Mobility Scooter Rental: All You Need To Know

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Mobility scooters are becoming more and more of a popular option these days for people with certain physical or medical conditions. These motorized transportation devices have been a godsend for thousands of people all over the world who no longer have the ability to safely walk on their own.

If you have been considering getting a mobility scooter for yourself then you will be happy to know that buying isn’t the only option available to you. Renting mobility scooters on a weekly or monthly basis is a perfectly viable choice. Continue reading to learn all about mobility scooter rental services.

Renting Versus Buying: What’s The Difference?

Before you can figure out whether you should buy or rent a mobility scooter, you’re going to have to understand what makes them different first.

To begin, let’s discuss the cost. Mobility scooters can cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars if you are paying out of your own pocket without any financial aid from insurance. They can be a great long-term investment but can also cause a big dent in your wallet.

On the other hand, renting mobility scooters is significantly cheaper even though you only get to borrow the scooter for a predetermined amount of time, like for example one week or one month.

In other words, buying a mobility scooter, while expensive, is great if you need one for long-term purposes or especially if you are medically advised to use one daily. Renting, while short-term, is ideal if you don’t have a lot of money to spend and will only be needing the mobility scooter for a few days such as on a vacation or a trip.

Should I Rent or Should I Buy?

While some may tell you that price is the biggest factor in deciding between renting or buying mobility scooters, the most important factor by far is your health condition. How impaired your movement is will effectively determine how often you will need a mobility scooter, and therefore it will also decide whether you should rent for short-term use or purchase for permanent use.

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How Often Will You Need it?

If you have major difficulty moving around even with the use of things such as crutches, canes, or anything that requires you to be standing up then you may need a mobility scooter daily.

If, however, you can get still walk around with the aid of a cane but not for a very long time then you probably won’t need a mobility scooter daily. You could probably benefit from one whenever you need to spend a day or two outdoors moving around a lot. This would be a great opportunity to rent instead of buying a mobility scooter.

We highly recommend that if you are unsure of what best suits you, you should speak with your physician about your concerns. Your doctor will understand your condition better than anyone else and their medical opinion will be instrumental in deciding whether renting a mobility scooter or purchasing one is the best decision for your circumstance.

When Renting a Mobility Scooter is a Good Idea

Mobility scooter rental is a great idea for when you are traveling out of town. Whether you are going to a neighboring city to meet up with friends or family, or if you are leaving the country and going on a vacation, both situations are short-term travels that will last a couple of days or weeks. If you know that you are going to be at a place where you would normally be doing a lot of walking, mobility scooter rental would be the wisest choice to keep yourself from putting too much stress on your body.

People who already own a mobility scooter ought to consider renting one as well. Many people find it easier to leave their main mobility scooter at home when traveling by plane and arrange to rent a different scooter for a short time. This can save you a fair deal of hassle as you don’t need to worry about losing or damaging your main vehicle.

Renting can also be a great option if your main mobility scooter is undergoing repairs and you need a new scooter asap for a few days.

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Things to Consider When a Rental Mobility Scooter

To make sure your rental services end up being as comfortable and as safe as possible, you should keep a few things in mind when deciding on which scooter to go with.

No matter which rental service you go to, we recommend that you speak with the people there to get the best fit for your needs. Many mobility rental services will allow you to customize your mobility scooter with features that may be essential for you during your rental period. Speak with the employees there about options or features that you want in your rental.

When it comes to steering, mobility scooters can have different ranges of power. Some are faster than others, and some work better on pavement than others. Keep where you will be using the mobility scooter in mind so you can get one that will go as fast or as slow as you want it to be.

Comfort is Important

Other aspects such as the steering wheel and the padding of the seat are important as well. Presumably, you will be sitting in the mobility scooter for hours at a time so it has to be comfortable so that your physical condition does not become exacerbated.

Feel free to test drive different mobility scooters with different wheels or padding materials so you know that the scooter feels right. It would be a mistake to rent a scooter for five days and find out after already renting it that it isn’t a good fit.

Feel free to ask about accessories as well. Many mobility scooter rental services will allow you to add bells, baskets, cup holders, and other extra items that you can take with you during your rental period.

If you need extra help figuring out what kind of mobility scooter you will need during your rental, simply speak with the employees working at the rental service. Tell them exactly why you need a mobility scooter and where you will be using it, as well as how long you will be needing it. They will surely be able to help you with recommendations about what kind of mobility scooter will fit your needs best.

If you do this then you will surely acquire a mobility scooter rental that will be perfectly fitted for your needs regarding the terrain, steering, battery life, storage capacities, 3-wheel versus 4-wheel, and more.

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The Price of Mobility Scooter Rentals

Different shops will have different prices but they typically fall into the same range with good consistency.

  • For a daily rental, mobility scooters can be rented for about $30 a day.
  • For weekly rental, mobility scooters can be rented for about $125 per week.
  • For a monthly rental, mobility scooters can be rented for about $300 a month.

These prices will be determined by what kind of model you choose, how many accessories it has, whether or not it is considered heavy-duty, etc.

As long as you weigh the price of mobility scooter rentals with how often you will be renting them, you’ll easily be able to figure out if renting is a better and cheaper option than buying.

Don’t rent too often to the point where it would exceed the price of buying your own mobility scooter. Part of the whole point of mobility scooter rentals is to cut down on costs. So if buying your own even if you need to store it ends up being cheaper overall, then it’s probably the best solution for you as long as you have a place to put it when you aren’t planning to use it.

Concluding Remarks

Mobility scooter rental services are an excellent way to give yourself a few days to relax in a safe and comfortable machine that will help you get around town. It is a perfect alternative for people who don’t need to have a mobility scooter daily as well as being a great way to save some cash for short-term travel. These rental services are excellent for people that have mild or moderately limited mobility and need a little support for their travels or vacations.

A mobility scooter is a great way to help make your visits, shopping, and traveling a lot easier and quicker, and should be taken advantage of by the people who need it most. Whether you need one for a month or just for a few days, always remember that mobility scooter rental services will be there to help you.

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