5 Rambo Bike Accessories for an Epic Hunting Adventure


Owning a fat tire electric hunting bike can be a very effective way to bring your hunting to new heights, but the journey doesn’t stop there. You can outfit and improve your bike with Rambo bike accessories so that you can get even more done and make your hunting smoother and more efficient than ever before.

Sound intriguing? Then let’s go over the top five best Rambo ebike accessories you need for your hunting electric bike now.

1. Rambo Aluminum Bike/Hand Cart

rambo accessories

When you’ve made some good catches and have a huge haul to bring back home, a bike on its own might not be good enough to carry it all, no matter how big it is. That’s why you need this Aluminum hand cart.

It attaches to the back of your hunting bike and essentially provides cargo capacity. It may only weigh 25 pounds, but it can carry a whopping 300 pounds, meaning you can definitely use this as an excuse to go big or go home.

The great thing about these hand carts is that they open you up to so many more possibilities while hunting. Now you don’t just have to focus on smaller game like fish or birds. With a cart this size, you can easily bring home a large adult deer and drag it back on an ebike.

If you plan on hunting larger game, a hand cart/Rambo bike rack is an essential Rambo bike accessory.

2. Rambo Portable Tool Kit

rambo accessories

Everyone needs the right tools for the right job. You don’t want to go out hunting for a couple of hours only to find out you can’t get a simple job done. That’s why you should never set out on a hunting adventure without a useful Rambo portable tool kit.

This portable yet comprehensive kit comes loaded with all the essential tools you need, including a wrench set, a spoke wrench, a C02 air cartridge, zip ties, electrical tape, tire levers, a chain brake, and an inner tube patch kit. Perfect should your hunting ebike require quick and minor repairs.

It will be hard to imagine a hunting trip where you won’t need at least one of these tools when out on the trail, so make sure to grab yourself this Rambo ebike accessory. It might save you getting stuck.

3. Triple Accessory Bag

rambo ebike accesories

The ultimate way to improve your storage for a hunting electric Rambo bike is to get these accessory bags that add tons of extra space. Just easily throw them on the back and sides of your bike. You can carry around tons of extra tools, supplies, water, food, clothes, and more. They can also be used for carrying small game like fish or rabbits.

All three bags come with comfy carrying handles that make them easy to mount and easy to take off. Every bag is also made out of high-quality waterproof PVC, so you don’t need to ever worry about rainfall ruining the inner contents.

The bags also have clips so you can snap them together. That way, they will hang off your bike as one large unit, making it harder for them to fall off the bike, even when riding in hills and rough terrain.

There are also backpack and shoulder straps should you ever feel the need to carry them around yourself. This easily makes this triple accessory bag one of the best Rambo bike accessories they have available.

4. Rambo Gun/Bow Holder

rambo bike accessories

Having a place to put your hunting weapon is always essential when you’re busy riding the bike and keeping your eyes on the road. That’s why the Rambo gun/bow holder is one of the best Rambo accessories available.

This is a very versatile and lightweight tool that will allow you to strap your gun or bow to virtually any location on your Rambo hunting bike. This allows you to place it in a spot where it is always readily accessible, making it easier for you to prepare and aim.

Whether you are hunting small game or large, this is an absolutely invaluable tool. It will reduce the time it takes for you to pick up and arm and aim your weapon, increasing your odds of getting a confirmed kill.

The attachment mechanism of the Gun/bow holder is extremely secure, so you never have to worry about your gun or bow falling off your bike. Even when going at top speed, down hills, or traversing different kinds of terrain, the Rambo gun/bow holder will keep your weapon secure, guaranteed.

This is why the Rambo gun/bow holder is one of the best Rambo bike accessories you can get, as it will easily make every single one of your hunting sessions better and more efficient.

5. Pro Hunter Ultra Bright Flashlight

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The final Rambo bike accessory to show off today is perhaps the most no-brainer of them all: the Rambo Pro Hunter Ultra Bright Flashlight.

Regardless of why you’re going out into the wilderness – bringing a powerful flashlight is always a good idea, even if you aren’t planning to be out in dark. While this is true for walks or hikes, it’s even more true for hunts.

And this is not just some ordinary flashlight that you have to hold in your hands. The Pro Hunter flashlight comes with a simple screw mount that allows you to place it right on the handlebars of your hunting ebike. The light will always automatically be pointing in the direction you are looking and riding in.

Additionally, the Pro Hunter flashlight has multi-color LEDs, between white and green. It can be detached from the bike very easily and is built with a rechargeable battery via a USB connection.

It’s also fairly sturdy and made out of waterproof materials, so heavy rain won’t damage this thing one bit.

Final Words

Rambo accessories, like the hunting bikes themselves, are built tough and know how to get the job done. Being a good hunter isn’t just about traversing the lands as fast as possible; it’s also about having the best tools for the job. 

Level up your hunting game and make sure you get these 5 essential hunting tools as soon as possible.