Electric Hunting Bike Roundup: Best for the 2023 Season


Summer is just around the corner, so now’s the time to start preparing for some outdoors fun. What better way is there to embrace the great outdoors than to combine hunting with cycling? That’s why today we’re going to take a look at the top electric hunting bike for 2023.

All terrain bikes are known for delivering the kind of adventure that normal bikes can’t. This makes them the only logical choice for anyone going hunting in the woods.

Best Overall Pick: BackCou Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike

ebike for hunting

Many consider this the single greatest ebike for hunting out there, and it’s easy to see why. This is an incredible combination of power, versatility and stealth that is worth all of the hype.

The braking system might be the most reliable ever for an electric hunting bike, thanks to its quad piston hydraulics. Not to mention that despite the power of the motor and torque, this is an astonishingly quiet electric hunting bike, making it superb for sneaking up on something.

The camo style is not only very eye-catching but is perfectly designed to help you blend in, making it ideal for daytime hunting.

Plus, the comfort levels of this BackCou ebike are unbeatable. It doesn’t matter if you plan to hunt game in forest or mountains – this is the definitive electric off-road bike for hunting, par excellence.

Combine all of this with the unbeatable customer service that BackCou provides and you’ve got yourself an easy candidate for one of the best hunting ebikes available.

Best Pick for Comfort: Rambo R750 26 Pursuit Electric Hunting Bike

hunting ebikes

Many people prioritize comfort above all else when it comes to hunting bikes. This is understandable considering just how varied and even treacherous some landscapes can be. If you require an ebike for hunting that gives you the best level of comfort, the Rambo R750 is what you’ve been looking for.

What exactly makes this hunting electric bike so comfy? For one thing, it has fat tires. This makes the journey feel very stable and secure, even when going on rocks, bumps, or uneven paths. The tires are also made with high-quality anti-puncture materials, making these wheels very durable.

The seat has some of the softest cushioning I’ve ever felt on an electric fat tire hunting bike. It’s rounded perfectly to help you naturally settle into the most optimal posture.

If hunting for you is more of a form of relaxation rather than a sport, the Rambo R750 is the perfect electric hunting bike to help you enter that headspace.

Best Pick for Speed and Power: Rambo Megatron 1000w X2WD Electric Hunting Bike

electric bike for hunting

Hunting is a game that sometimes requires a high level of power and speed at your disposal. Set on providing hunters with these features, Rambo crafted the Megatron X2WD, quite possibly the beefiest of all the all-terrain bikes.

Sure, the tires are nice and thick, and sure, this hunting bike has 4 piston brakes on both wheels, but what’s really special about it is its motor. The dual 1000w hub motors give this hunting bike phenomenal incline climbing rates that put other electric hunting bikes to shame. Not even deep snow will be a match for this.

Let’s not forget the 30 mph max speed that’s attainable thanks to the dual motors. Additionally, the Megatron X2WD has a max range of 80 miles on a single battery charge, which is more than enough ground to cover one big hunting session, even in harsh weather conditions.

Best Pick for Beginners: QuietKat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

electric bike for hunting

Let’s say you’re looking for your very first hunting ebike, one that doesn’t require too much experience or too much handling expertise. In that case, you’ll want to settle for QuietKat’s Ranger.

The bike is optimized for all-around handling in a variety of conditions. This makes it a good choice for beginner hunter riders who have yet to decide what their specialty is. It also has a clever weight distribution system to help improve ride quality, no matter how large or tall you are.

This hunting bike is also quick to assemble, so no one has to worry about any complex installation methods.

It can go up to 20 mph, a nice steady pace that’s neither too slow nor too fast for novice cyclists. It’s also available in three different sizes, though inexperienced riders will prefer to opt for the small or medium sizes.

Best Pick for Portability: Rambo R350 Compact G3 Electric Hunting Bike

electric off road bike for hunting

Based on your size, your own riding habits or the hunting grounds you prefer, a more subtle touch may be preferable. Sometimes sheer size and power have their merits, but stealth and compactness can be handy too. For those who prefer the latter, behold Rambo’s R350.

Weighing 50 pounds, this makes it considerably lighter than most mountain hunting electric bikes. Despite this, the R350 still boasts a respectable weight limit of 300 pounds.

The tires are only 20 inches tall, compared to the standard 26 inches most electric hunting bikes have. This makes this bike a better choice if you need extra maneuverability in tighter woods, where compactness matters more than strength.

Are E-Bikes Good for Hunting?

Anyone who questions the usefulness of e-bikes for hunting will have no choice but to put their doubts to rest. Electric bikes are excellent for hunting for so many reasons.

1) They’re faster than being on foot

There’s no denying that you can cover more ground on a bike than on foot. Maybe you only have a couple of hours to cover many acres, or perhaps you need to chase deer that got away from you too suddenly. No matter the reason, the speed that e-bikes offer is too good a benefit to pass up so easily.

E-bikes are not only better than walking, but they’re better than regular bicycles as well. With the option to avoid pedaling and just let the throttle and motors do the work, you don’t have to worry about getting tired too quickly by manually pedaling yourself.

2) They are quiet

Because of the fact they are electric, some people get this idea that ebikes for hunting will make a loud humming noise. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most extreme fat tire hunting electric bikes have quiet motors that are actually more silent than footsteps in the woods. This makes them totally suited for hunting.

3) They’re great for storage

Because hunting bikes are stronger and heavier than normal bikes, this allows you to pack more supplies with you when heading out and carry more game when heading back home.

Whether you need to mount a crossbow in the front or place your prize on the back storage rack or trailer, electric hunting bikes should not be underestimated for their carrying capabilities.

Can an E-Bike Drag a Deer?

While it may surprise you, if a hunting ebike is strong enough, then yes, it can in fact drag a deer back with you.

In this scenario, it is still recommended to get a storage rack attachment or tow-along trailer for your ebike. This will mean that larger deer don’t get caught on anything while being dragged along the ground. There are many cargo trailers and attachable haulers compatible with many different electric hunting bikes for this exact purpose.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about how in season electric hunting bikes are, and how diverse they can be when it comes to their functions. Make sure you choose the model that best suits you and your environment and enjoy your ebike hunting!