The QuietKat Bike Range: Full Product and Brand Review


QuietKat is one of the manufacturers of electric hunting bikes. They are so well revered that they have earned an entire article about their brand and products. There’s so much to discuss about these bikes and we are sure that you will come to appreciate the quality of a Quietkat bike once you’re done reading!

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What Kind Of Products Does QuietKat Make?

QuietKat specializes in making electric bicycles, specifically off-road bikes that are commonly used by hunters chasing game in large open areas. As a result, QuietKat has made sure to create bikes that have a balance between range, stealth, speed and comfort to satisfy the most discerning hunter.

The QuietKat bike is made with extremely high-quality components.

Everything from the frame itself to the battery and motor are all top notch, which is part of why they have such a legendary reputation amongst ebike enthusiasts.

Quietkat is also known for placing fat tires on many of their models. Fat tires refers to the thickness of the tire rather than the height. Most of their ebikes use tires that are 26 inches tall, like most other ebikes. However, their wheels also have more width which makes them more stable on rockier or bumpier ground, even at faster speeds.

QuietKat bikes have speed and power

Nothing is as thrilling as being able to chase your prey and catch it, all while maintaining a comfortable and reliable riding experience. This is why QuietKat is considered by many to be the best of the best.

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How Fast Does A QuietKat Go?

While the answer will vary depending on the model and the motor that is used, most Quietkat ebikes go up to 20 mph. This is a common question that is searched for in Quietkat reviews as they do not list the max speed on their official specification sheets on their websites.

There are some exceptions to this though. For example, the Quietkat Ridgerunner has a max speed of 32 mph, making it faster than most other hunting electric bikes in general.

Where Are QuietKat Bikes Made?

QuietKat Inc. Is based in Eagle, Colorado. This is where their headquarters are and it is also where their bikes are made.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as Eagle is a town that is close by to a lot of wildlife, which makes it a popular spot for hunters to gather. This helps explain why QuietKet bikes are so good, because they are made by hunters, for hunters.

What Kind Of Motor Does QuietKat Use?

While some electric bike companies reuse many of the same parts across different models, QuietKat is special. They will frequently use different kinds of motors or batteries when working with a different model. This helps make their products truly feel unique and have an identity that separates them from the others.

For example, sometimes QuietKat will use a Bafang BBSHD Motor for their more powerful ebikes that use 750w or 1000w. These are highly praised motors as one can tell from just perusing one of many positive QuietKat reviews online.

Other times, QuietKat will use Ultra-Drive motors instead. Or for less powerful ebikes that use 350w or 500w, they might opt for a Mid-Drive motor instead.

The moral of the story is that QuietKat is a company that pays close attention to their products and doesn’t believe in a philosophy that uses the same solution for every problem. Different bikes require different components based off their purpose and function. This level of detail is included with all of their ebikes.

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What Are The Best QuietKat Electric Bikes?

Because they are known for such a high level of quality, it may seem overwhelming at first to try and settle on just one QuietKat ebike to use. Fortunately for you, here is our top picks for what should be considered the best products that the QuietKat brand offers.

1. The QuietKat Ranger

This is easily the landmark model of the company. It is one of their bestsellers and often tops lists and conversations trying to rank the best hunting electric bike ever made.

The QuietKat Ranger satisfies all the basic needs of what a hunting electric bike ought to have: solid power, solid range, great comfort and great looks. It is a staple of the company for being such a well-made all-rounder that delivers on all fronts.

2. The QuietKat Ridgerunner


Another model I have to give shoutouts to is the Ridgerunner Full Suspension Ebike. Think of this as a more powerful version of the Ranger with its improved range of 64 miles and increased max speed of 32 mph over 20 mph.

The frame is available in two sizes that gives you freedom to choose whichever one best matches your own size.

The suspension of the Ridgerunner is what truly makes it a marvel, because it offers such unreal traction that it doesn’t even feel like you’re riding on a bike. It sometimes feels more like a thinner ATV than an electric bike.

3. The QuietKat Apex

This is one of QuietKat’s most popular models, and for great reasons. This is a fat tire electric bike which gives it top-level performance on the roughest of terrains. That means that deep mud or snow will not be able to stop you when on this beast.

There’s a reason why they named this the Apex: it was truly designed not just for woods or hills, but mountains. This is the bike to get when you need something that will handle the most intense and dangerous of terrains.

The QuietKat Apex top speed is 20 mph, just like the Ranger.

4. The QuietKat Jeep Bike

Another great fat tire model from QuietKat is their Jeep Bike, made out of a partnership with the legendary Jeep brand themselves. Just like Jeeps, this bike was designed to handle a wide variety of terrains: wet or dry, sandy or muddy, hot or cold, uphill or downhill.

You can think of this as QuietKat’s most “diverse” model when it comes to handling different surfaces. In other words, this is their ultimate all-terrain electric bike. This is the one to get if you like hunting and riding in very different locations at multiple times of the year.

Final Thoughts

If you weren’t convinced before, you probably now understand why QuietKat are considered to be at the very top of their domain. With so many different models made out of so many high-quality parts, it’s no wonder why they are such a force to reckon with in the world of electric bicycles.

Hopefully you’re now thinking about getting your own Quietkat electric bike so you can experience the thrill and power that only they can offer. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!