Fishing Bikes: 5 Reasons why Ebikes are the Best Choice


If you do your fishing at large lakes, you know it can be hard to cover a lot of ground when going by foot. Regular bikes are an improvement, but not everyone wants to exert themselves too much when they go fishing. This is why you should consider ebikes as the new fishing bikes.

Ebikes are very similar to standard bicycles, but they are outfitted with many upgrades that will take your fishing trips to the next level. 

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Electric Bikes: the new Fishing Bicycle

You may still be thinking that your standard bicycle is good enough to get the job done for fishing. While that may be true, it is hard to beat electric bicycles when it comes to an epic fishing adventure.

Here are the 5 main reasons why electric bikes make better fishing bikes:

1. Easier Transportation

Electric bikes tend to be heavier than their non-electric counterparts. This presents advantages in the cargo department.

Because ebikes are heavier, they also have heavier load capacities. This means you can store much more fish or fishing gear on them.

This is actually quite liberating as you can catch more fish than usual without having to worry about overloading the bike.

Not to mention that you can also buy fishing bike accessories like a carrying cargo cart that attaches to the back of the ebike. It can be used to store caught fish or fish bait you have brought with you.

2. Less Exertion

You have no choice but to resort to manual foot pedaling when operating a regular bike.

But with an electric bicycle, the motor and the battery do nearly all of the work. You can activate the throttle by twisting the handlebars or with the touch of a button and you’ll be cruising along without worrying about sore legs.

This really comes in handy for being able to access remote fishing holes or do longer fishing trips that take all day. You don’t want to tire yourself out when the day has barely begun!

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3. Quieter to Operate

Many people who have never used or owned an electric bike have concerns about the noise they can make. Fortunately, though, ebikes are actually quieter to use than standard bikes, making them better fishing bikes.

This is because modern-day electric motors are actually quite silent. They don’t emit any loud humming or buzzing sounds, meaning they are not going to scare away any fish.

In fact, standard bikes make much more noise precisely because you have to manually pedal all the time, so the sound of your body movement along with all those chains and gears moving makes more noise and more vibrations. This makes them much more likely to alert and scare off any nearby fish.

4. Superior Speed

Sometimes on a fishing trip, you have no choice but to be in a hurry. When these moments happen, you’ll be wishing that you were on an electric bike rather than a standard one.

Unless you’re a professional cyclist athlete, there is no denying that ebikes can go substantially faster than regular ones. Most ebikes will carry you from 20 mph to 40 mph with barely any physical exertion coming from you.

These top speeds will seriously come in handy if you have a lot of ground to cover. Many fishing lakes are very large, so being able to go from point A to point B as fast as possible makes it easier to catch more fish in a single day.

5. Off-Road Capabilities

The last reason why ebikes make the best fishing bikes is their off-road capabilities. Many ebikes are more rugged than standard bikes. Their extra power makes it easier for them to traverse bumpy, uneven trails.

Many beaches or lakeside trails are not maintained very well, if at all. There are bound to be pits, large branches, rocks, and other debris sticking out everywhere.

Many electric bikes are designed to handle the roughest of conditions off the road. Not only do they have powerful motors which allow them to push through any obstacles, but many of them also have fat tires which are wider, giving them better stability, even in sand.

Some of them also have reinforced front suspensions which not only improves shock absorption but also gives them an extra driving force to pummel through rocks and wood.


How to Choose the Right Electric Bike for Fishing

There are a few things to keep in mind when you go shopping for a fishing ebike.

The motor needs to be powerful enough to handle all of your fishing duties. Ideally, you should opt for 750w and a mid-drive motor. These ones generally have enough range and torque to handle any heavy-duty fishing tasks.

Battery strength is especially important if you’re planning on hauling back heavy loads. Something with at least 500 or 600-watt hours should get the job done.

As mentioned earlier, ebikes with fat tires will be your best bet to handle as many different terrains as possible. They’re great for dealing with wet surfaces, sand, and dirt.

The Best Accessories to Improve your Electric Bike for Fishing

When it comes to fishing bikes, you will want fishing bike accessories that give you as much extra cargo space as possible.

Your bike needs to be able to hold your fishing gear and your caught fish. A back wheel cart or cargo trailer will be a fantastic way to keep all of your stuff together nicely and neatly.

You can also consider getting a backpack/pannier that can be mounted on the rear of your bike if you need to bring along extra supplies such as water bottles, food, or extra bait.

For a more rigid option, a front-mounted basket has ample space for your gear and even a cooler with snacks, drinks, and other essentials.

3 Great Choices for Electric Fishing Bikes

1. The Quiet Kat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

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The Quiet Kat is a great fishing bike as it was designed with cargo storage in mind. The frame and weight distribution of the bike are very equalized so it is capable of handling extra cargo anywhere, making it feel more comfortable to ride when hauling stuff. This also makes it harder to tip over.

The rear cargo rack of the Quiet Kat is expanded to allow extra carrying space as well. And it’s just overall a very solid and robust hunting fishing bike that gets the job done.

2. The Himiway Cobra Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

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If you do your fishing on particularly rough grounds, then you need something that has powerful full suspension. That’s where the Himiway Cobra comes into play.

The four-bar full coil suspension technology that the Himiway uses is state-of-the-art. It can handle the toughest vibrations while providing unmatched stability.

It also has a highly impressive weight capacity of 400 lbs, so you can really take this thing to town when it comes to hauling heavy loads. It also has a max range of 80 miles, giving you many hours to fit in the longest of fishing trips.

Another impressive feat of the Himiway Cobra is that it only takes 7 hours to fully charge despite its incredible mileage. Many electric fishing bikes with smaller ranges take 10+ hours to charge, so this is especially noteworthy.

3. The Bakcou Mule Step Through Electric Hunting Bike

beginner-friendly fishing bike

If you only need a more beginner-friendly fishing bike that doesn’t have all the power, torque, and bells and whistles of other bikes, the Bakcou Mule will be a solid option to bring with you on your fishing adventures.

The defining characteristic of the Bakcou Mule is that it’s a step-through bike. This means it is extremely easy to mount and dismount. It’s called a step-through precisely because you mount it by simply walking into it from behind. 

This makes it a great choice for shorter riders, people who are less athletic, or anyone who just prioritizes comfort and ease above all else.

It’s because of this incredible dedication to accessibility that the Bakcou Mule has been the #1 bestselling hunting ebike for quite some time. That truly speaks to the capabilities and reliability of this fantastic fishing bike option.

How to Carry a Fishing Rod on a Bike?

There are a couple of ways to bring a fishing rod with you while riding a bike.

One way is to get a special attachment for your bike designed to carry fishing rods. It can snap onto the frame of the bike and can act as a holster for your rod.

Another way is to connect either carrying bags or a cargo cart to your fishing cycle. These attachments often have straps so you can keep your rods and other tools nice and secure.

How do you Carry Fish on a Bike?

The best way to carry fish on a fishing bicycle is to get yourself a carrying cargo cart that attaches to the back.

Whether you place your fish in barrels or crates, place whichever container you prefer on the cargo cart as you ride along on your bike. 

Just like with ebikes themselves, many of these cargo carts have weight loads of several hundred pounds. They’re designed for sizeable loads, so they can easily handle a few dozen fish as well.


Final Words

The real lesson to take away here is that hunting bikes and other electric bicycles have a lot of versatility. As long as you view fishing as a form of hunting, it makes complete sense why hunting ebikes are indeed a perfect fit for any fishing trip.

The very moment you bring your ebike with you on your next fishing trip, you’ll be wondering to yourself why you didn’t start doing it sooner. It’s hard to imagine a better way to make fishing more efficient and more exciting.