How Much Is a Mobility Scooter for Rental or Purchase?

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If you’re considering acquiring a mobility scooter, odds are you are wondering about the costs of such a vehicle. While mobility scooters are a great way to improve the quality of your daily life, it still needs to be an affordable option. So how much is a mobility scooter?

Multiple factors influence mobility scooter prices. They can be as cheap as $500 and as expensive as $5000. To help you figure out whether you should get a mobility scooter, we’re going to have a rundown on the general prices that you can expect when getting a mobility scooter – both for purchasing and for renting.

Price Ranges for Buying a Mobility Scooter

Because mobility scooters come in various models, prices will vary accordingly. Different mobility scooters will come in different sizes and with different features or accessories. These things can be related to steering, power, battery life, speed, etc.

Regarding standard-size mobility scooters, you can expect these models to be priced as low as $500 and as high as $2500. The more expensive models in this category typically come with improved batteries and motors and various extra accessories to improve comfort and convenience. They may also come with better wheels for superior traction on various terrain.

price of mobility scooter

Regarding the next category, heavy-duty mobility scooters, these are much more expensive. They typically cost anywhere from $1500-$3500. Again, like with the standard mobility scooters, the price will depend on the quality of the main components as well as how many accessories or extra features they are customized with.

The last category is the deluxe mobility scooters, which are the most expensive ones. The cheapest ones cost around $3000, and the most expensive ones cost just over $5000.

Price Ranges for Renting a Mobility Scooter

If you only want to rent a mobility scooter for a limited amount of time, then you’ll definitely end up saving some money compared to purchasing one permanently. The cost of the rental ultimately depends on two factors: what type of scooter you will be renting and for how long you decide to rent it. Please keep in mind that all of these prices are generalized estimates and may not accurately reflect the pricing of your local Durable Medical Equipment provider.

mobility scooter rental price

  • Renting a standard mobility scooter for a day will cost around $30, $150 for a week, or roughly $300 for an entire month.
  • For heavy-duty mobility scooters, rentals will typically cost $60 a day, $200 per week, and at least $400 per month.
  • Finally, for deluxe mobility scooters, a daily rental will be $85, then $300 per week, or at least $500 per month.

Factors That Influence Pricing for Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are typically categorized into these three types: standard, heavy-duty and deluxe. While these categories are arguably the biggest factors in determining the price of buying or renting a mobility scooter, other factors are at play. Knowing what influences the price of a mobility scooter can help you make a more informed decision when you decide to buy or rent one for yourself.

  • All mobility scooters will have either three wheels or four wheels. Four-wheel scooters will almost always cost more than three-wheeled ones, regardless of whether you are renting or buying. The size of the tires will also affect the price.
  • Mobility scooters designed primarily for indoor use will be cheaper than ones designed for outdoor travel. This is because outdoor scooters typically have four wheels, need to have faster speeds, more durable wheels for handling terrain, and stronger batteries.
  • The maximum weight capacity of a mobility scooter will also affect the price. A scooter with a max weight capacity of 400 pounds will be more expensive than a scooter that can only hold 250 pounds.
  • Accessories, while they may be optional, will always increase the price of a mobility scooter. Such accessories can include cup holders, carrying baskets, carrying bags, covers, and lifts that attach to automobiles.
  • Another factor that can really increase the price is whether you have a foldable scooter or not. While a mobility scooter that can fold into a more portable size is a huge convenience, this kind of technology is more complex and, therefore, will increase the price of a scooter notably.

How Much Is a Mobility Scooter

Final Thoughts

Many different factors influence the pricing of these vehicles, but hopefully, you will now have a much easier time figuring out how much a mobility scooter will cost. There are so many mobility scooter users now but every person’s needs are different. Use this information to get the most useful and comfortable scooter you can get for your needs and within your price range.

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