Velowave Ebike Roundup: Full Range Review


Velowave bikes are stylish, have great build quality, and have enough features to make them highly attractive options. A Velowave ebike is a good fit for both beginners and experienced riders who have used electric bikes before.

But for some reason, they’re one of the more underrated ebike companies out there. To help spread the word about them, I’m going to review several of their absolute best products.

Here’s our list of the top Velowaves ebikes you can buy now.

1. Velowave Ranger Fat Tire Electric Bike

Velowave Ranger Fat Tire Electric Bike

Let’s begin with the flagship model of Velowave, the Ranger Fat Tire. This is a fantastic bike that is considered a good all-rounder, offering many of the necessary components that make up a high-quality electric bike.

This is a versatile ebike as it can be used effectively by both teenagers and fully grown adults. It has a max load capacity of 330 pounds, a max range of 40 miles per battery charge, and an impressive top speed of 28 mph. Without a doubt, the Velowave Ranger has impressive power and specs.

One of the best features of the Velowave Ranger is the fat tire design. Measuring 4 inches thick, these tires provide a much smoother riding experience on a wide variety of terrain, including rough patches or woods with a lot of debris.

It’s not quite a mountain bike, but you can still get a lot done with it. Your average bike or ebike has wheels that are 1 or 1.5 inches thick. With 4 inches, you will easily feel the difference in smoothness, stability, and security.


  • Great range and top speed
  • Excellent stability on most terrain
  • Great choice for beginners, intermediate or experienced ebike users
  • Impressive max load capacity
  • Fat tire design
  • Acceleration and braking are top-notch


  • More expensive than your average ebike
  • Not suitable for the roughest of mountain biking
  • Long battery charge time, up to 9 hours

2. Velowave Rover

Velowave Rover

Next up is another Velowave ebike I consider one of their greatest achievements, the Velowave Rover. While it is also a fat tire bike like the Ranger, what really distinguishes it is that it is a step-thru ebike.

A step-thru ebike is one that allows you to get on or off it by simply walking into it from behind. This is very different from the traditional method of mounting a bike, where you have to get on from the side by raising one leg above the seat.

Some bike riders may have a condition that prevents them from getting on a regular bike comfortably or safely. Step-thru ebikes like the Velowave Rover allow anyone to feel the joy and convenience of electric bikes by offering this more accessible mounting method.

Not only that, but the Velowave Rover is a bike that truly prioritizes comfort. It feels easier to ride than the Ranger, especially when going for long treks that cover a lot of distance.

Speaking of distance, the Velowave e bike Rover has a higher max range, coming in at 50-55 miles per charge. This makes it a great choice for bike riders who want to cover as much ground as possible.


  • Higher max range
  • Solid specs regarding speed and load capacity
  • Very accessible and comfortable
  • 7 different pedal levels
  • Reliable dual-disc braking system
  • LCD screen display


  • Peach color option is a strange choice

3. Velowave Ghost

Velowave Ghost

If mountain biking is what you’re really looking for, then I have the Velowave ebike for you. Enter the Velowave Ghost, a bike that was specifically designed to handle the harshest of mountain biking conditions.

What makes the Ghost different from other Velowave ebikes is that it uses a lighter aluminum frame. Not only does this make it several pounds lighter than all other Velowave bikes, but it gives the frame better all-terrain capabilities. As a result, it’s a fantastic option for traversing large hills and even mountain trails.

As you might expect, the Velowave Ghost has great uphill climbing rates as well. This is thanks not just to the frame but to the powerful motor as well.

This is also a fantastic bike to handle harsher weather conditions. If you live in an area that is prone to a lot of heavy snowfall, the Velowave Ghost will be able to handle it with no problem. Not only that, but sand, mud, dirt, and other rough patches of wet ground are no match for the torque and motor that the Ghost provides.


  • Sleek, lightweight frame of 57 pounds
  • 45 mile max range
  • Fantastic for mountain biking and off-road trails
  • Upgraded front suspension
  • 25mph max speed


  • No fat tires
  • Limited load capacity

4. Velowave Prado S

Velowave Prado S

The last Velowave bike I want to show off today is the Prado S. This is a very different Velowave ebike than the others, as it places a huge emphasis on leisure and casual commutes rather than off-road capabilities.

While it doesn’t offer a lot of stability or traction on mountain trails or various woods, it is the number one perfect Velowave ebike for commuting around your town or city. This is the ebike you have been looking for if you want something that will bring you to school, to work, or to the store.

It handles so gracefully on sidewalks and bike roads that it’s almost magical. One might be initially confused by the 4-inch fat tires which are normally saved for off-road ebikes, but once you step on the Prado S, you’ll see why they’re here. Fat tires can make comfortable leisure rides feel even more fantastic. 


  • Fantastic comfort levels
  • Very ergonomic handles and seat
  • Solid specs for speed and range
  • Excellent smoothness on asphalt and sidewalks
  • 4-inch fat tires


  • Heaviest Velowave ebike at 77 pounds

Top 3 Velowave Ebike Accessories

Once you’ve selected the Velowave ebike you want, you may be thinking that the journey’s over! On the contrary, it’s just beginning. If you really want to get the most out of your ebike experience, consider upgrading your all-new Velowave ebike with one or all of these fantastic and official Velowave accessories.

1. Back Rack and Fender Kit for Ranger

Back Rack and Fender Kit for Ranger

If you own a Velowave Ranger, this is the perfect extra accessory to get for yourself. This back rack and fender combo kit add extra storage space in the rear of your bike so you can strap on any medium-sized luggage you’re taking with you.

The fenders are also very high quality and are a must-have if you plan on taking your Ranger bike out on intense rides. 

While the Ranger is definitely built to handle various weather conditions like snow or rain, these fenders will add extra protection to your tires so they will perform better, last longer, and require less cleaning and maintenance in the long run.

2. Rear Rack and Fender Kit for Ghost

Rear Rack and Fender Kit for Ghost

Similar to the last accessory product, this is another must-have but for owners of the Velowave Ghost ebike instead.

Made out of high-quality aluminum, this kit seamlessly attaches to the wheels and the rear of your Ghost bike’s frame. The extra storage space and the extra tire protection will really come in handy, especially for users who plan on using this bike on a weekly or even daily basis.

3. Front and Rear Basket for Prado S

Front and Rear Basket for Prado S

If you chose to go for the Velowave Prado S, you will definitely want to take a close, hard look at this storage basket.

As mentioned above, the Velowave Prado S is the perfect leisure and commuting bike. That means you will want as much storage as possible, especially when commuting to the grocery store or to work, or even just to a friend’s place.

This basket offers quite a lot of space. It’s big enough to hold a backpack, a couple of large shopping bags, or other items you plan to take with you. It can also be installed in the front or the rear, giving you some freedom in deciding where it should go based on your ideal preferences.

Keep in mind that because it can be installed in both spots, you are welcome to purchase two baskets for the Velowave Prado S. With one installed in the rear and another installed in the front, you can double your storage capabilities easily!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of riders should get a Velowave ebike?

Velowave Ebike products are quite diverse. Not every bike is the same, and they tend to target different characteristics. This means that a wide variety of different users can all benefit from Velowave, as long as they select the bike that best matches their preferences.

When it comes to beginners versus professional bikers, both kinds of people should get a Velowave ebike.

When it comes to age, just about anyone 15 and up should be fine, so long as they meet the recommended height and weight requirements.

As for leisure and commuting versus off-road adventure, both are equally valid perspectives. Velowave has enough different bicycles so that both kinds of riders will feel right at home.

velowave ebike

Where is Velowave from?

Velowave’s headquarters are in Hong Kong. This is where all of their bikes are manufactured. They are designed with both urban and off-road environments in mind, making them suitable for various locations all around the world.

Velowave’s products have been met with great acclaim and satisfaction from around the globe. Customers from North America to Europe have left highly positive reviews praising the comfort, style, and build quality. Don’t miss out on this incredible device and get yourself your very own Velowave ebike as soon as possible!