Electric Bike Rack Overview – How to Pick the Right One


Getting a top-tier electric bicycle for your hunting needs isn’t the end of the story. You’re going to need an electric bike rack that not only suits your bike but can handle all your storage and transportation needs. But which one should you get?

Electric bike racks come in a variety of styles that suit several unique purposes. Some are better suited for fat tire bikes, while others can also be connected to your truck or SUV. To help you find out which electric bike rack is the best option for you, here are our top 10 best bike racks for electric bikes.

Electric Bike Rack Finalists To Consider

1. QK 1UP Bike Rack With Fat Tire Kit

QuietKat electric bike rack

The first item to share is this great fat tire electric bike rack from QuietKat. The 1Up Bike Rack is one of the best-reviewed fat tire bike racks you can find anywhere.

It’s available in three purchase options: single, double, and triple. This gives you the ability to save a little cash by purchasing more than one should you have two or three fat tire bikes that require storing.

The 1up Bike Rack has a max load of 75 pounds, so it can handle pretty much the heaviest fat tire bike you can find. The slots of the rack are perfectly designed to handle those wide 4-inch wheels that fat tire bikes are known for.

The electric bike rack hitch bar is made with anti-wobble technology so you never have to worry about your bicycle moving an inch during transportation. Despite the impeccable durability, the rack itself does not weigh much at all, making it easy to carry and install.

If you are the owner of at least one fat tire bike, the QK 1Up Bike Rack might be the best electric bike rack for cars you can get anywhere.

2. InnoRack INH120 Dual Bike Rack

Innorack electric bike rack

InnoRack’s INH120 is a great dual rack option for people planning to hook their hitch to the back of a large vehicle. The INH120 is great for pickup trucks or SUVs especially.

The INH120 is foldable which makes it highly convenient for storing away when it’s not in use. It will easily fit in the inside of a car trunk or a closet indoors.

Included with the INH120 are a lock and key for added security and tightness. There are even security cables designed for both the hitch and the bike itself.

InnoRack was even smart enough to include a hitch adapter with this rack. The adapter allows you to use this electric bike rack with smaller receivers, expanding the versatility of this tool. 

3. Kuat NV Base 2.0 Dual Bike Rack

Kuat electric bike rack

Coming in is another great dual bike rack, the Kuat NV Base 2.0. It’s heavier than your average electric bike rack though that makes sense when you take into account its impressive weight limit.

The NV Base 2.0 can hold fat tire bikes with 4-inch wide wheels, as well as support wheels with a height of 29 inches

It’s also compatible with a few optional accessories like a bike ramp that makes it easier to mount and dismount, as well as a wheel adapter for smaller tires that are 20 inches high instead. It is highly recommended to get this electric bike rack with the ramp for a level of convenience you never even knew existed.

This is also a very affordable item as far as double or dual bike racks go, so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with this rack. It’s a great choice for people looking for their first-ever electric bike rack.

4. InnoRack INH110 Single Bike Rack

Innorack electric bike rack

If all you need is a single rack, the InnoRack INH110 may be what gets the job done. Like the INH120 above, this electric bike rack is foldable and comes with a lock, key, and security cable.

It’s best used for larger cars like trucks or land cruisers. It’s very easy to put on and take off, making it suitable for anyone. Feel free to take advantage of the hitch adapter to use with smaller receivers.

Like other InnoRack models, fat tire electric bikes are ideal for this product. It offers a fantastic level of stability that will give you all the peace of mind you need, no matter where you’re driving.

5. Hollywood Racks Sport Rider for Electric Bikes

Hollywood electric bike rack

When you have heavy-duty transportation needs, that’s when you need to rely on this buff dual bike hitch rack for SUVs and trucks. The Sport Rider can fit 80-pound bikes per slot and can even support 5-inch wide tires. No matter how fat your fat tire electric bike is, it will feel at home on this rack.

Despite being large for an electric bike cargo rack, it folds towards the trunk of your car to take up less space when it’s empty. 

It also supports bike adapters for use with step-thru bike frames, but cannot be used with smaller receiver adapters, so make sure your vehicle is big enough to handle this one.

6. Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Racks

Allen Sports Easy Load Deluxe 2-Bike Hitch Rack, Model XR200, Black

Looking for a simple, no-hassle electric bike rack that won’t break the bank? Go for the Allen Sports Hitch Rack. It works with smaller 1 ¼ inch receivers and is the perfect size for minivans.

Keep in mind that the load capacity of this hitch rack is only about 35 pounds per bicycle slot, so this is not a good choice for fat tire electric bikes. Any e-bike you have that’s of average size would be perfect, especially if it has 2-inch wide wheels.

7. Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack

Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack - 2 Ebike Rack Fits Fat Tire, Mountain Bike, Standard Bicycles - 65lbs per Bike - Patented Anti-Wobble - Cars & SUV - Tilt Down/Fold Up Platform - Locking Tow Mount

The Vibrellie Ebike Rack is a fantastic model that supports all kinds of bikes, is compatible with all kinds of vehicles, and has all kinds of features.

With a foldable design, a key locking mechanism, anti-wobble tech, and a quick tilt release function, it has everything you need to make your bike as secure as possible.

With a 65-pound weight limit for each slot, it can support mountain bikes, road bikes, all-terrain bikes, and fat-tire electric bikes.

It will also work perfectly well with SUVs, sedans, trucks, and minivans. 

8. KAC Heavy Duty Rear Mounted 4-Bike Bike Rack

KAC Bike Rack for Car, SUV, Hatchback Mount - 2' Anti-Wobble Hitch for 4 Bikes - Heavy Duty Bicycle Carrier, Easy to Assemble/Install - Tire & Frame Stramps Included

When you’re planning an entire excursion and need to transport 4 bikes off of one car, that’s when you get serious and opt for the KAC Heavy Duty Rear mounted bike rack.

Assuming you have enough space in the garage, you can easily use this hitch-mounted bike rack to store your bikes in the car via stationary parking. Just remember to remove the batteries so you can charge them when not in use!

With an impressive weight limit of 240 pounds, you can store three or four bicycles within this limit.

The tire holder wheel straps are especially impressive, made with a curved design so they can support wheel widths and lengths of virtually any dimension. The padded hooks are also adjustable so you can find the perfect snugness to lock all of your bikes perfectly in place, even if each bike is of a different size.

9. HYPERAX VOLT RV 2 E-Bike Rack Carrier

HYPERAX Volt RV Approved Hitch Mounted 2 E Bike Rack Carrier for RV,Camper,Motorhome,Trailer,Toad with 2' Class 3 or Higher Tow Hitch Receivers -Fits Up to 2X 70lbs E Bikes with Up to 5' Fat Tires

The Volt RV is an excellent dual rack fat tire electric bike rack perfectly designed for RVs. This is a front-mounted rack as opposed to most bike racks which are rear-mounted.

As expected, the hitch works with larger 3-inch receivers. Additionally, there are adjustable wheel hook holders and a lock and key for extra security.

As a bonus, the Volt RV also comes with an extra wall mount so you can store your bikes at home in a similar, tidy, and secure fashion.

10. Young 2-Bike Rack Hitch Mount Platform Style

Young 200 lb 2-Bike Rack Hitch Mount Platform Style for Cars Trucks SUVs Minivans, fits MTB Gravel Road Bike with Up to 5-inch Fat Tire Carrier Rack - 2' Hitch Receiver

The last best electric bike rack is Young’s dual bike rack hitch made in a mounting style.

Available in two options, you can get one best suited for standard bikes or one made for fat tire electric bikes. With the ability to support bikes that weigh 100 pounds each, this is about as heavy-duty as it gets.

While it can work with a variety of cars, it’s probably best used with pickup trucks with superior towing capacity if you plan to use all 200 pounds of the load capacity.

The tire racks are adjustable so you can adapt to the length of any kind of bike. The padded hooks are also larger than average, making them fit perfectly well with larger bikes with bigger frames and handlebars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put an electric bike on a bike rack?

Yes, the entire point of owning a bike rack, be it an electric bike cargo rack or bike rack for electric bikes with fenders, is to attach and mount them to the front or rear of your vehicle. You then place and secure your bike on the rack so it will remain stabilized during your journey.

As electric bikes and mountain bikes have become more advanced over the years, they’ve also gotten bigger. This means they are too large to fit in the trunk or the back of a car, facilitating the use of electric bike racks.

While pickup trucks do have the rear storage to hold an ebike or two, you have to keep in mind that ebikes are very expensive and valuable tools. You don’t want to scratch, let alone damage, your fancy ebike by throwing it in the back of a truck and calling it a day.

Bike racks are designed to transport your bikes, medium-sized or large, in a fashion that is safe and dependable.

electric bike rack on the back of SUV

Do you need a special bike rack for electric bikes?

Generally speaking, you don’t need a dedicated bike rack for ebikes. Many of the same bike racks that work for standard bikes also work for their electric counterparts.

But it’s still ideal to get a bike rack that is best suited to the needs of electric bikes, so you’re still better off with getting an ebike rack rather than a non-electric bike rack.

The main reason for this is that electric bikes are always heavier, so they require bike racks that have a heavier load capacity. While your standard bicycle weighs about 25 pounds, many electric bikes are double that weight due to the motor, battery, and other components.

If your ebike happens to be a fat tire ebike or a mountain ebike, it will be even heavier. These models can easily be heavier than 75 pounds. If you own such a bike, you will definitely need a special bike rack specifically designed for electric bikes.

Keep in mind that all ebikes use batteries, and it is highly recommended to remove the battery before transporting them via a bike rack. This is because batteries tend to be the most sensitive part of the ebike, and there is a chance they could get damaged during the ride.

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