The Heybike Cityscape: Full Product Review


If you’re looking for an electric bike that will satisfy all of your cruising and commuting needs, the Heybike Cityscape is a great pick. 

As the name implies, this is an electric cruiser that is optimized for urban rides, making this a very tempting choice for bike lovers living in big cities. 

Let’s dive into the Heybike Cityscape’s features.

Overview and Specifications

The Heybike Cityscape electric bike is outfitted with a 350w motor. While this doesn’t make it the most powerful electric bike in the world, it does make it suitable enough for more leisurely cruises or simple commutes.

It can attain a max speed of 19 mph and can last for about 40 miles per battery charge, giving it decent staying power for longer than average commutes. Keep in mind that this is by no means a mountain bike and is best suited for controlled urban environments, not off-road mountain or hiking trails.

The battery for the Heybike Cityscape is a lithium-ion 36v 10Ah model that is also removable, adding to the convenience of the overall package.

The bike itself weighs just under 60 pounds and has a max load capacity of roughly 265 pounds. It may not be a heavyweight bike but it definitely can carry more than it looks.

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Comfort Level

If there’s one thing you’ll see in other Heybike reviews getting mentioned over and over, it’s the convenience and comfort of the Heybike Cityscape. And let me tell you – they’re not lying.

While the Heybike Cityscape electric cruiser bike may not be the flashiest, fastest, or most powerful electric bike on the market, Hey Bike definitely went out of its way to make this baby feel soft and smooth, both to the touch and on the road.

The padding on the seat cushion and the handlebars is by far some of the nicest I have ever felt on a bicycle, electric or otherwise.

Like many other high-quality electric bikes, the Heybike Cityscape also has solid dual shock absorption forks that do a solid jump of making bumpy roads feel flat.

Additionally, Hey Bike also crafted the Cityscape to have a very unique-low profile frame that really makes this bike feel unique and comfy. The low-step frame design makes it easy for anyone to hop on or off the bike, including shorter riders of around 5’ 4” in height.

Yet the Heybike Cityscape goes further to have a frame that really forces you into the most natural and comfortable posture possible when riding a bike. Every time I stepped on the Cityscape it just felt like a natural extension of my body. I really had to go out of my way to feel like I was breaking good posture.

While the Heybike Cityscape isn’t going to win you any races, it is a fantastic option if comfort in an urban city environment is your priority. 

And to top it all off, the installation of the Cityscape is quick and simple, much faster than most other e-bikes I’ve had to install. All you have to assemble are the wheels, pedals, handlebars, and seat. It’s a quick process that is beginner friendly.

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Speed and Power

The Heybike Cityscape, as mentioned above, has a 19 mph top speed. This is a perfectly serviceable speed for leisure cruises but may disappoint some riders who are looking for more haste or power in their bike.

Sure, 19 mph may not be what some are expecting for an electric bike. Some models can go faster than 28 mph which can really add a level of exhilaration that, admittedly, the Cityscape does not provide.

I should also mention that the acceleration of the Cityscape, while serviceable, is nothing to write home about either. With only 350 watts of juice, it won’t go from 0 to 19mph in the blink of an eye.

Riffing off this point, the incline slope climbing rate of the Heybike Cityscape isn’t remarkable either, so I would recommend not using this bike with extremely steep hills or roads.

Heybike Cityscape Extra Features

Fortunately, the Cityscape comes with a lot of neat optional tools and features, though much of it is stuff that’s definitely been seen before with other electric bikes.

Three Riding Modes

First off, the Heybike Cityscape has three working riding modes: manual mode, pedal-assist mode, and pure electric mode. This gives you some freedom to decide how you want the bike to operate depending on the terrain or the remaining battery life you have. 

Keep in mind that with pure electric mode your max range will dip from 40 miles to around 25 miles per charge.

Seven Speed Gear shifter

The Cityscape also has the classic Shimano 7-speed shifter function, giving you a wide range of performance torque at your disposal which can also be shifted depending on the terrain you’re riding on.

Removable Battery

As mentioned before, the battery of the electric cruiser is removable which can really come in handy. As people have stated in their own individual Heybike reviews, you can store the bike in the garage and have the battery charge inside. This is quite convenient as not everyone has the space to store a bike indoors, especially one that isn’t foldable.

Optional Accessories

I also have to mention what I think are the best optional features this bike has, which are the optional accessories you can purchase for a higher price. The Heybike Cityscape can be purchased with a side saddle bag, a rear basket, or a front carrying basket.

All three are extremely useful and you only need to have one installed in order to bring the convenience levels of this already very comfy bike to unparalleled heights. This is a bike designed for commutes, be it to work or the shopping mall. You will definitely want one of these useful carrying devices by your side.

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Final Verdict

While the Heybike Cityscape electric bike is lacking in a few areas, it has enough extra features to keep it above water. Most importantly, it may very well be one of the most comfortable electric cruisers I’ve ever seen, and that alone makes it notable

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty e-bike that has the highest top speed and the highest carrying capacity, this isn’t for you. However, if you just need a simple and well-priced bike that only needs to get you to work, school, the grocery store, or your friend’s place, this is a perfect fit. It’s simply that well made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Heybike a good brand?

While it may not be the most popular electric bike brand on the planet, Heybike is very reputable and has gotten great scores and reviews from its users and customers all over the web.

Their products are constantly praised for their comfort levels, easy access, and build quality. Not to mention that their bikes are neither too cheap nor too pricey, making them a great option for first-timers or people who are working with a decent budget.

Where is Heybike made?

Hey Bike is a company whose headquarters are located in Schweinfurt, Germany. They are becoming one of the larger electric bike manufacturers in Europe, and it may only be a matter of time before they become a bigger name in North America and in Asia.

Is Heybike legit?

One of the most common concerns the internet has regarding Heybike products is how to know if they are purchasing an official one and not some cheap knockoff.

The sad reality is that there are indeed several unauthorized online sellers of Heybike products. They do not resell actual Heybike products but instead purchase second-hand components from unofficial markets that are then labeled as Heybike bikes. They possess neither the quality nor the approval of Heybike LTD.

It’s gotten so bad that there are actually more unauthorized sellers than real sellers! This may sound like bad news but it is actually a blessing in disguise. Heybike themselves have come out with an official statement on this issue and have provided a list of approved websites where you can purchase your very own real Heybike product.

Here are the trusted sources to buy Heybike products: