Segway ES4 Ninebot Electric Kickscooter Review

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As the years go by, it seems that electric scooters and other similar vehicles only get more and more popular. They are already many people’s preferred method for heading to the store, to school or even to work. They’re relatively fast and comfortable and can easily replace what would normally be your bike or public transportation route.

Today we’re going to be looking at an electric scooter that just hit the shelves this year – the Segway ES4. Is it overpriced and cumbersome or is it one of the most advanced scooters we’ve seen yet?

Segway ES4 Review

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric KickScooter- 300W Motor, 28 Miles Range & 19MPH, 8' Solid Non-Pneumatic Tires, Dual Brakes, External Battery, Commuter Scooter for Adults & Teens

28 miles

19 mph

31 lbs

800 Watt

The Segway ES4 is a very powerful electric scooter and a worthy successor to Ninebot’s previous models.


  • Extra external battery
  • Long 28-mile range
  • Fast max speeds
  • Foldable for storage
  • New grip pattern
  • Rear light
  • Sleek silver finish
  • Comfortable handlebar
  • Cruise control feature


  • Only comes in two colors
  • Stand is non-adjustable
  • More expensive than previous models
  • No updates to the wheels
  • Limited terrain use

Product Features

  • Excellent grip padding makes for extremely comfortable and stable riding
  • Stylistic and modern looks make this electric scooter look futuristic and cutting-edge, making all other scooters look boring in comparison
  • An impressive max range of 28 miles and a max speed of 19 mph make this a great choice for people who like to get to their destination in a hurry
  • Foldable design is very functional
  • Cruise control function is a fantastic addition for when you just want to kick back and let the machine do all the work


In case you don’t know, Segway is one of the big brand names in devices like this. They manufacture and sell a variety of personal transportation devices. They have created units tailored for consumer and professional use. This includes anything from electric unicycles to go-karts, like the Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro. They’re most well known for their Segway miniPRO series but they have their hands all throughout the market of electric scooters in general.

The Segway ES4 is the newest addition to their ES line of electric scooters – that is what “ES” stands for, after all. Since the ES1, Segway has intended for this series to offer faster speeds and strong battery life. Each new model acquired more upgrades and more modifications than the last.

The ES4 electric scooter is Segway’s newest combination of extra features in a faster and more powerful unit. Segway is known for pushing the envelope of electric devices in several areas, including safety, comfort, and technological advances. We’ll see soon enough if it deserves to have a reputation as one of the finest and most advanced electric scooters we’ve seen to date.

What to Look for in an Electric Scooter

If you are serious about buying an electric scooter for yourself or someone else then allow us to provide a quick guide on the best attributes to watch out for. There aren’t too many of them but it’s always wise to pick a scooter that has features that are most compatible with your needs.

It’s also important to keep in mind what the scooter will be used for, whether it’s transportation to school or simply outdoor activities for leisure. Also keep in mind how often you plan on using the scooter (for example, 5 days a week, 2 hours per day).

Basic specs like total weight, battery life and max speeds, and distances are always worth taking into consideration. You need to make sure your vehicle will last as long as you need it to, and that it won’t be too heavy for you to transport.

Comfort, safety, and build quality are all big factors. The riding experience needs to feel smooth and stable. You want to feel as if your scooter can handle typical city terrain while keeping you firm and steady. Keeping the vehicle in good shape is a two-way street: it depends on both yourself and the manufacturer. Pick a scooter that is made from solid materials and will be usable for many years.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric KickScooter- 300W Motor, 28 Miles Range & 19MPH, 8' Solid Non-Pneumatic Tires, Dual Brakes, External Battery, Commuter Scooter for Adults & Teens

We also take things like extra features and cosmetics into account but don’t weigh them nearly as much as the previous factors. Pretty lights and metal finishes are a nice touch but they don’t influence the final impression too much.

With all this said, let’s get into the meat of our Segway ES4 review.

Basic Specifications

If you were to compare the ES4 to its previous models the initial similarities would be undeniable. There are however several changes to this latest version. Some of them are subtle but some of them are more in your face.

The ES4 is the heaviest out of all four versions to date but not by much. The other three models weighed 25, 26, and 28 pounds each while the ES4 weighs around 30 pounds. It’s a marginal difference and you really can’t feel that extra couple of pounds, especially when riding the scooter.

The age group Segway recommends for using the ES4 is from 14 to 60 years old. It’s a powerful and relatively fast device so it is suggested that small children and the elderly do not operate this scooter for their own safety.

The weight limit is roughly 220 pounds just like all models in the Segway ES series. The maximum incline angle of the ES4 has also been increased from 10 degrees to 15. It can now ride up steeper slopes with little issue no matter what speed you’re hitting.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric KickScooter- 300W Motor, 28 Miles Range & 19MPH, 8' Solid Non-Pneumatic Tires, Dual Brakes, External Battery, Commuter Scooter for Adults & Teens

The two biggest things that separate the ES4 from its predecessors are power and battery life. Like the ES3, there are actually two batteries. One is internal and the other is external. The external battery can be equipped or disconnected at your leisure and discretion. The second battery extends the distance you can get per journey.

As for power, the ES4 has some impressive stats. It is capable of going up to 19 miles per hour whereas the ES2 and ES3 could only reach 15.5mph. This should satisfy anyone who likes to get to where they’re going in a rush or those who just like the thrill of speed. The max range stats are even more astonishing thanks to the extra battery. With both batteries connected, you can go 28 miles per charge (halved when only using the internal source).

Build Quality and Comfortable

The overall physical design of the ES4 is quite good. The stand where your feet are placed seems to be unchanged from prior models but features a mesh pattern for grip. It’s very easy to keep balance while moving even when wearing only your socks (though wearing footwear is always recommended).

The scooter folds up quite easily and nicely. While a little heavy, you can take it with you into virtually any vehicle whenever necessary. The components used in the inner gears feel and sound tough and reliable.

The ES4 comes in two colors: dark gray and silver gray. We prefer the look of silver but if you do scratch it the blemishes will be more noticeable. They’re both basic colors and aren’t too flashy but they look fine all at once too. They’re simple yet clean looking.

While models like this will be subject to wear and tear over time, you don’t need to worry about it losing its functionality. The ES4 is a strong scooter and should still function for many years.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric KickScooter- 300W Motor, 28 Miles Range & 19MPH, 8' Solid Non-Pneumatic Tires, Dual Brakes, External Battery, Commuter Scooter for Adults & Teens


Segway is a company known for taking safety precautions very seriously. This is apparent once we take into account some of the new features that were added to the ES4.

One of those additions is the rear light. This was also present in the ES3 but not the first two models. If you ever plan on using your scooter after dark, then something like this extra backlight is arguably a must-have. Being visible is very important so that drivers or cyclists can see you from several feet away. The rear light is a smart addition and it really gives you good peace of mind as you’re riding in the evening.

Both ends of the scooter are fitted with shock-absorbent materials. This means that in the event you heavily bump into something, the ES4 will not rattle you as hard. The machine stays relatively firm thanks to both this feature and the fact that it weighs a nice 30 pounds.

The one negative we have to say is that the ES4’s riding experience suffers on a variety of terrain. Smooth roads and sidewalks work perfectly but it doesn’t handle bumps or cracks as well as we’d like. One should be on the lookout for such obstacles in the first place but it would still be nice if Segway could have made the ride a little smoother in such cases.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric KickScooter- 300W Motor, 28 Miles Range & 19MPH, 8' Solid Non-Pneumatic Tires, Dual Brakes, External Battery, Commuter Scooter for Adults & Teens


Surprisingly, the tires are one of the least impressive things about the ES4. Segway has a history of modifying wheels during revisions to their Segway line of scooters, so the fact that ES4 wheels are identical to the rest of the ES line was a little bit disappointing.

They’re still solid wheels, the front being 8 inches and the back is 7.5 inches. They work great on the surfaces they’re meant to ride on. Just make sure to stay away from most other kinds of ground. The ES4 loses a lot of its acceleration and traction on dirt, sand, grass, and puddles. Owners of this scooter would usually just stick to roads and sidewalks anyway but wheels are arguably the most important component of any electric vehicle. It’s still a shame they received no change in this new model.

Steering is something that Segway has always had nailed down and the ES4 is no exception here. Turning corners at either 5mph or 18mph is seamless and effortless. You may want to do some practice if this is your first electric scooter but the learning curve is quite minor.

Extra Features

The second external battery is arguably the best feature the ES4 has. While we already covered it in previous sections, it deserves to be brought up again. One of the biggest conveniences the ES4 offers you is the ability to swap batteries, so to speak. You can use the internal battery while the external is charging at home, or you can use a fully charged external if the internal is dead. It really opens up some options to you if you’re in a hurry or if you forgot to plug one of them in.

In typical Segway fashion, the ES4 has Bluetooth functionality and can wirelessly connect to your smartphone. That’s right, the Segway ES4 has its own app. With this tool, you can customize LED lights, use the anti-theft function and its alarm, and perform vehicle diagnostics. It’s outside-the-box stuff like this that really makes Segway’s work so special. They might seem like gimmicks but they add a lot more value than one might expect.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric KickScooter- 300W Motor, 28 Miles Range & 19MPH, 8' Solid Non-Pneumatic Tires, Dual Brakes, External Battery, Commuter Scooter for Adults & Teens

The cruise control feature is something we weren’t expecting to be using as much as we did but it’s really handy. Feeling the breeze on your face while cruising at around 12mph is such a sweet spot for the comfort factor. It’s a nice addition that can make your ride even cozier.

In Conclusion

The Segway ES4 electric scooter is a great device but it just falls a little short in too many areas to be considered a marvel.

The second battery is a great addition and the max distances and speeds you can get are impressive. Unfortunately, there are just a few glaring omissions in the updates that might make this scooter seem a little overpriced. It’s certainly a step in the right direction but it still isn’t even the safest or the fastest electric scooter on the market.

People looking for a no-hassle way to get from point A to point B will probably love the ES4. It’s easy and fun to use. People looking for the most state-of-the-art electric scooter will probably want to look for something with more speed and more extra features.

Thanks for checking out our review. We hope that it has been informative in helping you find the best electric or motorized device for your needs.

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Hello, my son will be leaving to college in about 10 days and I wanted to buy him an electric scooter because his dorm is about a 20 min walk from the campus. I figured this way he could not only get to campus but get to class on time. My son is 18 and we have never owned an electric scooter, he will be using it daily for college, grocery store, errands, etc. Do you recommend the Segway ES4 or is there another electric scooter that is better? thank you

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