Best Electric Mountain Board for Hardcore Riding

Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are perfect for urban environments, but what if you want a board that won’t just act as a commuting board, but will take you on a real adventure — like an electric mountain board?

Below are 11 of the best electric mountain boards I have ever come across, particularly when it comes to the features that provide an unforgettable off-road experience. These mountain boards have the power, speed, durability, and stability to offer you the off-road experience you’ve been looking for.

As a bonus, there’s even an extra professional buyer’s guide so you can learn more about what really goes into the most cutting-edge electric mountain board vehicles.

The Top 11 Electric Hardcore Off-Road Mountain Boards

1. WowGo AT2 Electric Skateboard & Longboard

WowGo AT2 Electric Skateboard & Longboard

The first entry on today’s list should for all intents and purposes be seen as the best entry-level electric mountain board: the WowGo AT2.

What makes this such a good board for beginners is that it’s a high-value board for the asking price. Not only is it one of the more affordable options on this list, but it still has solid specs that will work out great for first-timers.

With a max speed of 31 mph and a max range of 27 miles, the WowGo AT2 can deliver a high-octane riding experience that will act as a gateway into the world of off-road mountain boarding.

Another fantastic feature I loved is how elastic the deck is. Made out of a hybrid combination of Canadian maple, bamboo, and fiberglass, this board is undeniably bouncy. When you jump on it, it snaps right back into place like a well-made mattress. 

This gives the AT2 impressive stability and form when going up and down hills. It also allows you to perform some neat tricks while keeping the deck’s integrity intact.

If you’re looking for an electric mountainboard that will serve as the perfect introduction to the world of hardcore all-terrain riding, the WowGo AT2 will be your ultimate companion.


  • Highly durable and elastic hybrid bamboo/maple deck
  • Comes with a taillight and a bicycle pump
  • 30% incline climbing rate
  • 9-month warranty
  • 1300w x 2 Motor
  • Not too heavy for beginners


  • Headlight costs extra
  • Battery charge time is a bit long

2. Maxfind FF Plus

Maxfind FF Plus electric mountain board

The Maxfind FF Plus is a great all-terrain electric mountain board that can serve as either the perfect introduction for beginners or a new addition to your already growing collection of high-quality boards.

When it comes to specs, the FF Plus has a top speed of 24 mph and a max range of 10 miles. This makes it a nice sweet spot for people entering the world of electric mountain boards, though it may not have the power to satisfy more experienced riders.

While it may not be the most powerful board on the market, it makes up for that in other areas. The Maxfind FF Plus has an impressively fast battery charge time of 3 hours. Testing it myself, it would consistently reach a full battery charge in just under the estimated time, making it a good choice for people who like to go for multiple rides per day.

Interestingly, the FF Plus also has a 35% incline climbing rate, making it a much better board for dealing with hills or angular mountain trails. 

Another thing I really loved about this board is how thin the main deck is. It’s still plenty durable and flexible, but there’s no denying that the thin flex-composite deck feels different to ride on compared to others.

Combine all of this with the many other extra features that Maxfind jam-packed into this like the handle design and the smart braking technology, and you have yourself one of the best electric mountain board designs anyone has seen thus far.


  • Great hill climbing rate
  • Fast battery charge time
  • Very flexible deck
  • Affordable pricing
  • Portable handle design
  • Ergonomic OLEC Remote control


  • Low max range
  • Foot deck could have more grip

3. Ownboard Bamboo AT Pro

Ownboard Bamboo AT Pro electric mountain board

If you want a board that has more power and style, Ownboard’s Bamboo AT Pro should fit the bill.

If you prefer your boards to be made from bamboo, Ownboard has you covered on two fronts here. Not only is the deck a hybrid of bamboo, Canadian maple, and fiberglass but the design itself features bamboo leaves. It provides the AT Pro with a unique look that also fits the components themselves.

One of the most impressive aspects of this board is the multiple-speed mode function. Each one places a limit on the top speed of the board, giving you a great sense of control over how it functions. This is also part of what makes the AT Pro so great for novice riders and experienced daredevils. 

Beginner mode caps at 12.5 mph, middle mode caps at 18.75 mph, expert mode caps at 25 mph, and finally turbo mode caps at 32 mph.

Combine all of this with the high-quality wheels and bearing designed to handle rough terrain while also expanding the max range, and you have one electric mountain board you should not miss out on.


  • Multiple speed modes
  • Max speed of 32 mph
  • Max range of 30 miles
  • Great stability on any terrain
  • Hybrid bamboo deck design is extremely sturdy
  • Unique bamboo leaf aesthetics
  • Regenerative braking
  • Waterproof IP56


  • Long battery charge time of 5+ hours

4. Maxfind FF AT

Maxfind FF AT electric mountain board

Maxfind makes some of the greatest electric mountain boards in their price range by far, so forgive me for feeling the need to mention them again. This time we’ll be looking at the FF AT, a more premium model compared to the FF Plus.

Right off the bat, you can see the differences in the specifications. The FF AT is faster and has a better range. The ability to go over 50 miles in a single run is a monumental achievement, and the 28 mph speed is nothing to scoff at either.

As far as deck design goes, it’s the same reliable materials used in the Maxfind FF Plus. The FF AT simply adds stronger batteries and motors to squeeze even more potential out of the same tires and deck.

With a superior range and superior torque, the Maxfind FF AT is a fantastic upgrade to an already fantastic electric mountain board.


  • Excellent range of 51 miles with extra batteries
  • Great battery life and improved top speed of 28 mph
  • Reliable deck durability and stability
  • Very powerful wheels for all-terrain purposes


  • Extra battery bundles can be pricey

5. Ownboard Carbon Zeus Pro

Ownboard Carbon Zeus Pro electric mountain board

Once again we’re looking at Ownboard with their state-of-the-art Carbon Zeus Pro model.

What makes the Zeus Pro interesting to me is the unique blend of sleek carbon materials with bright and multicolored led wheels. It’s a mixture that may not work for some but it’s undeniably an interesting design choice.

This is a very beefy electric mountain board thanks to the 3350w of dual motors equipped here. This gives it not only an impressive max speed of 37 mph but also very powerful incline climbing rates so you can scale the steepest hills without losing speed or acceleration.

The 50-mile range is very impressive, making this electric mountain board a great choice for people who want to go for extra-long rides or commutes.

The overall carbon fiber style makes this one of the sleekest and most futuristic longboards I’ve ever seen. If you want something that stands apart from the rest of the competition, the Ownboard Carbon Zeus Pro will be your ticket.


  • Impressive max range of 50 miles
  • Powerful dual motors with great max speed
  • Unique and phenomenal carbon-based aesthetic
  • Extremely smooth brakes
  • All-terrain
  • Regenerative braking
  • 4 alternate speed modes


  • LED lights on tires may not be for everyone’s taste

6. Raldey Carbon AT V2

Raldey Carbon AT V2 electric mountain board

While not everyone has heard of Raldey electric mountain boards, I’m hoping to change that. The Carbon AT V2 is precisely the kind of state-of-the-art electric board you’ve been looking for.

The first thing that grabs your attention about the Carbon AT V2 is those earth-shattering wheels. The grooves and spikes are wider and thicker than on many other boards in this price range. 

That makes it a great all-terrain board for riders who are exclusively looking to handle the most intensive paths filled with debris, mud, sand, or snow. 

To my surprise, the AT V2 is a little lighter than your average electric mountain board yet still also has a larger load capacity than average as well. This speaks to the sheer quality of materials that went into this board.

I think this board offers some of the smoothest ridings I’ve ever felt on an electric mountain board. This is for both smooth pavement and uneven mountain trails. While it may not have the power or the range of other options, this is the board to get if you want the most leisurely riding experience in this price range.


  • Excellent wheel construction of multiple layers
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality Japanese carbon fiber deck
  • Excellent battery protection for waterproofing and usage in snow
  • Great price range and value


  • Remote control should be more ergonomic
  • Range and max speed will leave a bit to be desired

7. Ownboard Carbon Zeus

Ownboard Carbon Zeus electric mountain board

The Carbon Zeus is the older brother of the Carbon Zeus Pro we’ve already looked at. While the Zeus Pro is essentially an upgraded version, the standard Carbon Zeus is still a phenomenal board worth mentioning, especially for those who may not need every bell and whistle.

While both boards look identical, the main difference between them is the battery. The Zeus Pro has an upgraded model that increases the range and decreases the recharge time by a bit.

Is this battery upgrade worth a couple extra hundred dollars? Many people seem to think so, but the range of the Carbon Zeus is already at a solid 45 miles, which may be enough for you.

If so, save yourself some cash and get this older, but by no means outdated, Ownboard Carbon Zeus model instead.


  • Same great design from Ownboard
  • Impressive motor and battery specs
  • More affordable model
  • Regenerative braking
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Great futuristic carbon-based looks


  • Inferior battery recharge time and range

8. Raldey Off-road MT-V3S

Raldey Off-road MT-V3S electric mountain board

If you are trying to save as much money as possible but still want a decent-value electric mountain board, it will be hard for me to recommend something better than Raldey’s MT-V3S.

With a familiar-looking deck design made out of Canadian Maple, this board has the durability you need for off-road rides. It’s not the most flexible board out there so try not to do the most intense tricks with it. It’s also much more lightweight than nearly any other electric mountain board.

While the acceleration isn’t too powerful, it still has a solid max speed of 30 mph and a max range of 20 miles. This makes it a great choice not only for those on a budget but for anyone looking to enter the world of the best electric mountain boards for the first time.


  • Great value and budget board
  • Canadian maple durability
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • Not too flexible
  • Not the best turning or handling

9. Ownboard AT1W

Ownboard AT1W electric mountain board

If you’re impressed by what Ownboard has to offer but their models are a little out of your price range, have no fear. The Ownboard AT1W was designed to be a lower-budget model that allows you to get a taste of that classic Ownboard style.

Despite being a cheaper board, the AT1W has great shock absorption giving it a level of durability few other mountain boards have in this price range. This makes it great for when you really want to take it to town on an off-the-road path.

It also has three max speed settings so you can gradually get used to the power if you’re new to these machines. 

Most importantly, this is a comfortable board to ride. Whether you want to use it to traverse the woods in style, perform tricks at the park or just use it to replace your bicycle for simple rides to the mall, this board will never feel like an inconvenience or a nuisance.


  • Great value board
  • High-quality Canadian maple deck
  • Large anti-slip wheels
  • Shock absorbent technology
  • 3-hour battery charge time
  • Flexible and durable


  • A little heavy for its size

10. Raldey Bamboo V3S-AT

Raldey Bamboo V3S-AT electric mountain board

Heading back to Raldey boards, we have the V3S-AT to serve as another fantastic sub-$1000 entry for those who are looking for a high-value board at an affordable price.

With a max speed of 28.5 mph and a max range of 19 miles, it hits a nice sweet spot for those who still consider themselves novice or intermediate riders.

Despite its lightweight design, this board can easily handle users weighing over 200 pounds and still has great acceleration and speed. This is definitely one of the most powerful boards in its price range.

The wheels are also much larger than others in its class, coming in at 195mm (about twice the length of the long edge of a credit card). This makes them great at going uphill especially.

It also has a faster charge time than average, so you can enjoy multiple sessions per day in the likely event you get addicted to the V3S-AT‘s smoothness and flexibility.


  • Great size and weight limit
  • Powerful acceleration
  • Large wheels for uphill incline climbing and strong grip
  • Flexible maple board
  • Dual-motor design
  • Fast battery recharge time
  • LED display on remote control


  • None

11. Raldey Wasp Electric Mountain Board

Raldey Wasp Electric Mountain Board

The final best electric mountain board I have for you today is the Wasp by Raldey. This is a board that features a lot more power than average and should only be purchased by those who have used electric mountain boards before.

The Wasp comes with 8-inch wheels, making these some of the largest you will find on an electric mountain board. You can drive over rocks with this monster and you’ll hardly feel a thing.

While the max range of 36 miles is good but not great, the max speed of 32 mph makes this a beefy board that should be used by those who know how to twist and turn at high speeds.

Even more impressive is the absolutely gargantuan load capacity of 485 pounds. You could theoretically fit three adults on here and the board would still function properly. No matter how big or heavy you are, odds are the Raldey Wasp can still handle it.

The durability of the Wasp is unmatched. It has a much higher waterproof rating than others, so I doubt even heavy rainfall would impede its performance. This is the board to take when you need to ride through inches of mud, slush, or snow. This thing practically feels like an ATV when you’re using it at max speed in harsh conditions.

If you need the smoothest ride possible over the bumpiest and roughest paths around, the Raldey Wasp is the most logical choice for you to make.


  • Excellent weight limit of nearly 500 pounds
  • Solid max range and excellent max speed
  • Impeccable waterproofing and overall durability
  • Powerful and large wheels
  • Extremely smooth ride experience even over the roughest of terrain


  • A little expensive

Electric Mountain Board Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve become much more familiar with off-road electric mountain boards, let me now help you when it comes to learning how to shop for a great mountain board on your own. By the end of this buyer’s guide, you’ll have all the knowledge necessary to spot a great mountainboard at any store or e-shop on your own.


First, let’s talk about the size since mountain boards tend to be variants of longboards after all. Electric mountain boards tend to come in similar lengths but it is still important to get one that is neither too short nor too long for you. If you’re taller you will want an electric skateboard that is roughly 1 ½ feet tall and 3 ½ feet long. Smaller riders will feel more comfortable with skateboards that are 1 foot high and 3 feet long.

As a rule of thumb, a mountain board should be at least 3 feet long so it can provide the elasticity necessary to handle hardcore, off-road conditions.

Additionally, feel free to get a board that has a wider deck than average. This is especially recommended if you have larger feet than average. Most longboards or electric mountain boards have a width of around 1 foot, but an extra 2 or 3 inches can really make the difference for riders with a larger foot size.


Now let’s move on to the motor. This is the longboard component that effectively determines the speed and overall power of your skateboard. How powerful you want your motor will entirely depend on what max speed you are most comfortable with, as not all electric mountain board riders will be comfortable with the same top speed.

If you like rushing around at speeds that exceed 30 mph then you’ll want something that is at least 2500W or a dual-motor setup that has a similar total wattage. If you are more comfortable with speeds that are 15 mph or less than a motor that is no more powerful than 2000W will be all that you need.


When it comes to the electric mountain board’s battery, everyone wants as much range and as fast a charge as possible. This is true no matter what top speed, load capacity, or wheel size you’re looking for.

A lithium-ion battery is always ideal. They tend to provide longer ranges and will also last years and years before they finally die out, requiring a replacement.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety features, you’re essentially looking for an electric longboard or mountain board that has responsive brakes and at least a taillight or headlight, though preferably both. 

If you’re looking for an electric mountain board with foot straps, you will probably be out of luck, as these are not typically found on off-road or all-terrain boards. If you still feel the need to use straps for an electric board, you’re probably not ready for hardcore off-roading in the first place.


Last but definitely not least are the wheels of the electric mountain board. The wheels or tires of an off-road electric mountain board are what defines them as off-road in the first place. 

Ideally, they should have thick rubber stubs for grip and traction, and they should have a thick width to provide that off-road stability they’re known for. This results in better traction on sand, mud, snow, and other terrains. The wheels themselves should generally be around 6-8 inches in size. Keep in mind that the harsher paths you plan on riding on, the larger the wheels you’ll want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an off-road electric mountain board?

An off-road electric mountain board is fairly similar to a regular electric skateboard. They are both skateboards that are equipped with motorized or electric components so that they can accelerate and keep moving via remote control inputs instead of being kicked along.

An off-road electric mountain board however shares a couple of important differences from a regular electric skateboard. Off-road electric mountain boards typically have more powerful motors and wider wheels. This is because, as the name implies, these skateboards are designed to be used on a wider variety of terrain. 

There’s also a lot of overlap between longboards and mountain boards, as the latter is considered a subcategory of the former. While not all electric mountain boards have longboards, typically 3 feet or longer, most do. It’s important to keep this in mind whenever comparing regular skateboards designed for parks versus mountain boards with all-terrain capabilities in mind.

A regular electric skateboard can only be used where a normal skateboard can be ridden: sidewalks, asphalt roads, and skate parks. But an off-road electric mountain board has the power, stability, and traction to work effectively not only on regular roads but off-road hills and woods. This includes dirt, mud, sand, bike trails, and more. They fair a little better on icy or slippery surfaces but not by much, so it is not recommended to use them during intensely cold winter weather.

Why do you need an off-road electric mountainboard?

Off-road electric mountain boards are made for a very specific kind of rider. They are the perfect motorized vehicle for someone who loves skateboarding but has become a little tired of the terrain limitations of ordinary skateboards.

There’s only so much to see and do when your skateboard riding is limited to urban or suburban environments. The off-road electric mountain board gives you far more freedom by riding around newer environments with different conditions. So they’re really fun to use!