Which Fat Tire Trike is Best? Our Top 7 Picks for 2023


A fat tire trike is one of the coolest transportation devices on the market. Like fat tire ebikes, they’re fun to ride, but some trikes are better than others for various reasons. 

Below is a curated list of 7 fat tire tricycles for adults that are guaranteed to offer unparalleled fun and comfort. It may seem daunting to try and narrow it down to only one option you should buy, but hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll figure out which fat tire trike is the ideal choice for you.

1. Eunorau New-Trike 20’’ Step-Through Folding Electric Trike

fat tire electric trike

The first fat tire electric trike to review today is Eunoaru’s 20’’ Step Thru trike. For those who don’t know, a step-thru bike or trike can be mounted and dismounted easily by simply walking toward it. This makes this fat tire adult trike very friendly to beginners or those with little athleticism.

While this may look like a relatively small trike, looks can be deceiving. This fat tire tricycle weighs 80 pounds and has a whopping load capacity of 440 lbs.

Riding this trike definitely feels safe and secure, thanks to the fantastic dual rear brake rotors. This provides smooth stopping even at higher speeds.

Speaking of which, the Eunorau can go up to 18 mph and has a max range of 30 miles.

My favorite things about this fat tire trike are the dual carrying cases in the front and back, the highly ergonomic twist grip throttle, and the adjustable folding stem. Every single inch of this fat trike is just oozing with customization and comfort.

2. Emojo Caddy Fat Tire Trike

fat tire tricycle for adults

The next fat tire adult trike we’re taking a look at is the Emojo Caddy trike. Like any serviceable fat tire trike, it has 4-inch wide tires that provide superior stability on off-road terrains.

One thing I noticed about the Emojo Caddy is that it has a pretty small seat and pedals, so this might not suit larger riders.

The Emojo Caddy weighs 70 pounds in total and has a load capacity of 320 pounds.

One of the most impressive things about the Emojo Caddy is its battery. It has a range of 35 miles per charge, and it can be fully replenished in about 5 hours, making it one of the best fat tire trikes for battery charge time.

The frame of the Emojo Caddy is very strong, made out of top-class aluminum 6061. 

As fun and useful as this 3-wheel fat tire electric bike looks, it only uses single transmission. That means it doesn’t have any gear-shifting abilities and is only useable at a single speed, so keep that in mind.

3. Emojo Caddy Pro Fat Tire Trike

fat tire trike

We have another Emojo Caddy to talk about next. However, this fat tire trike is the Emojo Caddy Pro, so it’s safe to say this is an upgraded version.

The Emojo Caddy Pro electric trike is very similar to the standard Emojo caddy fat tire trike. Both have a 500w motor, both weigh the same and have the same load capacity, both have the same battery and range, and both use 4-inch fat tires.

But two key differences make the Emojo Caddy Pro a pro: its extra backseat rest and its 7-speed gear-shifting transmission.

The backseat really does make all the difference, in my opinion, especially for longer rides when you really plan on exhausting the battery.

It looks a little small, but it still gets the job done. Being able to lean back comfortably with solid posture makes this one of the most comfortable fat tire trikes I’ve ever used.

And I love it when trikes or ebikes have a 7-speed gear shifting function. Having this much control over your top speed really takes trike riding to a whole new level, and it’s a wonder why more fat tire e trikes don’t have it.

4. M-330 P7 Electric Fat Trike

fat trike

Moving on from Emojo, we have ourselves the M-330. This is certainly a more heavy-duty fat tire trike, as one can easily tell by just looking at it.

Right off the bat, the M-330 has a monster range of 55 miles per charge, which is extremely impressive considering the size of this thing.

One thing that sticks out to me is the bold, eyepopping black shade they decided to go with for this thing. Most trikes that go for black only seem to make it look bland, but this deep and dark shade on the M-330 really works here.

With 750w, riding this thing really feels like a motorized monster. Even on sandy beaches or dirty forests, this fat tire trike never lets up.

I also appreciated how bright both the front and rear lights are, making this a solid choice for after-dark rides.

Believe it or not, the M-330 is also a step-thru bike meaning that anyone can mount this fat tire trike with little issue.

The tires aren’t the most durable as they aren’t tubeless but as long as you use them in the appropriate environments, I can see this being your main fat tire electric trike for many years.

5. M-340 Electric Fat Trike

fat tire e trike

Impressed with the M-330? Wait until you meet the M-340! Available in 4 different colors, this is quite possibly one of the most stylish fat tire trike models ever made.

Similar to the M-330, the M-340 boasts great range and great traction on rough dirt and sand thanks to the wide fat tires. It also has solid carrying space in both the rear and the front, making it a great fat tire trike for daily commutes.

It’s also a step-thru trike, making it very beginner friendly. Getting on and off this fat tire trike takes less effort than sitting down in your favorite chair.

What’s perhaps the best feature of the M-340 is the puncture-resistant tires. These are a big upgrade over the M-330’s tires. These ones can handle rougher spots than the beach and can easily be used on bike trails that have less maintenance.

This is an excellent fat tire trike that you can incorporate into and improve your weekends.

6. M-350 P7 Electric Trike

fat tire three wheel bike

Riffing off of the M-330 and the M-340 is the next line in the family, the M-350 P7 fat tire trike. Like the M-340, the seat has a backrest, and it has lots of carrying space in the back and front.

What’s interesting about the M-350 is that it’s actually available in two different versions: the 2020 model and the 2021 model. The 2021 model has a slightly sleeker-looking frame and some differences in color, but the specifications between the two are pretty much identical.

A great battery, powerful motor, and large stable wheels are the defining characteristics of the M-350.

As a nice addition, the rear carrying case comes with a liner lid so you can protect any contents or groceries from rain or wind while riding.

A couple more improvements I noticed about the M-350 is that the LCD screen here is bigger, brighter, and displays more stats. Another nice touch is that the headlight seems brighter and has more range. Both of these are welcome additions to this family line of fat tire trikes for adults.

7. M-360 Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike

electric fat tire tricycle for adults

The final fat tire trike for today is the M-360 which has a frame design that easily sets it apart from any other trike out there. The sleek jagged angles of this thing give off the impression that it’s being blown back by the wind and sheer speed alone.

It’s important to know that this is what’s called a semi-recumbent frame, meaning that it’s halfway between being an upright trike and a flatter style frame that has your legs as parallel to the ground as possible. Riding it basically feels like you’re using a half-bike half-trike hybrid.

This makes it a good fat tire trike for people who are mainly used to bicycles but are willing to dip their toes into the world of trikes.

Available in 4 bright colors, this is yet another way that this M-360 trike is one of the most unique-looking trikes ever made.

It has all the great stats and specs of the other M-300 models but with its own unique take on the frame, posture, visual design, and movement.