Our Picks: 8 Most Beautiful Custom Electric Skateboards

Electric Skateboard

Hardly any personal mobility device allows you to express your creativity as much as custom-built electric skateboards. These DIY e skateboards are usually built from a set of standard components and then assembled onto a skateboard deck. Especially the deck many times acts as a canvas and allows for amazing custom designs and paint jobs.

Below is a collection of some of my favorite and impressive electric skateboard builds that I have come across. These are all built by other people, and where possible, I linked to their social media profile or a forum post where additional information on the components, etc are provided.

My Favorite Custom Electric Skateboards

So, here are some of my favorite custom electric skateboard builds.

The Rocket

What a beauty this longboard is! The matching grip tape and wheel colors really add a nice touch to the overall design of this board.

The build is obviously based on the Exway X1 Pro. But the custom design really makes it stick out.

The skateboard manages to reach around 30 mph and will run for around 16 miles before requiring it to be reached out.

Carbon Fiber Electric Longboard

This beautiful handmade carbon fiber electric longboard belongs to a user named VladPomogaev. It features a slick-looking carbon fiber deck that only costs around $75 to make.

A single motor powers the rear left wheel. The battery is nicely tugged away on the bottom of the deck. Not much more information is available on the components used. However, there is an instructable page that walks through the manufacturing process of the carbon deck.

Retro Electric Board

This Riptide R1 got a nice little retro makeover, with some popping colors featured on the grip tape from Cloud9. The wheels and bearings are from Cal7.

The build is by RubenMcNoobin, who used the infamous Jazz 90s pattern for this board.

The Aluminum Tank

Unlike many of the other featured DIY skateboards on this list, this heavy-hitter was completely built from scratch using CNC and industrial waterjet cutting.

The integrated LED strip is a nice touch and gives the deck a beautiful glow effect when activated in the dark.

As you can tell from the picture below, all components, including suspension are custom built. The electronics are tucked away safely underneath the board, still visible when upside-down.

Not much else is known about the board, except that the owner is located in Vietnam.

The Pollock

Another Exway X1 custom paint job, this one on the underside of the deck. The painting process looks very straightforward and should be an easy first project if you are not experienced with painting decks.

Apart from the beautiful paint job, the skateboard appears to run stock components, so the performance will be identical to the X1.

Electric Inline Skateboard

This is a very unique esk8. The board only has two wheels. Obviously, riding the inline skateboard requires a lot more balance and some decent speeds to ensure you don’t tip to the side. But carving must be so much fun on this beauty!

The rear wheel is powered by a single motor via chain.

And here it is in action:

The Darth Maul

Another visual masterpiece, the Darth Maul themed

The Darth Maul facelift
byu/ispooler inElectricSkateboarding

This build is using a Sector 9 Bintang board. The board was painted red and the grip tape pieces were then glued on. The end result is stunning.



The Puzzle

This custom-built electric skateboard is actually for sale. The most unique feature is the beautiful puzzle grip tape on the Red Ember deck.

These are the specs of the board:

Red Ember deck
Surfrodz’s RKP trucks
Gt2b remote
Dual Maytech 6374/190 kV motors
Dual Escape vesc’s
10s 5p 30Q pack
Abec 107mm wheels
30+ mile range
16/40 gearing
30+ mph


Getting around town or campus just got a whole lot more fun with the invention of custom-built electric skateboards. These DIY e skateboards are usually built from standard components and then assembled onto a skateboard deck that acts as the canvas for unique designs and paint jobs. The best part? There’s no need to shell out hundreds, if not thousands, on an expensive board when you can make your own! Take some time today to find out how easy it is to build your very own customized ride and have tons of fun doing it.


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