Onewheel vs EUC: Which is the Best?

Electric Unicycle

Standard hoverboards and electric unicycles aren’t the only advanced new personal transportation devices making waves these days. Onewheel hoverboards and electric unicycles – or EUC for short – are also very popular options. This onewheel vs euc guide should help you decide which one to buy.

The confusion for some people is that they are both one-wheeled devices. Does that mean they are almost the same? How does that affect your decision of buying one over the other?

To answer these questions and more, we’re going to provide the ultimate onewheel vs euc guide below. Everything about their differences and similarities will be gone over with a fine-tooth comb so you’ll know which one is the right choice for you. 

Whether you’re looking to know about functionality, safety features, learning curve, or anything else, you’ll have all you need to know by the end of this piece.

Onewheel vs EUC – The Similarities

The one thing that makes most people compare onewheels to EUCs so much is the fact that they both sport only one wheel. This makes them unique when compared to other personal electric or motorized transportation vehicles such as electric longboards or electric bikes.

Because they’re both one-wheeled devices, they both function by having the rider balance themselves constantly throughout the ride. This is part of what makes both of them attractive in the first place, as many people enjoy the thrill of managing their body weight as they speed across town.

person riding a onewheel - onewheel vs euc

Onewheel vs EUC – The Differences

Even though onewheels and EUCs seem to have a lot in common, they actually have more differences than similarities. This is true both for their physical construction and the technical specifications that lie beneath the surface.

For one thing, you don’t ride onewheels and EUCs the same way. People who have never used either sometimes assume otherwise. EUCs are mounted with your body facing the same way you are riding, like a segway. Onewheel hoverboards, on the other hand, are used more like a skateboard or a surfboard. Your posture and stance have you facing one way, while your neck is turned sideways to see where you’re going.

This is arguably the biggest difference between onewheels vs EUCs, as it has a massive impact on how the ride feels. Balancing your body when placed perpendicular vs parallel feels very, very different.

Now, there are many factors that determine the quality of any personal transportation device, including onewheel hoverboards and electric unicycles. It’s time for a one-on-one comparison of each category so we can see definitively which device is the superior one.

When it comes to speed, range, terrain capabilities, battery life, and learning curve, there is so much that separates the two. That’s why we’re going to pair onewheel vs EUC in each one so we can find out for certain which one is better.

Onewheel vs EUC – Safety Features

If the thought of riding on only one wheel unsettles you a little bit, you may prioritize safety features above all else. This can be especially important for riders who have never used a one-wheel device before. Going from bicycles or skateboards to a onewheel hoverboard or a unicycle can be a drastic change.

person riding an electric unicycle during the night

The main safety feature you’ll find with a onewheel board is the tilting function of the board itself. In order to stop yourself from going too fast, you have to tilt your body in the opposite direction.

For many onewheel boards, there is a built-in feature that causes the board to automatically tilt back when going too fast. This is often implemented to help make going downhill a little safer without going past the board’s internal top speed limit. Unfortunately, this only reduces the odds of a crash caused by a nosedive and doesn’t outright prevent one.

When it comes to electric unicycles, they’re more likely to have more sophisticated bells and whistles when it comes to safety. There are glowing LEDs and alarm sounds that can alert you if you are going too fast. They also have a tilt-back system and automatic self-balancing technology to heavily reduce the odds of falling off, even at top speeds.

So overall, when it comes to onewheel vs EUC for safety functionality, the EUC is going to be the winner 9 times out of 10.

Onewheel vs EUC – Learning Curve

The learning curve of a device is a big way to determine how beginner-friendly it is. And since these are both balancing devices, the learning curve all comes down to how easy it is to balance your entire body on them.

This is one of the categories that will be easiest to decide, as people unanimously agree that onewheel boards are easier to learn. One might think the opposite, but the fact is that EUCs are more complicated devices that require more rules and more caution to ride properly.

Onewheels require simpler movements to operate, and fans of skateboarding will already be familiar with some of the basics and fundamentals. People who have also used regular hoverboards may also feel at home.

man riding a onewheel on the road

Another reason why onewheels have easier learning curves is that they have larger foot pads. They are roomier at the base, which will make beginners feel more at ease when learning how to balance.

All in all, onewheels are easier to learn than EUCs, which may make them more appealing to newcomers or anyone who has used neither onewheels nor EUCs before.

Onewheel vs EUC – Speed

If speed is your priority or how you get the most fun out of your electric motorized devices, electric unicycles will definitely be the choice for you. The fastest EUCs beat the fastest onewheels on the market any day of the week.

Very few if any onewheels can attain a max speed of 20 mph, whereas this is merely the average speed for many electric unicycles. Many EUC models can attain a top speed of 30mph. This makes them better suited not only for speed demons but for anyone looking for a new commuting device that can get them to their destination as timely as possible

Onewheel vs EUC – Battery Life and Range

Again, like with speed, this is a no contest in favor of EUCs. Despite looking smaller and more compact, electric unicycles will consistently pack in more energy and power in their units.

To get a sense of scope, many onewheel boards can last up to 20 miles on a single battery charge. Conversely, most EUCs will have at minimum a 30 mile max range per single battery charge.

euc parked by the lake

Not only that but some of the most powerful EUCs sport a max range of 50 to 70 miles on a single charge! Again, this makes them a more suitable choice for commuters, especially if you plan on traveling long distances in a single go.

Onewheel vs EUC – Portability

Without a doubt when it comes to EUC vs onewheel here, the EUC is the clear winner. Electric unicycles are easily some of the most portable personal transportation devices ever made.

While onewheels are long, bulky, and can be a little awkward to hold, electric unicycles are round and compact. They often come with carrying handles that can allow you to roll them like a suitcase or more easily carry them onto vehicles for storage. 

They take up a lot less room than onewheels, too. This is true for both car trunks and storage closets in your home. So if you are low on space at home or plan on carrying your device onto cars often, the EUC is a clear winner here.

Onewheel vs EUC – Terrain Capability

The last category we’ll be looking at for onewheel vs euc is the terrain capability. Neither onewheels nor EUCs is considered all-terrain vehicles but it is still important to determine whether one handles asphalt, grass, dirt, or wet surfaces better than the other.

At the end of the day, EUCs fair better on a wider set of terrain than onewheels do. This is partially due to their superior speed and acceleration, but in many cases, the wheel of the EUC is simply better suited to rougher and more uneven patches in the ground.

man riding euc on a bridge

You definitely shouldn’t treat it like a mountain bike, but EUCs consistently perform better going uphill or on more rugged terrain like bike trails. Onewheels are more like hoverboards in that they only perform at maximum on flatter, smooth surfaces like roads or sidewalks.

Onewheel vs EUC – Which is Better?

From the previous in-depth looks, it would seem like EUCs are much better than onewheels from a technical standpoint. And objectively speaking, this is certainly true. When it comes to speed, terrain usage, battery life, safety features, and portability, even a top-tier onewheel won’t be a match for a standard electric unicycle.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the EUC vs onewheel discussion is over for you. There are still some circumstances in which a onewheel board will be the better choice for you.

As mentioned above, onewheels are very beginner friendly. They are much easier to ride and one can get the hang of them within a half hour. On the other hand, some people take a few days before they truly feel comfortable and acclimated to EUC’s unique balancing requirements.

It should also be mentioned that onewheels tend to be more expensive than EUCs, which makes them less appealing to buyers who are on a tighter budget.

If you’re not completely confident in your riding abilities, a onewheel could be the choice for you. But all other things considered, a EUC is easily a superior choice, so long as you can afford it and handle its power and speed.

man riding onewheel

Boosted Board vs Onewheel

Not only are people asking about EUC vs onewheel but they are also curious about a boosted board vs onewheel matchup. Consider this a bonus inquiry for those who have been wondering.

If you’re unfamiliar with them, a boosted board is essentially an electric skateboard or electric longboard that is modded or designed to maximize certain characteristics – namely, the speed, wheel size, and board length. Boosted boards are designed to make e-skateboards as fast and powerful as possible.

Boosted boards offer a few advantages over onewheels. They are safer to use, easier to use, go faster, and offer more foot space, making them feel more comfortable for many users. They are also a fantastic transition device for people looking to get their first electric or motorized device, but have more experience with conventional skateboards.

They also have much better handling than onewheels, capable of tighter turns in a variety of situations. This makes them better for performing tricks or navigating more difficult environments with more obstacles.

But are boosted boards more fun than onewheels? This is a matter of personal opinion. Some people prefer one, some people prefer the other. If you like skateboarding then a boosted board will be a natural and logical choice. But if you have never used a skateboard before or simply do not like them, you will probably be better off with a onewheel.

Top 5 Best Onewheel and EUC Products

1. Ninebot One A1

Ninebot One A1 electric unicycle

Segway is considered the top company for many different products, so it’s no surprise their EUC is a phenomenal contender as well. The Ninebot One A1 is as futuristic as it is sleek, thanks to its impeccable design and impressive specs.

It only weighs 23 pounds, making it a fairly lightweight vehicle. It has very fancy LED lights making it very suitable for both daytime and nighttime usage. The self-balancing technology featured here is easily some of the best on any EUC ever made, making it a good choice for people looking to get their first-ever unicycle.

2. OneWheel Pint

OneWheel Pint

If you’re looking for a starter onewheel device, the Pint is the one to choose. Not only is it considerably more affordable than other onewheels, but it is extremely easy to use and only takes mere minutes to get used to.

It comes with a carrying handle which gives it a little edge in portability. The max speed of 16mph is also a good range for attracting both speed demons and novices.

It works well on grass and on the sand, plus it has very responsive braking. This is perhaps the perfect onewheel to get if you’re looking for your very first one.

3. Onewheel GT

Onewheel GT

While the Onewheel Pint is nice, it is definitely lacking when it comes to speed and battery power. The Onewheel GT fixes this for people who want a onewheel that has more to offer.

Thanks to its 20mph top speed and 32-mile max range, the Onewheel GT is a great choice for riders who want to go for more adventurous rides. The Pint is great for casual rides or commuting, but the GT is designed for more off-road travels. This isn’t something you take to the shopping mall, this is something you take out into the great outdoors.

4. Onewheel Pint X

Onewheel Pint X

The Pint X is Onewheel’s answer to creating a onewheel that offers a little more portability and range. Arguably the most stylish onewheel available, it offers the best of both worlds: great for commuting in crowded urban centers, but also has enough power to help you ride in off-road settings.

The 18-mile max speed and max range is a nice sweet spot for anyone who wants a more all-rounder onewheel board. If you need something for commuting and for pulling off sweet moves, the Onewheel Pint X is the board to get.

5. Airwheel X3

Airwheel X3 EUC

The Airwheel X3 is another great EUC that is perfect for beginners. It is highly affordable, making it one of the best EUCs at its price point.

It’s very lightweight despite the impressive max load capacity of 265 pounds. It may not have the power, speed, or energy to satisfy more experienced riders, but it is a perfect choice for people looking for their very first electric unicycle.

It also only takes 90 minutes to charge despite the 11-mile max range, which is impressive in and of itself.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have now made your decision regarding onewheel vs EUC. Electric unicycles definitely have a lot more to offer overall, but it’s important to still decide if they are the right choice for you. While speed and range are important, there’s a lot to be said about user-friendly design as well.

Thank you for reading, and please be sure to come back for any more inquiries regarding EUC vs onewheel.