Three Wheel Scooters for Adults Electric – Top 5 Picks

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Three-wheel electric scooters are a great way to get by when you’re dealing with mobility issues. But before we go into what you should look out for when buying a three wheeler, let’s dive straight into our list of the top 5 three wheel scooters for adults electric. 

1. Most Affordable: Golden Technologies Buzzaround XL

Golden Technologies Buzzaround XL 3 Wheel Power Scooter - GB117 with Free Accessories, Red

The Golden Tech Buzzaround is a more affordable three-wheel electric scooter for adults that has solid specs and is considered a great all-rounder for anyone looking for reliable mobility and a comfortable ride.

It has a top speed of 4 mph and a weight limit capacity of 300 pounds, so it incorporates some solid specs without compromising on comfort or utility.

It’s also very easy to assemble or disassemble should you ever need to. The LED headlight is adjustable on an angle—a very useful feature during various times of the day.

2. Comfiest Seat: Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel Scooter

Pride Go-Go Sport 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter - Motorized Electric Medical Carts for Seniors, Handicapped, or Disabled Adults

The Pride Mobility Go-Go is a fantastic choice for the rider who wants to prioritize comfort above all else.

This three-way electric scooter for adults has very soft padding on its seat that will keep you comfy for hours. It also has adjustable armrests so you have more control over your comfort levels.

As for specs, the Go-Go scooter has a max speed of 4.7 mph, making it faster than other three-wheel electric adult scooters in its class. If that’s too fast for you, feel free to activate the alternate speed mode, placing a cap on the max speed down to 2.8 mph instead.

The max load capacity is 325 pounds, making this a very sturdy and solid scooter for mobility and commuting purposes. The front cargo basket is handy for carrying any belongings while you ride. 

Best of all, it has an impressive max range of 13 miles on a single charge, so it makes this a great travel scooter.

3. Most Sporty: eWheels EW-19 Sporty Mobility Scooter

Next up we have the eWheels EW-19. This is a three-wheel scooter that definitely has a more unique edge and design to it, but don’t let that put you off to its utility factor. It’s still a popular choice.

One neat and unique feature of this scooter is its foldable tiller, making it a portable scooter that can be stored away in many more places indoors.

The headlight is one of the coolest looking and brightest ever put on a three-wheel electric mobility scooter, making it great for evening rides.

If you want speed, then the EW-19 delivers. The max range is 21 miles but the maximum speed is 15 mph, making it considerably faster than most three wheel scooter models for adults electric available.

The weight limit is 300 pounds. Combine that with the large cargo basket in the rear and you have yourself a recipe for speedy trips across town to do errands.

4. Best All Rounder: Companion GC340 Three Wheel Full Scooter

Golden Technologies 3 Wheel Companion Scooter GC340 - Companion - 3 Wheel - Batteries Included -GC340 Blue

Now let’s take a look at the GC340. This is a fantastic three-wheel scooter that excels at both indoor and outdoor use.

While it is somewhat expensive, it is an extremely sturdy and rugged scooter. The frame is very resistant to topple, and the max weight limit of 400 pounds makes this a force to be reckoned with.

It also comes with an LCD screen so you can always monitor the battery life. The overall design of this scooter is extremely ergonomic from the handlebars to the seat itself. This makes the GC340 a premium scooter for comfort and maneuverability.

5. Best Luxe model: Raptor 3-Wheel Scooter

The final three-wheel electric adult scooter to sing praises for is the Raptor. This is a popular scooter that has the kind of modern style that others wish they had.

The max range of 31 miles will be extremely enticing for people who know they will be spending all day on their three-wheel scooter. It also has an impressive max speed of 14 mph for speedy outdoor excursions.

The Raptor also has great shock resistance with its thick wheels and front suspension. Even at 14 mph, the riding experience will be smooth as butter.

Combine all this with the reclining seat, the bright headlights, and the LCD screen and you have yourself one of the greatest three-wheel scooters for adults (electric) on the market today.

Guide to Choosing a Three Wheel Scooter for Adults

Now that you’ve seen 5 superb examples of three-wheel scooters for adults electric, let’s go over a handy and detailed buyer’s guide. This guide exists for those who want to learn how to spot the best quality and most appropriate three-wheel scooters.

Consider your personal needs

The first thing you need to ask yourself when deciding to buy a 3-wheel mobility scooter is why you even want one in the first place. What is your priority? Is it for commuting? Is it for comfort? Or do you truly need a mobility scooter for getting around?

Different three-wheel scooters will appeal to different people based on their most important needs. For example, if general day to day mobility is high on the list, you’ll need something comfortable and reliable. If commuting to and from the store is most important, then the scooter range and storage capacity will be high on the list.

If you’re a larger individual, then a wide seat and thick tires will give you the most comfort on a range of terrains.

three wheel scooters for adults electric

Consider portability and size

Next, let’s start thinking about portability. This is a very important factor to keep in mind, especially if you lived in a small apartment. Obviously, a three-wheel scooter that has a folding mechanism will be top-tier in this domain, so watch out for those if you really need that feature.

Portability and size are also important when storing away your device (e.g. if you are charging it overnight or taking it on a road trip) so that it doesn’t take up too much space. Also, if you travel a lot, you’d want something that is airline friendly for example. A folding scooter is what you’d be looking for if this is important to you.

When on the go, portability can come in handy if you need to park your three-wheel scooter away when you are visiting a park, going to work, or shopping at the mall. Always keep the buildings and environments you enter on a regular basis in mind when thinking about the type of three-wheel scooter you will buy.

Consider safety

It is very important that you select for yourself a three-wheel scooter for adults that will keep you secure and safe. Any three-wheel should have gone through rigorous safety tests to make sure it is ready for commercial use. That’s why you should only get a three-wheel scooter that has the proper approval ratings and is sold by a reputable supplier.

On a serious note, if electric scooters with 3 wheels are not used with caution, there is an increased risk of an accident resulting in serious injury. It’s recommended that scooter operators wear a helmet, much like bicycle riders, and ask the retailer for some operational training to minimize the risk of a mishap.

Escooter features


You may also want to keep wheel size in mind when purchasing a three-wheel scooter for stability and overall comfort when riding. Wheel size will have an impact on how the device feels when you’re riding it. If you live in an area with a lot of gravel, rough asphalt, or bumpy surfaces, thicker rear wheels are a better option so you’re not bumping around. You’ll also have better ground clearance.

It is also important to keep in mind that you should select wheel sizes based on your own height. Wheels that are too big may increase the size of your three-wheeler to the point where it is uncomfortable for you to mount or ride.

Wheels with pneumatic tires have superior shock absorption so make sure that the scooter you choose has this feature. Sure, you might get a puncture, but the superior performance and lighter weight of air-filled tires make this a no-brainer. 

three wheel scooters for adults electric


The next factor you really need to think about is the battery life. Battery duration is very important to all motorized or electric vehicles, including three-wheel scooters for adults. The better the battery, the longer you can use it per day, the longer it will last without needing a replacement, and ideally, the faster it will charge. 

Better batteries will generally make the price of the device go up considerably. But the higher price may be worth it if you plan on using your device on a daily basis or for many hours at a time due to longer trips. The basic rule of thumb is that lithium-ion batteries are the best kind. They last up to 5 years before needing any replacement.


If you have mobility issues, then you’ll probably be spending quite a chunk of time in the driver’s seat of your new three wheel electric scooter. That means that the seat must be comfortable.

The seats on mobility scooters can vary a lot. You might need one that has an adjustable height mechanism if you are very tall or short. If you are a larger person, the seat’s comfort will be high on the list. It’s definitely worth shopping around for a seat with comfy padding that fits your shape.

You might prefer a scooter with a seat that swivels making it easier to get in and out of. A rotating seat also makes it easier to reach for something or talk to someone positioned behind you.


If you’re going to be using your scooter for picking up supplies, you’ll want lots of storage space for your things. A generous storage compartment can also be useful to store extra clothing, hat, drink, and a lot of other stuff.


If you’re going to be driving on even surfaces and for a considerable distance, then a scooter that can travel at higher speeds is going to be important. Some scooters have a speed limit that is faster than a walking pace but can’t keep up with a bicycle for example. Others are quite speedy which might suit confident drivers who need to get around quickly.

Extra Accessories

Does your scooter come with any additional extras that will make your life easier? Does it have the potential to attach accessories like a front or rear basket, cup holder, mirrors, cane holder, flag, or oxygen tank holder?

    Maybe it has a spare battery for those times that you forget to charge it?

    Learning to drive a 3 wheel scooter

    Driving an electric three wheeler is definitely a learning curve. Riding 3 wheel scooters with electric motors isn’t the same as using a four-wheel scooter. If you have never used one before, you may want to get one that is beginner friendly.

    Take it for a test drive

    Ensure that you ask the salesperson if you can test drive the scooter. Three wheel scooters have a very high degree of maneuverability due to the front wheel being able to pivot easily. This makes them great for getting around tight corners but can feel a bit different from a regular scooter.

    If you can, turn the scooter in some tight circles to get a feel for the way the scooter moves and responds. Apply the brakes to work out how responsive they are.

    If possible, try to drive the scooter over an uneven sidewalk so you can test its operation on a more rugged surface.

    Operate the controls

    Can you reach the levers and controls without having to lean over awkwardly? Are they labeled clearly so you know what each one does? Some electric 3 wheelers have alternate speed modes so try these out too.


    three wheel scooters for adults electric

    Security features

    Another important aspect your electric three-wheel scooter should have are security features. Some devices have an optional smartphone app that can be downloaded. While these apps often have features such as a speedometer, they can also sometimes include a remote alarm that goes off if someone tries to tamper with or steal your mobility device. 

    You can also sync your device with the app so that you can have a GPS signal in the event that it gets lost or stolen. Keep an eye out for these apps if these features sound appealing to you. 

    Storing a 3 wheel scooter

    The last feature you should keep in mind when setting out to buy yourself a three-wheel scooter is if it has any extra storage or carrying capacities. One reason why some people prefer electric 3-wheel scooters over their two-wheel counterparts is that they have more cargo space.

    This feature may not be important to you but it will certainly come in handy if you are looking at personal electric vehicles that will primarily be used for commuting and transportation. 

    Some extra storage space will really come in handy if you are bringing stuff to work or if you are heading back home from the grocery store or mall. These scooters should be as comfortable as possible and that can only be achieved if you aren’t lugging everything on your back using a backpack. Extra cargo storage rarely jacks up the price of the scooter too much so feel free to get an electronic ride that has enough space for your needs. 


    If you’re investigating three wheel scooters for adults, electric is the way to go. They’re lighter and more maneuverable, which makes them a great alternative to four-wheel mobility scooters. With some instruction and training under your belt, you’ll be ready to hit the road!


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