The Top 5 Best Electric Skateboard DIY Kits

Electric Skateboard

If you are a skateboarder who feels behind on the times seeing so many motorized bikes and scooters, then this is the article for you. Today I’m going to share with you five of the best electric skateboard DIY kits to modernize your skateboard and give it that extra edge.

Just like with bicycles, an electric longboard kit will go a long way in making your board faster and more comfortable. If you are finally in the mood to go for a major upgrade or build your first electric skateboard, then join me as I discuss, from least favorite to absolute best, the top five DIY electric skateboard conversion kits.

What Makes a DIY Electric Skateboard Worth It?

The main reason DIY kits are in right now is that they offer cheap ways to transform a normal board into a fully functional electric one. People have been doing electric conversions for some time, particularly on bikes and scooters. Buying an electric or motorized vehicle straight from the shop is usually more expensive, and the fact is that many people already own at least a bike or some other transportation device.

In an age as fast-paced as now, more people want the convenience and the comfort that comes with motors and electrics. Electric kits help save money and save time commuting by improving the speed and performance of their rides.

man riding a diy electric skateboard

For many, including myself, it makes better sense to customize and modify the tool you already own than to replace it with something very expensive. And if you’re crafty like I am, then the process itself of transforming your skateboard is fun and exciting. Natural DIYers like myself jump at the opportunity to put something together on their own. And when it ends up saving you money, it’s a no-brainer.

This is even more true for skateboards. For example, braking on a skateboard has always been a challenge. Fortunately, many DIY kits come with a braking system that can be activated by pushing a button on the remote control. That’s simply the magic of owning an electric skateboard conversion kit. It’s not just faster and more fun, but it can be safer, too, than your normal skateboard.

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Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a DIY Electric Longboard Kit

If you already own an electric skateboard conversion kit, then you probably already have a good understanding of what comes with a kit and what’s to be expected.

However, if you are a first-timer looking to buy your very first DIY electric kit, then this section is definitely for you. There are several things that you want to double-check when buying a kit to make sure it has everything that you need.

person holding electric skateboard

In the list below, each section will have pros and cons to summarize what I think each DIY kit excels at.

  • First of all, speed and battery life are arguably the most important factors. I would guess that most people want these conversion kits because they want a ride that will take them from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time. Battery life is important if you plan on using your skateboard every day. You want to squeeze as many hours out of the battery as you can and hope that it has a charge time that isn’t going to last for an eternity.
  • Comfort and safety are also really important. The weight of the battery and motor could make a negligible difference, or it could make your ride feel less smooth, so weight definitely can be a comfort factor. When carrying by hand, that will definitely matter too. A pleasant riding experience is also one of the most important aspects of electric conversion kits. If you don’t feel comfortable riding it, then you probably won’t want to ride it at all.
  • While these previous elements are definitely the most important things to watch out for, I also discuss a lot of the more minor details that can make or break an electric skateboard kit. Weight capacity, brake sensitivity, ease of installation, and wheels all factor into the overall quality of an electric longboard kit.

Take note that all of the following DIY electric skateboard kits do not come with decks. These are tailored for people who already own a skateboard deck and are looking for an electric conversion kit for a pre-owned board. Or, you can easily buy a deck specifically for your DIY project.

Of course, you also have the option to purchase all necessary electric skateboard components individually. But that is a challenge in itself, as you need to ensure that all components play nicely with each other.

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Now, let’s jump into the top five best electric skateboard kits.

1. Ownboard W2 Dual Belt Motor Kit

Ownboard W2 Dual Belt Motor Kit


  • Affordable and great value
  • Powerful speed for the price
  • Beginner friendly for riding and installation
  • Multiple riding modes


  • Deckless conversion kit
  • Could offer better range and acceleration

Product Features

  • Available in two different wheel sizes: 83mm and 90mm
  • Comes with a regenerative braking function, allowing you to save a little extra battery life through friction every time you hit the brakes
  • The wireless remote control uses 2.4Ghz for a stable connection
  • Three different speed settings to customize how fast you want your DIY electric longboard kit to go

Ownboard Dual Belt Motor Kit green wheels

The first electric skateboard DIY kit to discuss today is Ownboard’s W2 Dual Belt Motor Kit. Part of what makes this one of the best electric skateboard DIY kits is that it is highly affordable, making it a fantastic choice for beginners who are looking to mod their very first skateboard.

When it comes to the stats and specifications, the Ownboard W2 has a lot to offer. It has an impressive max speed of 26 mph.

Speaking of speed, one of the best features of the Ownboard W2 is the different riding modes. There are three in total, and each one places a limit on the board’s max speed. This is another reason why the Ownboard W2 is such a good skateboard kit for beginners. 

If it’s your first time using an electric skateboard or electric longboard, you can alter the top speed, so it doesn’t go too fast for your liking or your experience level. This allows you to practice with more peace of mind, knowing that the board won’t ever go too fast for you.

  • The first riding mode is called Beginner Mode, and it caps the max speed at 12.5 mph.
  • The second riding mode is called Middle Mode, and it caps the max speed at 18.75 mph.
  • The third and final riding mode is called Proficient Mode, and it unlocks the full max speed of the electric skateboard kit, which is 26 mph.

Ownboard Dual Belt Motor Kit

One nice feature that Ownboard offers you is a choice of wheel size. You can opt for 83 mm or 90 mm, allowing you to pick a wheel thickness that best matches whichever deck you have in mind.

To really get a sense of how advanced this DIY electric skateboard kit is, you just need to take a look at its remote control. For one thing, it features LED lights which is always a nice touch no matter what. There’s also an LED screen that displays vital information, like your speed and the remaining battery life.

Another advanced function of the Ownboard W2 electric skateboard DIY kit is regenerative braking. A little bit of battery energy is produced every time you use the remote control to brake. This is a nice little way to save a bit of juice and extend each and every ride a little bit.

The Ownboard W2 also has an impressive incline hill climbing rate of 30%, making it very suitable for steep roads and sidewalks.

This is definitely a quality electric longboard conversion kit and I absolutely recommend it to first-timers, especially thanks to the enticing price point. I wish it had a little more acceleration and battery life, but considering how it offers so much else for the asking price, it’s hard to complain. This is definitely one of the best DIY electric skateboard kits money can buy.

2. Ownboard Dual Hub Motor Kit

Ownboard Dual Hub Motor Kit


  • Low-maintenance DIY kit
  • Affordable for any budget
  • Good top speed
  • Quieter motor


  • Deckless kit
  • Other kits for the same price can offer more speed or range

Product Features

  • Another entry of Ownboard, but using a dual hub motor instead of a dual belt motor
  • Beginner friendly electric skateboard DIY kit
  • Multiple versions allow you to select the strength of the kit’s battery

Ownboard Dual Hub Motor Kit

Our next example of one of the best electric longboard kits is, that’s right, an Ownboard again! They’re such a reputable company that they deserved to be on this list twice. This Ownboard board has a few things in common that make it a great choice, but if you’re wondering what really separates this from the Ownboard W2, it’s the fact that the W2 is a dual belt motor whereas this one is a dual hub motor.

What’s the difference? Dual belt motors have been around for a longer time. The motor is connected to a pulley, which is then connected to a belt, which is then connected to the wheels.

Dual hub motors are a newer technology and work a little bit differently. All components normally located on the outside are now inside the wheel. This makes dual-hub motor electric skateboards look a little cleaner with less clutter taking up the underside. It also makes them quieter than their dual belt motor counterparts, and this Ownboard is certainly quieter than the W2.

Dual hub motor skateboards also tend to be lower on maintenance, as they need less instances of part replacement due to how better-organized everything is. Plus, all of the components that are inside the wheel are better protected, improving their durability.

When it comes to specs, the Ownboard Dual Hub is similar to the Ownboard Dual belt. It has a max range of 14 miles (potentially 16 miles thanks to the regenerative braking) and features a max speed of 26 mph.

Another important point to bring up is that the Ownboard Dual hub DIY electric skateboard kit can be purchased in a couple different ways. There are four different battery options, and each one will affect the price. The cheapest option is the one comparable with the Ownboard W2 when it comes to value and affordability, but you are more than welcome to opt for a battery upgrade if you wish.

The wheels are available in two different colors: black and orange. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, you cannot decide their thickness or size like with the Ownboard W2. A bizarre decision on Ownboard’s part, but it is what it is. The wheels are all 90mm thick which is still a solid size for beginners.

Just like the Ownboard W2, the Ownboard Dual Hub comes with a great LED-based remote control that is extremely ergonomic and useful. I’ve never had any complaints with this style of skateboard remotes, and I’m glad they kept the same design for this dual hub version.

Overall, this is yet another quality and affordable electric skateboard DIY kit from Ownboard. While it is lacking in a couple of departments, the quiet motor and solid specs make it a top-tier electric longboard kit that should not be taken lightly.

3. BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit

BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit


  • Very powerful motor
  • DIY Kit that comes with its own deck board
  • Unique and stylish looks
  • Several customization options at checkout


  • Will be expensive for most budgets
  • Motor can be a little loud

Product Features

  • A complete set of an electric longboard DIY kit that gives you everything you need, including the foot deck
  • Thick, 6 inch pneumatic tires for an extremely sturdy riding experience
  • Deck is made out of high quality materials for an extended lifespan
  • Battery life knocks others completely out of the park

BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit

Now we’re starting to look at electric skateboard DIY kits that are really showing what these kits are capable of. If the previous skateboard kits weren’t doing it for you, then this one will feel like a nice refreshing change of pace. Welcome to the BKB Duo Electric Skateboard kit.

What makes this dual-motor electric skateboard kit so special compared to the others? For one thing, it’s sheer power and speed. A quick look at the specs shows that the BKB Duo is capable of a whopping 40mph and can have a max range up to 20 miles. This makes it an incredibly fast electric skateboard that should only be used by experienced riders or those who are addicted to speed.

Why is this thing so powerful? You can thank the dual motors for that. But they’re not only dual motors, they’re 3000w each. This gives the BKB Duo electric skateboard DIY kit a combined strength of 6000w. Not only is the speed fantastic, but the acceleration is phenomenal as well.

Your mileage may vary depending on your weight and the kind of wheels you opt for, but when I was using this board I simply could not believe just how insane the BKB Duo was accelerating. This DIY kit will go from zero to 40 mph so fast that it should easily be qualified as dangerous for younger or inexperienced riders.

This may sound like a critique, but I assure you it’s not. It’s more like a caution. I love the power of the BKB Duo sports – it merely needs to be handled with care and responsibility.

BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit

One neat little advanced feature of the BKB Duo electric skateboard DIY kit is that it is compatible with what’s called a rapid charge. Apparently, it cuts down the battery recharge time by up to 40%. This sounds like an amazing feature, though I, unfortunately, was unable to use it as it was already sold out. I suggest you get your hands on it if you can!

Some DIY skateboard kits that come with their own deck offer something that is cheap and worth replacing, but thankfully that is not the case with BKB. Their included deck has fantastic foam grip, making it feel extremely comfortable even when blazing by at 40 mph.

There are also many optional accessories you can get to supplement your BKB Duo. Many of them offer Bluetooth functionality, making this one of the most technologically advanced skateboard DIY kits I have ever come across.

Sure, it may be too expensive for some people, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The BKB Duo electric skateboard kit is one of the greatest longboard DIY kits I have had the pleasure to use, and I am more than happy to spread the good word about this excellent product.

4. Maxfind M5 Drive Kit



  • Fantastic wheel quality
  • Extremely easy assembly
  • Great range and max speed specs
  • Very sleek and well-organized kit
  • Quiet hub motor design
  • Great incline climbing rate


  • Extended-range models can get too pricey

Product Features

  • A powerful hub motor kit that works great for novices and professional rides
  • Powerful battery design that is available in 3 different models so you can choose your ideal max range
  • Built with high quality braking quality, giving it top notch safety standards
  • Capable of fast 2-3 hour charging times


Another best electric skateboard DIY kit I have to show off today comes from one of my favorite board kit companies. Let’s take a nice, hard look at Maxfind’s M5 Drive Kit.

The first thing to notice is that this is a dual hub motor, meaning that it puts a lot of its power into its rear wheels. Thanks to this, it lives up to the great reputation of hub motor skateboards by being pretty quiet, even when operated at top speeds.

Speaking of top speeds, the Maxfind M5 electric skateboard DIY kit can go as fast as 25 mph. While this speed isn’t the highest we’ve seen, it’s still more than enough to impress most skateboard riders. But what really makes the Maxfind M5 impressive is not the speed, but the range.

The Maxfind M5 actually comes available in 3 different models: the Standard Range, the Long Range, and the Super Range. They offer max ranges of 21 miles, 42 miles, and 63 miles respectively. If you’ve never heard of an electric skateboard kit that can go as long as 60+ miles on a single charge, don’t worry because you are not alone.

How does it do this? By adding an extra battery pack to your purchase, of course! That’s why every level goes up by an increment of 21 miles. The Maxfind M5’s battery is easily removable and replaceable. When one battery goes out, you can easily exchange it for another. Or you can have one charging at home while you take another out on the road. With this system, it will be extremely hard to ever run out of juice!


Speaking of never running out of battery juice, the Maxfind M5 charges extremely quickly. Each battery can be fully charged in about two and a half hours, which is a pretty remarkable achievement as these kinds of products are notorious for their slow charge times. Huge props to Maxfind for figuring out a way to finally speed things up, and I don’t just mean the board itself!

Another great aspect of the Maxfind M5 is its 30-degree incline climbing rate. Just about any urban slope or hill will be no match for this electric longboard kit.

As for installation and assembly, the Maxfind is even easier than your normal electric skateboard DIY kit. It fits perfectly onto just about any deck, thanks to its clutter-free dual hub motor design. The main pack is only 6 inches wide, making it easy to fit.

Oh, and did I mention that the Maxfind M5 also has regenerative braking, a high quality ergonomic remote control and a great extended warranty?

So yeah, if that can’t convince you that this is easily one of the greatest electric longboard DIY kits ever made, then I have no idea what will. If you can afford it, the Maxfind M5 Drive Kit gets my recommendation any day of the week.

5. DIYEboard 10S5P Dual Motor Belt Drive Power Truck Kit

10S5P 360WH DIY electric skateboard kit


  • Powerful 10Ah battery
  • 30-mile range
  • Ergonomic remote control
  • LED battery life display
  • Great acceleration
  • Lightweight


  • Braking is not sensitive enough

Product Features

  • Impressive 30 mile max range for riders looking for longer sessions on their boards
  • Comes with a useful LED display that shows remaining battery life
  • Has superb acceleration that will come in handy often
  • Lightweight kit that only adds 13 pounds to your skateboard
  • Faster max speed than average coming in at 27 mph
  • Also has various speed settings: 15 mph, 19 mph, 25 mph
  • Simple, ergonomic wireless remote control

eskateboard kit

Last on our best electric skateboard kit list is the 10S5P Dual Motor from DIYEboard. Let’s begin as usual with the specifications. This is surprisingly a lightweight board. The entire package weighs only 13 pounds overall. Take note of this as that’s going to lead to other benefits that the DIYEboard has.

The DIYEboard has a max speed of about 27 miles per hour. While I always consider higher max speeds a good thing, there’s something I liked even more. The DIYEboard 10S5P has four different speed settings that you can set with the remote control. There are Slow, Medium, Fast, and Very Fast. Each setting has a max speed of 15mph, 19mph, 25mph, and 27mph respectively.

This feature is by far one of my favorite things about this electric skateboard conversion kit. For one thing, it allows more people to enjoy this board. People who like slow speeds can just permanently leave the settings to Slow, and people who like thrill can only use the faster settings. The other thing that’s great about it is that you can safely alternate between the four options depending on your mood or your environment.

When I used the DIYEboard I experimented with all four settings to help find my comfort zone for casual cruising. I used it as a de facto safety feature when I was in an area with a lot of people or cars so I could have that extra peace of mind.

10S5P Belt kit

The biggest problem with the DIYEboard is braking. It isn’t particularly responsive or sensitive at speeds exceeding 20 miles per hour. It still works but it just feels a little flexing, even on asphalt. This is why I prefer to rely on the alternate speed function, and that would absolutely be my recommendation to you if you purchase this kit.

Another thing I loved about the DIYEboard was the battery life. You can get a max range of roughly 30 or 31 miles with the 10Ah battery cells. That means you’ll have over an hour of usage even when going at full speed. The battery pack itself also has an LED display telling you how much life is left. Sometimes we all lose track of time, so without this, you might have found yourself kick-pushing your way back home because you didn’t have an energy counter.

Thanks to the fact that the kit only weighs 13 pounds the DIYEboard has great acceleration. It takes less than a moment for it to reach whatever top speed you have it set to. The remote control not only has good build quality but the throttle switch for controlling your speed feels very accurate and intuitive. I never felt like it was difficult to get it to the right speed I was looking for.

Overall, the DIYEboard 10S5P is undeniably a great board for the price range. If they had managed to improve the braking system then this could have possibly been a flawless electric skateboard kit.

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Thanks for reading my top five best electric skateboard kits list! I hope my time discussing these DIY kits has helped you figure out which electric skateboard is right for you. Every one of them is worth its price, so no matter which one you pick I am sure you will be satisfied.

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