Electric Unicycle Review and Buying Guide for 2024

Electric Unicycle

Unicycles have always been associated with circuses and the town fair. Clowns and juggling are almost always pictured when someone even says the word “unicycle” to you. Luckily, you don’t need to be a clown to enjoy the best electric unicycles available. So we’ve prepared an in-depth electric unicycle review guide to help you decide which one’s the best.

The electric unicycle is an extremely underrated kind of motorized vehicle. This unique ride has a certain speed, versatility, and floating swiftness that you can’t get with other vehicles, including hoverboards or e-bikes.

Electric unicycles are a mix of hoverboards and electric skateboards due to their speed and how much they make you feel like you’re hovering just above the ground. They require balance more than physical labor. 

These may be a tough sell to people who are already invested in other kinds of vehicles, but this list is designed to help show people that the electric unicycle is not some mere toy. It is a perfectly valid way to get commuting done or to simply have a speedy blast across the neighborhood as one would do with a skateboard.

With that said, let’s get into our top picks for electric unicycles you should pay attention to in 2024.

1. Swagtron SwagRoller Electric Unicycle

SWAGTRON SwagRoller Electric Unicycle: Multi-Terrain Dual Air-Filled Tires; Retractable Handle; App & Bluetooth Speaker

The first electric unicycle today is one of the cheapest on our list. This comes from one of the most well-known manufacturers of motorized vehicles, Swagtron. Here’s the SwagRoller Electric Unicycle.

In a sense, this is a unique electric unicycle on today’s list as it sports two wheels instead of one. This does make for greater stability and easier turns, however, I found that the traction and all-terrain aspects of these wheels were subpar. 

I will say that the SwagRoller does look better in person than it does online. The LEDs are actually quite nice and the headlight is more than satisfactory. The smartphone app is also handy although it isn’t as in-depth as the previous ones on this list. It also doesn’t quite load up as fast.

With a 450w motor you can reach higher speeds of up to 10mph and each charge gives you a max of 12 miles. In other words, this is best suited to beginners who are on a budget and aren’t picky about power or speed.

If you are looking for an entry-level electric unicycle to cover short distances, the Swagtron SwagRoller would be a fantastic start. It’s also very affordable, too.


  • Very affordable pricing
  • Good remote smartphone app
  • Bright headlights and LED lights
  • Bluetooth speaker for music
  • Great stability


  • Bland visual design
  • Speed limit of 10 mph will be too slow for many
  • Battery could have more power

2. Inmotion V8 Solowheel Glide 3

electric unicycle

Inmotion is a well-known manufacturer responsible for the Solowheel Glide 3. They’re known for making electric vehicles of all kinds: bicycles, hoverboards, scooters, skateboards, segways, and of course unicycles.

Right off the bat, this machine looks absolutely beautiful. This is like condensing all of the prestige of a luxury automobile down into a single wheel. 

The LED lights glow spectacularly, especially at night. Ultimately they only add to the futuristic style the Glide 3 is going for. They can easily be customized or turned off entirely with the Inmotion App, a very nice touch.

The wheel itself is a very thick and sturdy piece of material that offers great stability and good traction. You’d have to really go out of your way to try and puncture the wheel itself. 

Inmotion promises that this thing will work on all sorts of terrain other than deep water, as well as having a climbing incline of 25 degrees. You feel the difference going from dirt to pavement but it’s such a minor change in traction that it doesn’t worry you.

The 800 watts of this motor power go a long way, especially with a top speed of 19 miles per hour. It’s not often to see this kind of power squeezed out of a motor with less than 1000w.

Each full charge gives you 31 miles which is very impressive. But with this high-capacity battery, you could easily make the Solowheel Glide 3 your new replacement for your bicycle. It’s a great choice for people looking to spice up their commutes to work or the mall.

The Glide 3 is a very smooth and comfortable ride. While learning how to balance on any kind of recreational vehicle is always a learning curve at first, the Solowheel does a great job of keeping you stable at any speed.

Ultimately, this is a solid all-rounded electric unicycle that hits a fair price point. It’s one of the more popular electric unicycles, and for good reason.


  • Solid battery life
  • Fantastic and stylish looks
  • Wheel is very strong and durable
  • Operates great on a variety of terrain, including grass and dirt
  • Decent water resistance
  • Smooth ride


  • Not very portable

3. King Song 16S

electric unicycle

The KingSong 16S is one of the most expensive unicycles on the list today. This makes it a great 2024 electric unicycle choice for any readers out there who want a more high-end product.

When it comes to specs, the KingSong 16S weighs 38 pounds and has a maximum weight limit of 330 pounds. It has a 1200-watt motor. Under ideal weight and road conditions, a single battery charge will give you an extremely impressive 60 miles. And for anyone truly craving speed it goes up to 22 miles per hour.

The acceleration on this thing was still a little slower than other electric unicycles, which is to be expected with the heavyweight. But after a few seconds, it really starts to get going. 

The KingSong 16S comes in three colors: black, silver and white. I used the black model, and while I personally wish I had the silver one, there’s no doubt the LEDs really jive well with the black matte finish.

So the KingSong 16S is very fast and very powerful, there’s no debate. It even has cool LEDs, a great and sturdy handle, a headlight, stereo speakers, and a very in-depth app. There is a lot to offer here, and the value is undeniable.

My one complaint with this electric unicycle is that it could be a little more comfortable. It doesn’t handle grass or gravel as smoothly as advertised.

But despite its flaws and big asking price, it’s such a marvelous piece of technological design. It is so impressive and on the money. Its innovative design and features mean that I absolutely still have to recommend it. For those of you who do decide to purchase this, you will definitely be happy with one of the best electric unicycles of 2024.


  • Fantastic battery life
  • Impressive top speed
  • Very bright lights, including LEDs
  • Handle is robust


  • A bit expensive
  • Could be a little more comfortable

4. Gotway MSX Pro

electric unicycle

Want an electric unicycle that prioritizes power and high performance above all else? Enter the Gotway MSX Pro electric unicycle. 

The first thing to talk about is just how striking the visuals are of this electric unicycle. It’s so bold and bulky that it looks like parts of a monster truck were taken down and reformed. This gives off a great first impression, and it hints at just how much power is contained within.

The torque motor of the MSX Pro uses a whopping 2500 watts. This is what allows it to have its incredible specs of a top speed of 45 mph and a 60-mile range. That’s right, this monster can go 45 mph! This is definitely way too fast for beginners, but experienced unicycle riders are probably getting really excited reading that right now.

A great subtle touch that Gotway used is the fantastic grip take on the pedals and unit itself. The tape offers fantastic stability and it feels comfortable too. The foot pedals are also very well reinforced and feel like some of the toughest feet pedals I’ve ever used on an electric unicycle.

The overall construction of the MSX Pro is fantastic. It feels so tough and so sturdy that you’d have to go out of your way to break it.

But most importantly, what’s arguably the defining feature of the MSX Pro is its two motor options. You can select between Power mode or Torque mode. Power mode increases the speed and acceleration, but Torque mode comes in handy for hills, uneven ground, or rough terrain. This makes it a very powerful electric unicycle made for extreme performance.


  • Astonishingly powerful motor with 2500w
  • Two switchable riding modes
  • Amazing max speed and longer range than others
  • Cool rugged looks
  • Colorful LEDs
  • Great grip tape and large pedals
  • Ergonomic design


  • Expensive
  • A little heavy

5. Gotway MTen3

electric unicycle

The final electric unicycle of 2024 to discuss today is another great product from Gotway: the MTen3. A reasonably priced electric unicycle, this is the model to get if comfort is your number one priority.

One of the defining features of the Gotway MTen3 is its unbeatable leg pads. On each side of the unicycle unit are two padded surfaces that are by far the most comfortable ones I’ve ever used on an electric unicycle. Even a couple of hours of consecutive use won’t have you feeling fatigued or exhausted.

It’s another good all-rounder unicycle that can appeal to both beginners and intermediate riders. It’s also relatively lightweight, weighing only 22 pounds.

Another great feature of the MTen3 is its very bright headlight, making it a great option for evening rides.

Combine all of this with its 30-mile range on a single charge, solid battery life, and ultra-slim compact design and this could be the most comfortable unicycle to buy in 2024.


  • Decent battery pack charging time
  • Fantastic leg pads and overall comfort
  • Beginner friendly
  • Small enough to fit in backpacks


  • Could have slightly better cruising speed and a better range for the price

Electric Unicycle Review – Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve gone over several great examples of electric unicycles, let’s go over how you can figure out how to select a great one for yourself if you decide to go shopping for one in the future. There are several criteria to keep in mind so make sure you pay attention to each and every one of them when buying a new motorized unicycle.

Price range

First, let’s discuss the price. There’s a wide range of great unicycles that can be purchased within an acceptable range, but you don’t want to spend too little or too much. Very cheap electric unicycles could be cheap or knockoffs and will not last very long. Very expensive unicycles will likely be unnecessary for most budgets and are only going to be slightly better than a well-priced one anyway.

The general rule of thumb is that you should spend no less than $300 and no more than $3000. There are exceptions to the rule, but the vast majority of electric unicycles worth owning are in this range.


Next, let’s discuss size. Most electric unicycles are the same shape and size, so all you really need to worry about is if the max load capacity can support your own weight. Electric unicycles will weigh anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds. Keep this in mind if you know you need to carry it around a lot.

Wheel size

Wheel size is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying an electric unicycle. The defining feature of unicycles is that they do only have one wheel, after all. You generally want wheels no smaller than 10 inches and no larger than 18 inches

The rule of thumb for wheels is that the bigger ones are better for rougher terrain, whereas the smaller ones are better at acceleration. This is important to keep in mind.

electric unicycle review

Speed and range

Then there’s speed and range, which are arguably the two most important categories of any electric unicycle. The main reason to ride on one of these bad boys is for the thrilling speed, so you will likely want one that goes around 20-25 mph. As for range, this is often the area that electric unicycles most excel at. Try to go for something that can reach at least 30 miles on a single battery charge.

How much speed and range you want will ultimately depend on why you want an electric unicycle and how you will be using it. If you want one for daily commuting, you will probably want range over speed. If the electric unicycle is primarily meant for leisure, then you will probably wish to prioritize speed over range.


Now let’s talk about the battery and the recharge time. The gold standard for all motorized vehicles is lithium-ion. They make the best batteries as they have a longer lifespan, typically a minimum of 5 years before needing a replacement. They also tend to recharge decently.

Safety features

Now for another important category: safety features. Electric unicycle riding feels more vulnerable as there is no frame, no handlebars and nothing else to act as a barrier between you and the floor should you fall. This is why it’s important for beginners to always wear a helmet and maybe even knee and elbow pads as well

As for the unicycle itself, the best safety features to look out for are built-in protection features. A sturdy unicycle should have some degree of water resistance, and it should be sturdy enough to not crack from any large bumps. The wheels should also be resistant to punctures, as breaking a wheel in the middle of a ride is a guaranteed wipeout.

Another necessary safety measure is bright lights. The best kinds are powerful headlights and rear lights so you will always be visible in the dark. Nice LEDs can also be helpful though they are more optional.

Other additional features

Lastly, unicycles are all about fun, so feel free to select a model that comes with a lot of neat bonus features to make every ride even more enjoyable. One example of this is Bluetooth speakers that can be used to play your favorite tunes. Another could be customizable LED lights.

electric unicycle

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are electric unicycles for riding?

A lot of people have this preconception that electric unicycles are inherently less safe to ride compared to other motorized vehicles. There is some logic in there, as unicycles by definition do have fewer wheels than bicycles, trikes or hoverboards, or skateboards. Fortunately, modern-day electric unicycles are very good at keeping themselves nice and stable.

Like many current hoverboards or segways, electric unicycles have self-balancing technology thanks to cutting-edge gyroscopes. This makes it harder for you to be knocked off balance, even when riding at high speeds.

At the end of the day, you still have to do more balancing work with a unicycle than with a bicycle, so they can be a little risky for beginners. But anyone with proper practice and experience will be able to use them with no problem. 

Automobiles and motorcycles are technically less safe as their crashes are more severe, so keep that in mind the next time you think electric unicycles are too problematic!

Are electric unicycles easy to ride?

Learning how to ride an electric unicycle is probably somewhat harder than learning how to ride a bike. This is mostly because you get to sit down while riding a bike, but you have to stand up while using a unicycle.

There is definitely a learning curve to riding unicycles or electric unicycles, but it’s a hurdle that most people get over fairly quickly. As long as you practice indoors or in a safe environment then you should have no issue getting the hang of it.

Switching from something like a skateboard or a bicycle to an electric unicycle will definitely feel weird at first. But the good news is that the hardest part is at the beginning. Once you figure out how to balance your legs and torso, it will eventually become second nature to you. The saying about how you never unlearn to ride a bicycle is also true for unicycles.

Are electric unicycles expensive?

For the most part, electric unicycles are not going to be affordable for everyone. The average electric unicycle is probably going to be considerably more expensive than your average electric skateboard or electric bicycle.

This is part of the reason why electric unicycles are also so niche. For people who want a simple commuting vehicle, e-bikes are a vastly cheaper option, plus they’re easier to learn how to ride and operate.

Fortunately, there are some cheaper electric unicycles out there that cost $300-500, but most of them are closer to $1000.

electric unicycle

Are electric unicycles too fast?

Like with any motorized vehicle, the speed of an electric unicycle is determined by its motor wattage and its weight. Generally speaking, the average electric unicycle is capable of going as fast as the average electric bike.

An electric unicycle in 2024 can go as slow as 10 mph or have a max speed of 25mph. This is more or less also how fast e-bikes can go. The fastest electric unicycle can exceed speeds of 40mph, but these are the highest of high-end models and will definitely cost thousands of dollars.

Many electric unicycles weigh 30 pounds or less, plus they tend to use a motor with 1000-2000w, so many of them can go at least 20mph.

Do I need extra safety equipment when riding an electric unicycle?

While it isn’t strictly necessary, it is recommended to use at least some safety equipment when riding an electric unicycle, especially if you plan on going past 25 mph.

If you are however a complete beginner to the world of electric unicycles then it is actually highly recommended that you wear a helmet and some protective pads. You are still learning how to balance yourself on a unicycle, which means that falling off is an inevitability, not just a possibility. 

Helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads are the most common kinds of protective gear with motorized vehicles. They’re not expensive by any means, so you should be able to afford them all. For extra safety, you can also consider investing in padded clothing to protect your chest, shoulders, and torso.

How much maintenance do electric unicycles require?

One nice benefit of electric unicycles is that they require less maintenance than other motorized vehicles. They are much smaller than a bicycle and they only have one wheel, so there isn’t a whole lot to take care of in the first place.

Keep the battery charged as much as possible and clean the unicycle unit whenever it gets too dirty, especially the wheel. Too much dirt or gunk build-up can mess up the equilibrium of the wheel, making it more likely to knock you off balance.

As an extra safety and maintenance tip, avoid wetness as much as possible. This includes several inches of snow, ice, and heavy rainfall. Most quality electric unicycles in 2024 have some degree of water resistance, but only up to a point. Keep them out of water or snow as much as you can to keep the lifespan of the unicycle high.

Can electric unicycles go uphill?

Many electric unicycles are great at going uphill but some are simply not up to the task. To know whether an electric unicycle is good for hills depends on its motor and its incline climbing rate.

As a rule of thumb, unicycles with bigger wheels and more torque are better designed for taking you uphill. As another generalization, a motor with less than 1500w is probably not going to be powerful enough, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

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