Dirt Bike Safety – Staying Safe While Riding

Dirt Bike

While dirt bike riding can be an extremely fun and satisfying hobby, it must be taken seriously with the right precautions. To improve your dirt bike safety riding habits, here are a few tips to remember so that you will always be on your safety game when using your dirt bike.

1. Always have proper clothes and safety gear equipped.

This first dirt bike safety tip will be obvious to most, but it is absolutely worth repeating: always make sure you are wearing the proper attire and gear whenever you are about to venture off on your dirt bike.

If you need a reminder on what constitutes a proper dirt bike safety gear list, this includes a helmet, goggles, riding gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, a protective jersey, proper riding pants, durable riding boots, and a face mask. All of these are considered essential dirt bike safety equipment for any dirt bike ride, regardless of your age or experience level.

These items will help you both reduce the chances of a crash and soften the blow of an accident should one happen to you. You don’t want to be wearing beach shorts and flip flops when going on an off-road excursion now, do you?

man riding dirt bike

2. Don’t operate your dirt bike while intoxicated.

Again, this dirt bike safety tip will be an obvious one to most dirt bike owners, but it bears repeating anyway. A dirt bike is a serious piece of machinery requiring you to be of sound mind and cognition to use it properly. You should never consume alcohol or any other hard drug that impairs your thinking and senses before or while riding a dirt bike.

Some people simply don’t take dirt bikes too seriously because they don’t see them in the same category as cars. Other regions might not even have laws against drinking and using dirt bikes, making it seem like it’s still safe to do. Unfortunately, your chances of crashing your bike increase exponentially when drinking, so you should never do it. 

Dirt bike safety statistics consistently demonstrate that drinking and dirt biking will increase your chances of crashing by a huge margin, which also increases your chances of getting a major injury, potentially a fatal one.

3. Try to avoid using your dirt bike at night.

This can be interpreted as dirt bike safety for kids or less experienced riders, as professionals may not have an issue with this. Regardless, if you really want to maximize safety, riding with proper sunlight is the only way to do it.

The problem with riding at night regarding dirt bike safety is the worsened visibility. Not all dirt bikes have bright headlights, and even the ones that do, do not make proper replacements for the sun.

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4. Try to ride on trails safe for dirt bikes.

While dirt bikes are classed as off-road vehicles, they aren’t exactly all-terrain vehicles either. Dirt bikes can be prone to crashing or losing balance on terrain that is full of debris or weird angles and hills. Dirt bikes aren’t the most durable vehicles out there, so it’s important not to get overconfident and use them past their potential.

Sure, dirt bikes can handle their fair share of bumps, but there are drops on certain mountain paths that will be too much to handle. In these situations, it can be easy to lose control, especially if you are going at a fast speed.

5. Don’t use your dirt bike on pavement or paved surfaces.

As the name implies, dirt bikes are meant to be used on dirt. This also includes mud and sand, but the general point is that dirt bikes were designed for very specific environments. 

The fact of the matter is that dirt bikes were not designed to be used on the same road as cars. They do not have the same safety features, and getting into a crash on the road will be much more dangerous than a crash off the road.

Drivers also aren’t prepared to react to someone driving by on their dirt bike on pavement, so you’re just asking for trouble if you take your motorized bike on a public road.

man riding dirt bike

6. Always supervise younger riders.

If you have children that have their own dirt bikes, it is paramount that you watch over them when they are riding their dirt bikes. This is perhaps part of dirt bike safety for kids that you can learn.

Dirt bikes are much more powerful than regular bikes, so it is important to always monitor any minors who are using them. A dirt bike crash is much more severe than a bike crash, and if someone requires first aid, you will want to be there so you can react as fast as possible.

7. Younger dirt bike riders should only use dirt bikes fit for them.

The reason why so many dirt bikes for youth riders exist is that they aren’t ready to handle the torque that is offered by their adult-sized counterparts. Even if you have a boy or girl who really wants to use a bigger ride, they must not for their own safety.

People must treat younger kids using a large dirt bike like kids driving a car. The fact of the matter is that large dirt bikes can go much faster than kids are capable of handling. No matter what, never let a minor ride a dirt bike that is too big or too fast for them.

8. Consider taking a dirt bike riding course.

If you are new to the world of dirt bike riding and dirt bike safety, or if you have a child who is eager to start, you should really consider enrolling in a dirt bike riding course or safety course.

These programs often have family lessons so you can learn with your children. Not only will they teach you the basics of riding and handling your dirt bike, but you will also be educated with good safety habits that you’ll use on every dirt bike ride.

dirt bike safety in racing events

9. Consult the instruction manual of your bike.

This is an important dirt bike safety tip, especially for people who have just bought their first dirt bike. Not only is the manual helpful for installation, but it can come in handy for providing you with useful dirt bike safety tips as well.

Different dirt bike manufacturers may have different attributes installed, meaning that your dirt bike may be special or unique in some way. Go over the owner’s manual to double-check if there are any particular safety tips you need to keep in mind. They may be the kind of specific tips that you won’t find online.

10. Check up on your dirt bike for maintenance often.

Like any vehicle, a dirt bike must be kept in good shape to function properly. Therefore, one of the most important dirt bike safety tips to keep in mind, even if it is an overlooked one, is to give your dirt bike an inspection after every ride to see if anything is damaged.

You should keep your dirt bike clean so that the wheels will always function properly. More importantly, check up on the bike for any cracks or signs of wear and tear that may need repairing or replacing. A dirt bike that’s on the verge of falling apart isn’t going to be a very fun or safe ride.

Additionally, you should keep an eye on your dirt bike’s tire pressure and make sure it is at optimal levels. The dirt bike’s oil fluid, brake pressure, and clutch should also be inspected every now and then. If these tasks are too technical for you to handle, then it’s best to take your bike to a proper mechanic for a check-up.