E90 Electric Scooter.

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