Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard (2023 Edition)

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What could be better for outdoors fun than getting yourself an all-new off-road motorized vehicle? While there are so many different options, today I am going to talk about the best all terrain electric skateboard a.k.a off-road electric skateboard.

You’ve probably heard of electric skateboards already, along with electric segways, electric bikes, and more. However, off-road electric skateboards are an entirely different kind of skateboard. With more power and tougher wheels, you’ll be able to skate your way through a wider variety of terrain while maintaining thrilling speeds. 

If you are curious about just how fast and fun these motorized skateboards can be then let’s dive right into my five favorite off-road electric skateboards that you should consider getting in 2023.

1. Evolve Bamboo GTR All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Let’s start off today’s 2023 list of the best off-road electric skateboards with a bang: the Evolve Bamboo GTR.

As the name implies, this off-road electric skateboard is made from a 3-ply bamboo and 2-ply fiberglass construction method. This gives it both very strong durability and very authentic looks. It has a great wild vibe that will really help you get in the mood for speed should you choose to take this bad boy out into the woods.

As a result, this electric skateboard weighs 25 pounds, which is a pretty standard weight for electric skateboards in this class.

More importantly, the Bamboo GTR uses dual powerful motors, each one at 1500w for a total of 3000w. Combined with the 7-inch wheels, this skateboard can handle forest debris and hill climbing quite effectively. It has a 30% climbing rate, which is very steep by electric skateboard standards.

This skateboard handles a variety of terrain very well, including wet or slippery surfaces. Combine that with its impressive specs of a top speed of 24 mph, a 20-mile max range, and even a 6-month warranty and you have yourself one of the ultimate off-road electric skateboards that money can buy in 2023.


  • Excellent and sturdy bamboo frame construction
  • Solid max range and top speed
  • Powerful motor and dual motors
  • Great stability on rough terrain
  • Fantastic hill climbing ability
  • Wheels are well sized


  • Bamboo aesthetic will not appeal to everyone

2. MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

Next up on our list of the best off-road electric skateboards of 2023 is the MotoTec 1600w Dirt E-skateboard.

The MotoTec off-road electric skateboard is one of my favorite skateboards of 2023 because it serves as a great introduction to people who have never used a motorized vehicle like this before. The MotoTec would be a great choice for anyone who is new to off-road skateboards, electric skateboards, or both.

MotoTec has a top speed of 22 mph which is a nice comfort zone for people who want some thrill without having to go too fast. It has dual motors with both of them installed on the rear of the skateboard which gives the MotoTec some impressive acceleration despite only being 1600W.

It may have a fairly plain-looking design to it, but luckily the board itself is quite thick and stable. It’s hard to have your feet slip off of this maple deck even without any foot straps. The traction and ergonomics you feel while riding this are superb. 

My least favorite thing about the MotoTec is that the charge time is usually 4.5 or 5 hours. That’s a common critique when the battery isn’t the most powerful but luckily the MotoTec really shines in all other areas. It’s comfortable, reliable, and most importantly of all, fun. As a result, this easily makes it a top-tier off-road electric skateboard for 2023.


  • Maple deck is of high quality
  • Dual motors give off really good acceleration
  • Top speed and top range are good
  • Remote control is intuitive


  • Battery recharge time takes too long
  • Visual design is nothing special

3. AZBO Off-Road 3000W Electric Skateboard

Off Road Electric Skateboard with Remote Control - 3300W Dual Motor - UL2272 Certified high Speed 25 MPH Motorized Mountain Y8 Longboard with bindings for Cruising | LG Battery (White Back)

Next on my list of the best off-road electric skateboards of 2023 is this incredible work of art by AZBO. This is a very sleek and fairly powerful electric skateboard with many great features.

For one thing, I was extremely impressed by the quality of the four pneumatic tires. They have excellent grip and traction on multiple terrains. When using this skateboard at top speed on muddy trails I still felt very well stabilized and always felt like I was in total control of the ride.

Unlike the previous off-road electric skateboard, the AZBO comes with two-foot straps so you can secure yourself more easily. This makes it great for both beginners still learning the ropes and more advanced riders who like to perform particularly complex tricks at high speeds.

The AZBO has a top speed of 25 mph and a max range of 19 miles. The deck is made out of a whopping 11 layers of Northeast Maple and it is very durable and very hard to damage or crack. This is the skateboard that will last you several years and more.

The included wireless remote control is excellent as well. It allows you to adjust the speed through three different levels. AZBO even included a free set of knee and elbow pads so you can get started with some thrilling riding immediately. The AZBO can even be charged via a USB cable so you can charge the battery virtually anywhere.

Overall, the AZBO is a complete package that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a wonderful balance of convenience and quality craftsmanship. It is undeniably a superb off-road electric skateboard and is one of the best to get in 2023.


  • Useful foot straps
  • Excellent max weight load capacity of nearly 300 pounds
  • Free protective pads are included
  • Stability and acceleration are great
  • Multi-layered maple deck for great durability
  • Speed adjustment up to 3 levels
  • Full 1-year warranty


  • Max range is a little on the short side
  • A little expensive

4. Outstorm Off-Road 3300W Electric Skateboard

best all terrain skateboard

For the skateboard rider who wants as much power and speed as possible, behold the Outstorm. This is by far the fastest off-road electric skateboard I’ve ever had the privilege of using with its unbeatable 31 mph top speed.

With dual motors equipped on the back of the deck, the acceleration of this board is simply monumental. You can go from zero to 30 in just a couple of seconds and it provides an adrenaline rush that is simply unattainable on other off-road electric longboards.

I was extremely surprised to find out that despite being quite a powerhouse, the Outstorm is relatively lightweight. With a total weight of only 32 pounds, it is several pounds lighter than many other off-road skateboards with similar speeds and wattage.

Keep in mind that this Outstorm off-road electric skateboard is a longboard meaning that the deck is almost a foot longer than the other boards on this list. This makes it a great choice for riders who prefer a thinner board for tighter and faster turns.

Overall, the Outstorm is a remarkable board and will easily please the speed demons out there. It’s not for the faint of heart but if you think you can handle it then I wholeheartedly recommend it.


  • Foot straps are included
  • Remarkable top speed of 31 mph
  • Wireless control works seamlessly
  • Very lightweight
  • 11 layers of reinforced Northeast Maple wood
  • Better than the average battery charging time
  • 1-year warranty


  • Max range could be better
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Wheels could be a little bigger or wider for better stability

5. Wave Street 2000W Electric Off-Road Skateboard

best all terrain skateboard

The final off-road electric skateboard for 2023 to discuss today is this model that’s similar to the MotoTec from before. It is affordable and very beginner friendly but still manages to be made out of quality materials. This is the Wave Street 2000w off-road e-skateboard.

The deck is made out of layers of Canadian Maple which is by far one of the best wood species to build decks out of. It is sleek, very hard to crack, and will last you many years.

The climbing incline rate of Wave Street is very impressive which makes this the off-road electric skateboard to buy if you prefer riding on bike trails or even some light mountain trails. 

On a single charge, the Wave Storm off-road electric skateboard can only take you as far as 12 miles and it has a top speed of 19mph. This makes this board a good choice for someone who prefers doing skateboard tricks in specific locations more so than riding around town for over an hour or two.

The tires are exceptional. They are just the right thickness for a board this size and come with many rubber stubs for optimal grip on even muddy surfaces. It’s also a relatively lightweight board weighing just under 30 pounds.

If you need a solid introduction to the world of off-road electric skateboarding then Wave Street would be a very solid option. That’s why this is one of the best off-road electric skateboard picks of 2023.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Fast charging time of under 3 hours usually
  • Tires have great traction
  • Canadian maple deck


  • Short max range of only 12 miles

Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard – Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve become familiar with a few examples of high-quality off-road electric skateboards, let me now help you when it comes to learning the basics of choosing a good off-road electric skateboard for yourself. After reading this buyer’s guide you’ll be able to spot the best ones on your own by paying attention to the relevant details that will suit your preferences.


First, let’s talk about the size. Off-road electric skateboards typically come in very similar sizes but it is still important to get one that isn’t too small or too big for you. If you’re taller you will want an electric skateboard that is 1 ½ foot tall and 3 ½ feet long. Smaller riders will feel more comfortable with skateboards that are 1 foot high and 3 feet long.


Next, let’s discuss the motor which effectively determines the speed and overall power of your skateboard. How powerful you want your motor will entirely depend on what max speed you are most comfortable with. 

If you like blazing at speeds that exceed 20 mph then you’ll want something that is at least 2500W. You may even prefer a skateboard built with dual motors. If you are more comfortable with speeds that are 15 mph or less, then a motor that is no more powerful than 1500w or 2000W will get the job done for you.


When it comes to the battery, everyone wants as much range and as fast a charge as possible, so a lithium-ion battery is always ideal. Better batteries always cost more, so always take your budget into consideration when considering the battery you want. Lithium-ion batteries can go years before needing a replacement and are the best.

best all terrain skateboard

Safety features

Let me also say that while foot straps on the deck may seem like a necessary safety feature, I would argue that experienced skateboard riders will probably not need them. They can be very useful for riders totally new to riding electric skateboards in general, however, skateboard users with years of experience can use their own discretion.


Last but definitely not least is the wheels. The wheels or tires of an off-road electric skateboard are what define them as off-road in the first place. Ideally, they should have rubber stubs for grip and traction, and they should be fairly thick. 

More width equals better stability on rougher terrain such as sand, dirt, mud, etc. You may not need the thickest wheels depending on where you plan on riding, but if you are an all-terrain type of rider then you will definitely want some fairly large wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an off-road electric skateboard?

An off-road electric skateboard is fairly similar to a regular electric skateboard. They are both skateboards that are fitted with motorized or electric components so that they can accelerate and keep moving without the use of manual input.

An off-road electric skateboard however shares a couple of important differences from a regular electric skateboard. Off-road electric skateboards typically have more powerful motors and larger, sturdier wheels. This is because, as the name implies, these skateboards are designed to be used on a wider variety of terrain. 

A regular electric skateboard can only be used where a normal skateboard can be ridden: sidewalks, asphalt roads, and skate parks. But an off-road electric skateboard has the power, stability, and traction to work effectively not only on regular roads but off-road surfaces. 

This includes dirt, mud, sand, bike trails, and more. They fair a little better on icy or slippery surfaces but not by much, so it is not recommended to use them in the winter season.

best all terrain skateboard

Why do you need an off-road electric skateboard?

Off-road electric skateboards are made for a very specific group of riders or skaters. They are the perfect motorized vehicle for someone who loves skateboarding but has become a little tired of the terrain limitations of ordinary skateboards. Or they are in the mood to leave the skate park and take their riding to new places and new heights.

There’s only so much to see and do when your skateboard riding is limited to urban or suburban locations. The off-road electric skateboard gives riders far more freedom by allowing them to ride around newer environments.

If you have ever dreamed of riding a skateboard on multiple surface types then an off-road electric skateboard will be able to fulfill your wishes easily.

How much maintenance does an off-road electric skateboard require?

Just about any electric or motorized vehicle requires at least some maintenance, and off-road electric skateboards are no different in this regard.

In fact, you will end up cleaning an off-road skateboard more often than a regular one because it is more likely to be covered in sand, dirt, and mud. You will also want to make sure to keep the wheels and bearings as clean as possible so that they will turn as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to air pressure, you will want to make sure that you keep a solid 50 PSI at all times. You will also have to charge your skateboard battery daily and get it replaced once every few years.

Why are off-road electric skateboards more expensive?

Some people think that off-road electric skateboards should more or less be in the same price range as regular e-skateboards, but there’s an important reason why they cost more.

Off-road electric skateboards use motors and batteries that are considerably more powerful. This ends up driving up the cost of the final product. As a result, it can also end up increasing the size of the foot deck itself, just to have extra space for the larger electrical components.

Not only that but off-road electric skateboards tend to be more durable and reinforced with more layers of wood. This is because off-road riding is inherently more dangerous and more likely to damage the board, so the extra reinforcement means a higher price.

best all terrain skateboard

What are the advantages of owning an all-terrain or off-road electric skateboard?

The biggest pro to having an off-road electric skateboard is that you’ll be able to ride in a wider variety of areas.

With a regular non-electric skateboard, you are basically limited to paved areas, roads, and skate parks. Standard skateboards are only meant to be used on hard surfaces. You can’t use a regular skateboard on grass effectively at all.

But with an electric skateboard, you can use the motor and remote control to blast through any rougher patches. This is even more true if your electric skateboard is meant for off-road purposes.

With an off-road electric skateboard, you use it effectively on gravel, dirt, rougher asphalt roads, grass, sandy beaches, and even the uneven ground of woods and forests. It’s basically like a small ATV that you ride instead of drive.

In fact, the most powerful off-road electric skateboards or longboards can even function effectively in the snow. This means that you can ride an electric skateboard all year long unlike their non-electric counterparts!

Contrary to popular belief, electric skateboards are actually safer than regular skateboards. This is because the remote control allows you to accelerate as slow or as fast as you want, and gives you the power to break and stop whenever you want, as slow or quickly as you want.

Because they’re more rugged and stable, they also handle bumps and debris better than other boards, so you’re actually less likely to fall off on one.

How beginner-friendly are all-terrain electric skateboards?

While they are designed for some pretty tough environments, there is nothing stopping a newbie from trying out an off-road electric skateboard in 2023.

Sure, an experienced rider of skateboards or electric skateboards will definitely have an advantage, but there are many features in place with off-road electric skateboards to make sure you can have a fun time at a more relaxed pace.

When it comes to safety features, many great off-road electric skateboards have foot straps to keep you as secure as possible.

Like electric bikes or electric segways, some electric skateboards have different riding mode settings that can place a cap on the maximum speed. So for example, if you own an off-road electric skateboard that has a max speed of 25 mph but has different riding modes, it can cap the speed at 15 mph for you if 25 mph is too fast.

best all terrain electric skateboard

How waterproof or water-resistant are off-road electric skateboards?

While no electric skateboard should ever be submerged in water, many of them do have some water-resistant properties so that you can still use them either on wet, slippery surfaces or during light to moderate rainfall.

Water-resistant off-road electric skateboards are basically designed to prevent water from seeping into the most sensitive nooks and crannies of the board. This includes the motor and the battery, which are usually the most expensive components of the product.

Keep in mind that these skateboards are water resistant, not 100% waterproof. Light rain, slippery roads, and small puddles will be fine, but you do not want to use any electric skateboard during a thunderstorm. 

More importantly, if you own an off-road electric skateboard that uses a lot of wood, be it maple or bamboo, you do not want to keep them wet for very long. Wood is known to warp or age poorly faster if it stays wet for too long. A warped wooden skateboard deck will definitely reduce the quality and overall lifespan of the skateboard.

Most electric skateboards operate totally fine if the tires get wet, but do your best to keep the rest of the board dry for as much as possible.

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