How Far Can A Mobility Scooter Go?

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If you’re thinking about getting yourself a mobility scooter, one of the most important things you’ll have to learn is how far can one go in a single trip. While mobility scooters offer great convenience to those with limited mobility, it won’t be much help if your mobility scooter can’t take you as far as you need to go. In this article, we’ll offer a rundown on the general specifications of the speeds and distances that most mobility scooters can go.

So what is the typical range of a mobility scooter? Mobility scooters come in different models and will have different top speeds and maximum distances according to their specifications. You can expect your average mobility scooter to go as far as 20 miles on a single charge but other models have an even higher max distance should you need it.

Standard Mid-range Mobility Scooters

If you’re thinking about buying or renting a standard mobility scooter, one that’s standard in terms of both functionality and price, these scooters can typically go as fast as four miles per hour. Depending on the strength of the battery, these mid-sized scooters can go as far as 15 miles or even . This is typically the range you should expect a standard mobility scooter to travel from one full battery charge.

This makes these scooters ideal for regular daily duties like visiting friends or family, going to the shopping mall, or any other activities where your destination is in the same vicinity as your home.

Heavy Duty and Road-legal Mobility Scooters

If you need a little more range or speed then you will probably need to go for a more expensive and larger mobility scooter. Heavy-duty and deluxe scooters have higher top speeds and therefore are sometimes allowed to be used on the road.

These scooters will almost always have a top speed of eight miles per hour which makes them twice as fast as a standard scooter. When it comes to their range, they will typically go as far as 30 to 40 miles on a single battery charge.

how far can a mobility scooter go

That makes these kinds of mobility scooters an excellent choice for people who need to travel farther distances to perform their daily activities such as shopping. They are also considered a better choice for going on vacation when you plan on doing a lot of outdoor sightseeing.

What Determines the Distance of a Mobility Scooter?

There are a few factors that influence the main speed of a mobility scooter, but the most important one by far is its battery. Mobility scooters will almost always come with one of two battery types. There are lead-acid batteries that are less expensive and better used for only occasional use. The second category is the cell battery, which is more expensive but has a longer lifespan and is the better option for those who use their mobility scooters daily.

It’s also important to note that most batteries for mobility scooters will need a six to eight-hour charge to go from empty to 100 percent full. You should also keep in mind that a mobility scooter battery will need to be replaced every year, or every year and a half at the absolute most. If you keep using the same battery for longer than that then you will start to see your scooter failing to reach its usual maximum distance.

Concluding Thoughts

The range of your mobility scooter depends on its model and features, most can travel up to 15-25 miles on a single charge. This may be enough for daily errands or getting around town, but if you’re looking for more freedom to go farther distances, then it’s worth researching whether there are any models that offer longer ranges. And when considering how far one can go with their mobility scooter per trip, keep in mind that charging is necessary every few hours depending on what level of power you’re using and how fast you’re going – which means less time spent out exploring!

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