Segway X160 vs X260: Ultimate e-Dirt Bike Comparison Review

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Segway is a company known for producing some of the most acclaimed personal transportation devices in the world. They are primarily known for their diverse lineup of electric kickscooters and segways, but you may not know that they have also produced a couple of e-dirt bikes as well. Let’s take a closer look at the Segway X160 vs X260.

Based on their outstanding reputation, one would expect both of these dirt bikes to be of awe-inspiring quality, but do they cut? And if so, which one of these dirt bikes is the one worth your purchase?

Today, we’re going to find out as we head into this deep-dive comparison review of both the Segway X160 and the Segway X260 dirt bike.

Segway X160 vs Segway X260 Overview


Segway X160

segway dirt ebike x160+ Very affordable considering the specs
+ Great size for smaller riders
+ Amazing Value
The battery charge time is a little long

Segway X260

Segway X260 Review

+ Excellent Mileage and Top speed
+ Great wheel size for rough, sharp turns
+ Great slope climbing rate
Price can be too expensive for those not looking for too much speed

Product Features

  • Max speed of 31 mph and a max distance of 40 miles per charge
  • A great affordable option for anyone interested in getting their first electric dirt bike
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to ride
  • Great for all adult ages 18+
  • Can purchase an optional replaceable battery to double your range on the go
  • Great disc brake system that activates quickly no matter how fast you are riding
  • Fantastic suspension and shock reduction that gives you the freedom to ride as rough as you want
  • Silicone rubber handlebars that feel great with or without wearing gloves

  • Max weight capacity of 220 pounds makes this a great dirt bike option for heavier riders
  • 47 mph top speed and 75 mile max range makes this the dirt bike to get when you know you want to cover as much off-road ground as possible in a single session
  • Fantastic acceleration that will bring you from a complete rest to the top speed in under 5 seconds
  • 45 degree climbing rate makes this one of the greatest electric dirt bikes ever when it comes to hills or slopes
  • Fast charge time of 4 hours or less allows you to squeeze in a couple riding sessions per day
  • Smartphone app adds tons of functionality, tools and monitoring abilities

Segway X160 vs X260 Specifications

As the names of the dirt bikes suggest, the Segway 160 and Segway 260 are similar models that can be considered part of the same family. The X260 is essentially an upgraded and more expensive version of the X160. While they have a lot in common, they also have several key differences that could mean the decision between choosing one over the other.

Segway X160
Segway X260

105.8 lbs 

121.3 lbs 

Max Weight Capacity 

176.4 lbs 

220.5 lbs 

Max Speed 

31.1 mph 

46.6 mph 

Max Range 

40.4 miles 

74.6 miles 


4.02 seconds for 0-31 mph 

4.02 seconds for 0-31 mph 

Recommended Age 

18-55 years 

18-55 years 

Max Climbing 

35 degree slope 

45 degree slope 

Motor Power 

3 Kw 

5 Kw 

Power Charger 

280 Watt 

700 Watt 

Charging Time 

4-5 hours 

3-4 hours 

Wheel Diameter 



Superior Shock Reduction 



Replaceable Battery 



Smartphone App Functionality 



Disc Brake System  ✔️  ✔️ 


As you can see, these two dirt bikes share a lot in common, but there are enough key differences to warrant a deep comparison of the two.

The Segway X160 and the Segway X260 both have the same recommended age range, and both use a disc brake system. Each can use replaceable batteries and also have its own dedicated smartphone app for extra functionality.

Segway Ninebot Electric Dirt Bike Motocross, Dirt eBike X160, Mighty Torque and Super Lightweight, Black, Sliver, Red, Blue, Extra Large (AA.00.0000.22)

If it isn’t clear by now, both the Segway X models are electric dirt bikes. This means that they are very low-maintenance, are eco friendly and will require minimal cleaning. All you have to do is charge their battery after every use and clean them of any dirt or mud you get during your excursions. The good news about these kinds of bikes is that they last a long time. Plus, they are not particularly energy-consumptive.

The differences between the two all come down to the X260 having better numbers in most spec areas. The Segway X260 has a faster charge time, a faster max speed, a considerably higher max range, and slightly larger wheels, resulting in a better slope climb.

But those numbers aren’t the only thing about the Segway X260 that are higher – X260 also has a considerably higher price. While it seems like the better bike on paper, is it the better value purchase overall than the Segway 160?

First Impressions and Visual Design

While both bikes may look virtually identical when viewing them online, the differences between them become immediately apparent when looking at them side by side in person.

The Segway X260 is larger than the Segway X160 but only slightly so. The handlebars seem somewhat larger, the wheels and height are definitely bigger, and the seat cushion seems a little wider as well. A shorter person would probably be less comfortable on this dirt bike compared to the X160.

Segway Ninebot Electric Dirt Bike Motocross, Dirt eBike X160, Mighty Torque and Super Lightweight, Black, Sliver, Red, Blue, Extra Large (AA.00.0000.22)

While both dirt bikes are advertised as lightweight, there is no denying that the Segway 160 is undoubtedly the slimmer vehicle here. The extra 16 pounds that the X260 has isn’t much, but it is enough to make a difference when moving this bike without riding it, let alone lifting it into a car trunk for storage or transportation.

While the shape and design of the bikes are almost identical, the X260 is just slightly bulkier. Both dirt bikes have a very modern and sleek aesthetic to them. It’s a fascinating look because it looks like it has several sharp edges, but it is actually relatively smooth to the touch.

Both bikes are available in four colors: red, blue, white, and black. I personally think the red and white colors look the most appealing. They’re basic palettes for sure, but they get the job done.

There is no denying that the Segway X160 and 260 seem like awe-inspiring devices. Now let’s find out if they are as sturdy and comfy as they look.

Comfort and Riding Experience

When it comes to comfort, both bikes offer an exceptional riding experience. The X160 and X260 are both very comfortable on and off the road.

The first thing to note about their comfort levels is the seat. It somehow manages to strike a balance between being firm and cushiony. It’s not too soft to stay stable while sitting on it, but it is also not too hard to feel like a rock. It’s the perfect firmness for riding on dirt and sandy trails.

Segway X160 vs X260 Shock Reduction Feature

Another area both dirt bikes excel at is their shock reduction which was briefly mentioned earlier. It’s worth mentioning again that both of these Segway bikes are off-road dirt bikes. They are designed not for casual rides to the mall but for adventurous journeys on the roughest patches of rocky hills and sandy roads you can find. They can even be used as mountain bikes as well.

As I expected, both the Segway X160 and Segway X260 performed exceptionally on a variety of terrains. When it came to dirt trails loaded with pebbles and branches, both dirt bikes handled the ground like it was nothing at all. The shock reduction came in handy all the time. Those surface bumps that I thought were going to be a hassle weren’t much of anything at all.

Segway Ninebot Electric Dirt Bike Motocross, Dirt eBike X160, Mighty Torque and Super Lightweight, Black, Sliver, Red, Blue, Extra Large (AA.00.0000.22)

Sandy trails were also much smoother than I expected them to be. While sand certainly gets the wheels dirtier faster than actual dirt, both Segway dirt bikes performed well.

Even when it comes to mountain biking, both bikes can handle jumps, drops, and more significant obstacles with such ease that they quickly end up boosting your confidence. Riding on one of these bad boys while overcoming mountain trail obstacles only adds to the fun these bikes offer.

What surprised me the most about the X160 and X260 is how easy it is to perform wheelies. I, for one, have never been the most stylish or professional rider, so the idea of doing wheelies seemed overwhelming to me. Still, the Segway dirt bikes have such an exceptional level of stability and friction that it’s relatively easy to perform a few basic tricks. Don’t get me wrong. It will still take a little bit of practice but not nearly as much as you would expect from an off-road dirt bike.

The handlebars are made out of a silicone rubber that is very soft to the touch but offers just enough friction to give an excellent grip even while going at max speeds.

Segway X160 vs X260 Comfort and Riding Experience

I found the Segway X260 to be slightly more comfortable, but I am almost positive that’s mere because its somewhat larger size was better suited for my height and weight. Therefore, I’d reckon that someone several inches shorter would find the S160 to be the more comfortable option unless they have a penchant for larger vehicles.

I will give one extra point to the Segway X260 because it has a slightly better slope climbing rate, making it feel noticeably smoother when going uphill. It also has slightly larger tires, making it feel just a tad more comfortable doing fast, sharp turns.

Both dirt bikes are incredibly comfortable, even when going on particularly rough roads. I give them both two thumbs up in the comfort department.

Durability and Safety Features

One quick look at both the Segway 160 and the Segway 260 will give you the impression that these are very sturdy e-bikes, but the naked eye can only tell you so much. How do both of these e-dirt bikes hold up after hours of use? There is good news: they both hold up very well.

For starters, both dirt bikes have very sturdy kickstands that are actually thicker than your average ones, and I mean that by dirt bike standards specifically. This is understandable when you keep in mind that the X160 and X260 both weigh over 100 pounds. Despite this weight, their kickstands hold them up reliably.

When it comes to the actual durability of the bikes themselves, they are both impressively well-built. While I wouldn’t recommend driving these bikes directly into a cement wall at top speed, they are clearly designed to withstand the elements. Going around on one of these things for a couple of hours and then giving it a quick wash to remove any dirt or sand will have them looking brand new.

The bikes themselves are primarily made out of aluminum alloy, a solid material that will last years and years when kept in good condition. This is the main reason why the X160 and X260 are such durable dirt bikes.

Segway Ninebot Electric Dirt Bike Motocross, Dirt eBike X160, Mighty Torque and Super Lightweight, Black, Sliver, Red, Blue, Extra Large (AA.00.0000.22)

When it comes to safety features, there is quite a lot to unpack. Both dirt bikes use a dual disc brake system, which is much better than the standard single disc brake method. This causes both wheels to stop simultaneously, which results in safer and more comfortable braking.

Both bikes also have a rear fender that protects some more sensitive components like hydraulics and suspension. These fenders are exceptionally tough and barely moved a muscle during the most intense excursions. This essentially guarantees that these dirt bikes will have an impressive lifespan.

The X160 and X260 also have front-facing lights that will allow you to ride these bikes after dark. They are very bright LED-based lights that will make the path ahead of your visible and make you easier to spot in the dark when it comes to pedestrians or even drivers. They work excellently and are an invaluable safety tool should you ever want to use these dirt bikes in the evening.

Great Shock Absorption

As I mentioned in a previous section, the Segway X160 and Segway X260 are outfitted with shock absorption to help make rough trails feel less bumpy than they actually are. This shock absorption or shock reduction feature is not only excellent when it comes to comfort but for safety as well.

Should you ever ride one of these Segway dirt bikes on a particularly rough trail, the resulting bumps could force you to become off-center and make you lose balance. The worst-case scenario of this is that you fall off your bike.

Thanks to the excellent shock absorption, it is challenging to lose balance even when riding uphill or downhill through legions of bumps, rocks, branches, and other terrain obstacles.

Good Quality Tires

Last but not least are the tires of the Segway dirt bikes. As the frame of the bikes themselves, these wheels are impressively sturdy. Not only are they perfectly designed for most terrains, but they also offer excellent control and handling even at max speeds. While I wouldn’t recommend using them on icy patches, they offer exceptional stability on dirt, rocky roads, sand, grass, and just about any terrain you would expect on a biking, hiking, or mountain trail.

Segway X160 vs X260 Good Quality Tires

If anything, I’d have to say that the X260 is slightly safer than the X160, but that’s only because X260 has a slightly thicker frame and slightly taller wheels. This means that it will endure the elements a little better. And as far as I could tell, it also has somewhat better handling at fast speeds and on rough terrain. Again, this is only a slight improvement, as both dirt bikes genuinely excel in these departments.

Speed and Power Output

If there is an area where the Segway X160 and X260 excel, it’s raw speed and power. These e-dirt bikes are primarily designed to offer a riding experience that is arguably unparalleled when it comes to excitement and adventure.

Segway Ninebot Electric Dirt Bike Motocross, Dirt eBike X160, Mighty Torque and Super Lightweight, Black, Sliver, Red, Blue, Extra Large (AA.00.0000.22)

When it comes to the Segway X160, remember that it has a max speed of 31.1 Mph and a mileage of 40.4 miles. That means at the max speed, you can ride this dirt bike for about 78 minutes. It certainly isn’t the fastest dirt bike in the world, but considering the price range, it has a lot to offer. Plus, one shouldn’t overlook just how much ground you can cover with 40 miles at your fingertips.

As for the Segway X260, it has a max speed of 46.6 mph and a mileage of 74.6 miles. That means at the max speed, you can ride this dirt bike for about 96 minutes. It’s certainly an improvement over the X160, but remember to keep in mind that this is for a higher price.

When it comes to torque, mileage, and speed, the X260 is the winner and would be the recommended choice for riders who want to let out their inner daredevil as much as possible. But the story doesn’t end there.

Both dirt bikes have identical acceleration, and this feature is arguably one of the most impressive feats of these two Segway bikes. The X160 and the X260 can both go from 0 to 31 mph in only 4 seconds. This is a feature that is nearly impossible to put into words, but it is an exhilarating sensation that owners of either one of these bikes must experience.

The high torque motor of both dirt bikes is responsible for this fantastic ability, and I’m delighted to say that going from 0 to 31 never gets old. One of my favorite memories of using these bikes is hopping early in the morning and instantly going from 0 to 31 to jumpstart my day. It’s a fantastic way to get in the mood to do some extreme riding, and it makes you feel like you’re rising a marvel of a machine.

Again, I cannot overstate just how remarkable this feature of the Segway X160 and X260 is. It is easily one of the best selling points of these two dirt bikes.

Segway X160 vs X260 Speed and Power Output

The Segway X260 is the more fun dirt bike to ride. The X160 still has a lot to offer and may very well be the bike you would prefer if you’re not comfortable going faster than 30 mph. However, there is no denying that with great mileage and a fast top speed, the Segway X260 is a practically unrivaled e-dirt bike when it comes to speed and power.

Extra Features

The best electric dirt bikes out there are typically loaded with extra functions and features to make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. I am happy to report that the Segway X160 and Segway X260 absolutely deliver in this department. These are not gimmicky traits either, as all of these bonus functions are very useful and should be taken advantage of daily.

Segway Ninebot Electric Dirt Bike Motocross, Dirt eBike X160, Mighty Torque and Super Lightweight, Black, Sliver, Red, Blue, Extra Large (AA.00.0000.22)

As mentioned previously, both the X160 and X260 have a replaceable battery function. This means that you can purchase a second battery and swap it out when the original one runs out of energy. You can double your range simply by swapping out one battery for another. That’s a total of 80.8 and 149.2 miles, respectively, for the X160 and X260.

Dual Drive System

Another exciting feature about both dirt bikes is that they have something Segway calls the Dual Drive System. This is not to be confused with their dual brake disc system, a popular braking method used by many bicycles and dirt bikes. The Dual Drive System essentially increases the dirt bikes’ torque potential and acts to reinforce the wheel chains.

As the name implies, it is made up of two central systems. First is the Primary Drive System, made up of 22 inches of a high-performance polyurethane HTD 8M belt. The second is the Secondary Drive System, which includes a 420 chain made up of 112 sections. If you ever wondered why the X160 and the X260 have the torque and durability they do, this is part of why.

Field Oriented Controls

One of the more understated features of both dirt bikes is what Segway calls the Field Oriented Controls, or FOC for short. This allows the dirt bikes to adjust to different kinds of terrain dynamically. That means that the more you ride on twisting roads, steep hills, or tight off-road paths, your body posture, and riding habits will inform how the dirt bike stabilizes. This allows the X160 and X260 to adapt on the fly to provide safer and more comfortable riding experiences.

Both dirt bikes also come with an LED dashboard that sites atop the left-hand handlebar. It conveniently displays your battery charge, speed, and other information. It’s a great way to easily keep track of how fast you’re going and how much energy you have left. This dashboard is indispensable when planning your rides so you can make it back home with enough juice.

Additionally, both dirt bikes are water-resistant. They are both certified IP67 grade waterproof levels. While you definitely shouldn’t completely submerge either underwater, you can easily use them even in heavy rainfall and still expect them to function ideally.

Don’t ever be concerned about blasting through puddles with these bikes, as they’ll be able to handle them with no issues.

App Compatibility

One of the more advanced extra features of these Segway dirt bikes is their compatibility with the official Segway app. It was more known as the Segway Ninebot App. It was initially designed for use with other Segway products but can easily be used with either one of these e-bikes.

The Segway Ninebot App displays various vehicle statistics, total mileage, total continuous riding measured in days, and tracks your daily ride distances. You can store a record of every single trip you’ve taken to have a personal history of all of your rides.

With the Segway Ninebot App, you can unlock some of the most advanced functions of the bikes, including accessing two different riding mode levels.

Segway Ninebot Electric Dirt Bike Motocross, Dirt eBike X160, Mighty Torque and Super Lightweight, Black, Sliver, Red, Blue, Extra Large (AA.00.0000.22)

First is Sport Mode, which unlocks the full speed of the bike. Last is EP Mode, which limits the max speed for riders who are still beginners or do not want to trigger a rate too fast for them accidentally.

As far as placing the X160 vs. the X260 in this department, they are identical when it comes to the extra features they possess, so I have no choice but to make this section a tie.

Which is Best: Segway X160 vs X260 ?

Because they both have so much in common, it’s tough to deny just how good the Segway X160 and Segway X260 are. They both have a great selection of extra features, sport an impressive acceleration rate, offer extreme stability on all road terrains and excellent levels of comfort. What really distinguishes the two is that the X260 is faster but for a higher price.

But overall, I believe that the Segway X260 is ultimately the winner of this dirt bike match-up. While I had a lot of fun test-driving the X160, it’s hard not to go back to the X260 when you can feel the difference between 31 mph and 46 mph. Once you’ve tried both back-to-backs, it’s hard not to feel the craving to feel the power that the X260 can only unleash truly. It also has a faster charge time and better climbing rate, to boot.

I can see some people not needing the extra speed and power of the X260, at which point I would definitely recommend the X160 instead to save a good deal of cash. But make no mistake, the riding experience that the X260 offers is not one to underestimate.

Depending on your desire for off-road riding, getting a Segway X260 instead of the X160 could make all the difference between liking it and loving it as an all-new favorite hobby.

What do you think? Have we convinced you that one of these bikes is better for exciting off-road adventures than the other? Do you agree with the result of this Segway X160 vs. X260 comparison? Or do you have any follow-up questions about these high-quality dirt bikes?

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below, and thanks for reading.

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