Best Electric Bike Under 2000 Dollars? Here’s 10 That Won’t Disappoint


Getting a new electric bike is super exciting, but there is a downside: trying to decide which one to get with so many different options. This is a problem that gets worse year by year, as electric bikes only become more popular and even more models and companies get involved in the market. It becomes more difficult to find the best electric bike under 2000 dollars.

However, you no longer have to worry about that as we’ve singled out 10 of the best electric bikes that you can buy in 2023. Because they’re all under $2000, they don’t necessarily break the bank but aren’t too cheap to end up being duds or lemons. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

Quick Summary: Best Electric Bike under 2000 Dollars

Just looking for a quick overview of our top 10 best electric bikes under $2000? Then this is the only section you need to go over.

man riding an electric bike on uneven terrain

Best Electric Bike for Cruising and Commuting – The Fifield Seaside

Thanks to its no-hassle design and a very comfortable seat and frame, the Seaside is a perfect choice for people who want a long beach cruiser that provides relaxation above all else.

Best Electric Bike for Portability – The Jetty 4.0

Most electric bikes are a hassle to put away due to their weight and size. The Jetty 4.0 has a compact foldable design that reduces it to half of its original size. It’s the perfect e-bike for storing away in closets or in the back of car trunks.

Best Electric Bike for Cargo Storage – The Eunorau Electric Long Trail Cargo Bike

With a long frame, a long range, and up to 440 pounds of loading, this is the ultimate ebike for camping supplies or big hauls to the shopping mall. It also features front and rear cargo spaces so you can load this baby up to the brim with bags or packages.

Best Electric Bike for Range and Battery Life – The Himiway Zebra ST

Any ebike battery that can attain a potential max range of 80 miles off a single charge is worth recording for the books. The Himiway Zebra ST is simply unmatched when it comes to battery power and the speed of the battery recharge time.

Best Electric Bike for Off-road Power – The Himiway Escape Pro

With a heavy frame, great suspension, and fat tires all designed to handle rougher than rough terrain, the Escape Pro is the best electric bike under $2000 when it comes to adventuring out on the off-beaten path. This is a fantastic bike for mountain biking, camping, hunting, or when you simply need something to handle intense weather conditions.

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes Under $2000

1. Fifield Seaside

Fifield Seaside is one of the best electric bike under 2000

The first electric bike I want to show you is the Seaside by Fifield. As the name implies, this is a great bike to take with you to the sea or the beach. This makes it a fantastic beach cruiser, or an electric bike designed for those long, leisurely rides.

Let’s talk specs. The Seaside by Fifield has a max range of 50 miles, though this is shortened to 30 miles if one exclusively uses the throttle mode function. Like many of the best ebikes around, the Seaside has pedal-assist mode so you can still get some nice manual exercise while also taking advantage of the battery and the motor.

Speaking of the motor, it uses a 350w brushless model. This gives it just enough power to provide a ride that’s not too fast but still makes it fast enough for commuting. The Seaside as a result has a max speed of 20 mph.

Because the rear storage rack is included for free, the Seaside is also a great choice for shopping or doing errands. It’s also relatively lightweight, only coming in at 45 pounds.

As for the riding experience itself, the Seaside is exceptionally smooth. You can tell that Fifield was definitely prioritizing comfort and convenience with this model. I wouldn’t use this bike for off-road adventures, but the Seaside handles asphalt and sand wonderfully. 

Perhaps the coolest thing about the Fifield Seaside to me is the 9-gear Shimano Shifter. Most ebikes only have 7 gears. The Seaside ultimately offers even more freedom and customization than most other of the best electric bikes.


  • Great choice for beachside rides or standard commuting
  • Convenient rear rack included for free
  • 9-speed gear shifting
  • Lightweight frame design
  • 2 year full warranty
  • 286 pound max weight limit


  • Motor and top speed may not be powerful or fast enough for everyone
  • Basic style and is only available in two colors

2. Jetty 4.0 by Fifield

Fifield Jetty 4.0 is one of the best electric bike under 2000

Next up is another wonderful entry from Fifield, the Jetty 4.0. This is a very different best electric bike than the Seaside, as this one prioritizes more fun and extra features.

Right off the bat, the Jetty 4.0 is even more portable and lightweight, coming in at only 40 pounds. Not only that, but it’s also a foldable bike which only adds to the portability factor.

Within seconds, the Jetty 4.0 folds into a compact cube shape that is perfect for putting in car trunks or storing away in your closet overnight. One of the worst things about owning a bike is that it can be awkward to park or store away. The foldability of Jetty 4.0 completely fixes that.

Additionally, the Jetty 4.0 by Fifield has glow-in-the-dark materials all over the frame. This makes this a great bike to choose if you enjoy riding out after dark. You’ll always be visible to drivers and other people. Plus, it looks darn cool too.

Another great bonus feature the Jetty 4.0 has that you won’t see on most other best electric bikes is the silent motor. At 350w, this thing barely makes a peep, only adding to the comfort and fun you’ll have while riding it. You’ll be thinking you’re actually riding a regular bike based on how quiet it is!

The dual-disc Tektro braking style is also snappy and reliable, stopping the bike in an instant. This is true even when going at the top speed of 20 mph.

Ultimately, what makes the Jetty 4.0 one of the best electric bikes money can buy in 2023 is its incredible sense of compactness and style. No matter what kind of commuting you plan on doing, you’ll be glad to be doing it with a bike this nice.


  • Folding design for incredible portability
  • Lightweight frame
  • Solid range and speed
  • Glow-in-the-dark frame
  • Silent motor


  • Hard to repair wheels and spokes if damaged

3. Bam Power Bikes EW Supreme

BAM Power Bikes EW Supreme as one of the best electric bike under 2000

If you want to get the most out of $2000 for the best electric bike, the Bam Power might be the model you’ve been looking for.

This is a markedly more powerful electric bike than the previous options. The Bam Power has a powerful 750w motor that gives it a stronger feeling when riding. It also has superior acceleration, making it easier and faster to reach the top speed of 20 mph.

However, my favorite thing about the Bam Power ebike is that it has fat tires. In case you don’t know, fat tires are much thicker than standard bike tires as the name suggests. While your average bike tires are 1.5 inches thick at the most, this fat tire model has 4-inch thick tires.

The great thing about these fat tires is that it adds superior traction and stability on a wide variety of terrain types and surfaces. This makes the Bam Power a solid off-road ebike. This includes dirt, mud, snow, sand, and those bumpy mountain bikes or wood trails with lots of debris, including sticks and small rocks.

When it comes to more standard specs, the Bam Power has a potential max range of 45 miles per single battery charge and a top speed of 20 mph, making it competitive with all the other best electric bikes under $2000.

Additionally, the Bam Power ebike also has a bright head and taillights, making it a fantastic choice for riding after dark.

It also comes with a very useful LCD screen that displays important information, like a speedometer and your remaining battery life.


  • Great build quality
  • Powerful motor makes you feel you’re riding on something full of juice
  • Fat tires for great stability
  • Runs well on multiple terrain types
  • Bright and powerful LED lights in front and rear


  • Heavier than other bikes at 74 pounds

4. Himiway Escape Pro

Himiway Escape Pro is one of the best electric bike under 2000

Up next is another hefty and powerful electric bicycle designed to offer a true sense of adventure and freedom: the Himiway Escape Pro.

Like the other best electric bikes on this list so far, the Himiway Escape Pro has a top speed of 20 mph. It also has a maximum range of 50 miles per battery charge, though this is with pedal assist. The range can drop considerably down to 30 miles per battery charge if using the throttle function only.

With a hefty max load capacity of 330 pounds, this bike is capable of holding more storage and bigger, taller users than most other electric bikes. This also means that the Himiway Escape Pro is also a lot heavier than other electric bikes – its total weight is 92 pounds.

This means you probably won’t be using the Himiway Escape Pro for simple, casual commuting. It is, however, a great choice for off-road riding.

Part of that is due to the 4-inch thick fat tires, which give this electric bike a fantastic sense of stability and control over rough or uneven ground. It also offers dual suspension in both the front and rear tires, making it extremely resistant to strong bumps and shocks.

The Himiway Escape Pro also has one of the best and most sophisticated LCD screens I’ve ever seen on an electric bike. This screen displays tons of vital information, including a speedometer, a detailed battery meter, the set pedal assist level, an odometer, and a wattmeter. 

The screen also has a USB port so you can use the Escape Pro’s battery to charge your smartphone or music player on the go!


  • Fat tires
  • Powerful 750w motor
  • High quality LED screen display
  • Great brakes and acceleration
  • Impressive max load capacity
  • Powerful headlights
  • Sturdy kickstand
  • USB charging


  • Heavyweight at 92 pounds
  • Long battery charge time

5. Eunorau Fat-AWD All Wheel Drive Electric Bike

Eunorau Fat-AWD All Wheel Drive Electric Bike is one of the best electric bike under 2000

This is the first best electric bike on this list so far that is classified as a dual-motor bike. If you’re interested in what kind of capabilities this unlocks, then the Eunorau Fat-AWD may be the bike for you.

A dual-motor setup on an electric bike means that both wheels have one motor attached to them. Normally an electric bike only has one motor attached to the rear wheel, but because the Fat-AWD has one motor on each wheel, you’ll see some major improvements in a few areas.

When it comes to range and speed, the Fat-AWD is providing typical specs. 20 mph and a max range of about 40 miles are to be expected. The dual motors really come into play when it comes to the acceleration and the hill climbing rate.

Because both wheels have a motor, the Fat-AWD is capable of going from 0 to 20 mph at an incredible rate. With both wheels electrically powered, the acceleration is perhaps unbeatable at this price range.

Not only that but dual-motor electric bikes also have much better hill-climbing capabilities as well. If you live in an area with steeper hills or roads and want an electric bike that won’t strain itself when going 30 degrees upward, the Eunorau Fat-AWD will not disappoint. It handles uphill traversals easily, regardless of whether you’re going 10 mph or at the top speed.

This is also a very hefty bike with an incredible max load capacity of 380 pounds. This makes it a great hunting or mountain bike where you need to bring a lot of supplies and materials with you.

Not only that, but the Fat-AWD has great battery charging time and a very handy LCD screen display. This is undeniably a very high-tech bicycle, making it one of the best electric bikes you can get in 2023.


  • Fast charging time
  • Dual motors provide fantastic hill climbing and acceleration
  • Incredible max load capacity of 380 pounds
  • Comfortable low profile frame
  • Fantastic for rougher terrain like thick snow or mud
  • Fat tires


  • No USB charging
  • Very heavy

6. Rambo Rooster 750w Electric Bike

Rambo Rooster 750w Electric Bike is one of the best electric bike under 2000

Now let’s look at one of the best electric bikes that prioritizes durability and build quality above all else. If that sounds like your style, then you’ll love what the Rambo Rooster has to offer.

The motor, battery, and frame are all designed to last as long as possible. This is the electric bike you get when you want something that will last you years and years.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a commuting bike, a mountain bike, a hunting bike, a camping bike, or a leisure bike that will take you across the beach. The Rambo Rooster is a highly versatile model that can be used for all of the above.

How is the Rambo Rooster capable of being so much in just one package? For one thing, it has 4-inch thick fat tires that give it that fantastic smoothness on various terrains that only fat tires can offer.

Another reason it can handle so many different tasks is the impressive max range. Even if you only used the throttle function with no assistance from manual pedaling, you could still go 35 miles on a single battery charge. This long-range makes the Rambo Rooster a fantastic choice for trips or long commutes to work and back.

And like any of the best electric bikes under $2000, the Rambo Rooster comes with a lot of the bells and whistles you’d come to expect from a tier this high: an LCD screen depicting a lot of info, a high level of torque, a tough aluminum frame and very solid, responsive brakes.


  • Large rear storage rack
  • Great range
  • Very versatile bike for multiple terrain and purposes
  • Fast battery recharge time
  • Fat tires


  • A little on the heavy side
  • Handlebars could be softer and more ergonomic

7. Fifield Bonfire 500

Fifield Bonfire 500 is one of the best electric bike under 2000

Next up is our third and final entry from Fifield, who very well be one of the most underrated electric bike manufacturers in 2023.

The Bonfire 500 is a great all-rounder electric bike but specifically when it comes to commuting and more leisure-based rides. Fifield designed this model to provide a fantastic riding experience for urban environments specifically. I wouldn’t recommend using it off-road, but it does handle parks, sidewalks, and roads spectacularly.

The Fifield Bonfire 500 is also very well fortified. This bike is built with suspension, tire fenders, a rear storage rack, and seat forks. Many companies would charge you extra for some of these features as optional accessories, but Fifield hands them all to you for no extra cost.

While this is a commuting bike, it still sports a 500w motor, as the name implies. This means it makes up for its lack of off-road capabilities with solid acceleration and incline climbing rate.

The Bonfire 500 is also an incredibly comfortable electric bike to use. Because of the built-in seat post-suspension, the impact of shocks and bumps is heavily nullified so you’ll never feel the roughness of these bumps on your own body. The bike itself will take the hit, so to speak, so you’ll always feel secure and comfy.


  • Very comfortable design with great suspension
  • Solid range per battery charge
  • Perfect electric bike for commuting
  • Good braking and acceleration


  • Only suitable for urban environments

8. Eunorau Electric Long Trail Cargo Bike

Eunorau Electric Long Trail Cargo Bike is one of the best electric bike under 2000

Let’s take a look at another great Eunorau electric bike. This Long Trail Cargo Bike is perhaps the ultimate best electric bike when it comes to hauling storage and cargo.

The Eunorau Electric Long Trail Cargo Bike can support a whopping 440 pounds. This makes it a fantastic choice for a wide variety of tasks and chores.

If you need an electric bike to act as your main tool for heading to and back from the shopping mall or grocery store, you can easily use it to store all of your items. If you want a camping bike to haul your supplies, the Long Trail Cargo Bike will guarantee that as well.

And as the name suggests, the Long Trail Cargo Bike can go extra far distances, but there’s more to the story than that. With one battery you can go as far as 40 miles, but Eunorau offers an option to purchase a second battery so you can double your range beyond even 80 miles!

The battery of the Long Trail Cargo Bike is removable. This means that if you own two of them, you can charge one at home while you use another on the road. More importantly, you can bring two fully charged batteries with you on the go so you can have an utterly unparalleled max range!

Another great optional feature is the front basket case, which is very durable and very large. It is the perfect tool to get to hold your backpack or grocery bags.

This is a very specific bike made with a very specific purpose in mind. If you have the most intense, long, and heavy-duty commutes to make, the Eunorau Long Trail Cargo Bike may very well be the best electric bike for your needs.


  • Fantastic range
  • Excellent storage capabilities
  • Extremely large max load capacity
  • 5 different pedal assist modes


  • Price exceeds $2000 when opting for extra battery and baskets
  • Kickstand could be thicker and sturdier

9. Eunorau E-Torque Step-Thru Commuter Bike

Eunorau E-Torque Step-Thru Commuter Bike is one of the best electric bike under 2000

Let’s move on to our next and final best electric bike model from Eunorau. This is a step-thru bike that’s designed to feature many of the best functions that high-quality and high-tech electric bikes have.

When it comes to specs, this bike has an impressive max range of 50 miles and a max speed of 20 mph. This is impressive considering that it’s considerably cheaper than most other electric bikes on this list despite very similar specs.

The Eunorau E-Torque also only weighs 56 pounds. It’s not the most lightweight electric bike but it is still much lighter than many other options. It also sports an impressive load capacity of 352 pounds.

Interestingly, the tires of the E-Torque are 2 inches thick. They don’t qualify as fat tires as they aren’t 4 inches thick, but they are still noticeably larger than the 1 or 1.5-inch tires that most electric bikes have.

While I wouldn’t recommend using this bike on mountain trails, it definitely does feel a little more stable than other bikes at this price point. 

And of course, because the E-Torque is a step-thru bike, it is very easy to mount and dismount. It also has a great LCD screen, great headlights, a removable battery, and very good comfort levels that will provide a solid and smooth riding experience. Overall, this is undeniably one of the best electric bicycles, and may in fact be the best value one under $2000 you can find in 2023.


  • Quite affordable
  • Great speed and range specifications
  • Good braking
  • Thicker-than-average tires offer better stability and smoothness


  • Basic, bland looks

10. Himiway Zebra ST All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike

Himiway Zebra ST All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike is one of the best electric bike under 2000

It’s time for the final item on our list of the best electric bikes under $2000 – the Himiway Zebra ST

This is another dependable fat tire model with 4-inch thick wheels. Not only that but it is also a step-thru bike with a very low profile. It’s highly comfortable when it comes to getting on it and using it for hours.

It’s a little heavy at 79 pounds but this is offset by the remarkable 400-pound weight limit.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Himiway Zebra ST is the incredible range it can achieve on a single charge. This best electric bike may very well have the most powerful ebike battery I’ve ever seen.

Even when only using the throttle function, the Himiway Zebra ST can go up to 60 miles on a single charge! This increases up to 80 miles when using the pedal-assist function.

Even more impressively, the Zebra’s battery fully recharges in 7 hours. That’s pretty darn fast considering that many other batteries take a couple of hours longer to replenish only 40 to 50 miles.

Combine this incredibly powerful battery with both its fat tires and its step-thru frame and you have yourself by far one of the best electric bikes ever priced under $2000.


  • Astonishing range and battery life
  • Fast recharge time considering the range
  • Fat tires
  • Step-thru frame


  • A bit heavy

Best Electric Bikes – Buyer’s Guide

Now that I’ve shown you the top 10 best electric bikes under $2000 to look out for, it’s time to teach you how you can select the best ebikes on your own should you ever do your own shopping in the future.

All you have to do is pay attention to the main aspects of what determines a high-quality electric bike.

Himiway electric bike on concrete ground

Speed and range

First, you should consider the basic specs like the speed and the range. For a price range of $2000 or less, you should aim for something that is around 20 mph and has a max range preferably of at least 40 miles per battery charge.

Feel free to choose something that is not as fast if you aren’t a big-speed demon or are simply in the market for a more leisure or commuting-based bike. 15 mph is a good sweet spot for this kind of ride. Additionally, many ebikes feature gear-shifting modes that can put a cap on the max speed if you want to make sure it doesn’t go beyond a designated speed.


When it comes to the battery of the ebike, nothing beats lithium-ion. They tend to have the fastest recharge times and the best shelf-life. Most lithium-ion batteries will last at least 5 years before they are completely dead and require replacements.


A key factor of any ebike of any category is comfort. It doesn’t matter if you want an electric bike for commuting, beach cruising, camping, or off-road adventure. If a bike doesn’t feel nice to ride, it’s effectively useless.

Things that make the best electric bikes comfortable include proper padding on the seat, ergonomic handlebars, and suspension to reduce the impact of bumps. Front suspension is more common, but there are models that have it installed in both the front and the rear.

woman riding an electric bike on the road


If you are particularly looking for bikes that have the best traction and offer the most versatility on as many terrain types as possible, go for a fat tire bike. Most bikes have wheels that are 1.5 inches thick at the most, but a fat tire bike is usually 4 inches thick. The extra width results in better stability on virtually any terrain, including uneven woods with a lot of dirt or even rocky mountain trails.

Extra features

Lastly, try to get an electric bike with its fair share of bells and whistles. These extra features are more than just pretty flourishes. Many of them increase the functionality of your ebike substantially. They are arguably some of the greatest benefits of having a bike go electric in the first place. 

Such extra features include a horn, a pedal-assist function, headlights and taillights, a USB charger to charge your devices on the go, and an LCD screen monitor so you can always check in on your speedometer and your remaining battery life.

Final Words

Thank you for reading our top 10 best electric bikes under $2000 for 2023. Each of these models is superb and has a lot to offer, but they all have their specific selling points and strengths. As long as you choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful transportation device that will provide you with several years of joy and convenience. Have fun!