How to Prepare for Taking a Mobility Scooter on an Airplane

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Getting ready to travel? Decided that you’re going to go by air? Sounds like you’re on your way to having a fun and relaxing vacation. But there’s just one problem that’s been bugging you this whole time: what are you going to do about your mobility scooter?

You probably have several questions about your particular situation. Do airlines even take mobility scooters? Will you have to pay extra?  Luckily, we have all the answers that you need below. Continue reading to find out how you can prepare yourself when it comes to boarding an airplane with your mobility scooter.

Can You Take Mobility Scooters on Planes?

People who use mobility scooters also need to bring them when they travel, even if that means bringing them on airplanes. While the answer to whether or not you can take them is a little more in-depth, let us just clear the air right away by saying: yes, you can take mobility scooters on airplanes. The fact of the matter is that most airlines will allow you to take your scooters on board as it will be considered luggage.

However, that doesn’t simply mean that you can arrive at any airport with your scooter and expect things to work out smoothly. It might, but you would be rolling the dice and we instead advise that you take the time to prepare things a couple of days in advance before you step into the airport.

How You Should Prepare Before Boarding Your Flight

The very first thing you should do is either contact the airline or check out their website. This is important as you need to find out as soon as possible whether your airline even allows mobility scooters on board in the first place, as mentioned earlier. They probably do in all likelihood but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If the website has a detailed FAQ section that answers your concerns then that’s great. If not then call their customer support line so that you can directly speak with a representative and get all the info you need straight from them. Let them know in advance that you will be bringing the mobility scooter. Tell them which flight you will be taking. You should also let them know the size of your scooter as there may be regulations that do not accept mobility vehicles over a certain size.

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For example, some airlines will request that you keep your mobility scooter assembled at all times while others will want your vehicle to be taken apart to be as compact as possible. Figure this out in advance so that your arrival at the airport will be smooth and headache-free.

A very important thing to keep in mind is your mobility scooter’s batteries. Many airlines will want to disconnect the power supply from the vehicle itself for safety precautions. You can either do this yourself before you put your vehicle in storage or let the airport crew do it for you. Remember this if you have your mobility scooter returned to you and it doesn’t turn on. It probably just means that the battery cables were disconnected.

How Much You Should Expect To Pay

One of the most common questions people ask about taking their mobility scooters on an airplane is how much extra cash will it cost to store it in the hold. Luckily, you will not have to worry about paying for anything besides your plane ticket. If you are registered as having a disability then any devices that are used to accommodate that condition, such as a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, will not be considered as a part of your baggage fee.

Extra tips to Keep in Mind Before Setting Off for the Airport

Once you’ve called the airline and gotten everything squared away, we recommend that you take some final preparations before you head off for the airport to make sure that your journey is as hassle-free as possible.


First, you should make sure your battery is fully charged the day before you head to the airport. No one wants to have a motorized vehicle that runs out of juice in the middle of the airport. It could cause delays with your flight by making the baggage crew take longer to store your mobility scooter. Even worse it could cause you to miss your flight by keeping you behind schedule.

Spare Ignition

Next, you should bring a spare ignition key for your mobility scooter if you have one. It isn’t that uncommon for stuff to get lost during flights. The odds are that the baggage crew will have your key along with the scooter itself so keep the second one on your person in case the other one gets misplaced.

Operation Manual

A great tip that many people often overlook is to bring the operation manual of your scooter along with you. This book can come in handy in many ways. Maybe you need to tell the airport crew the exact measurements of your mobility scooter. Maybe your mobility scooter needs to be disassembled in a very specific way. Or perhaps the crew needs to know what kind of battery your vehicle uses to determine whether or not it should be removed or disconnected. All of this info will be inside of your manual so bring it with you in case you end up needing this kind of information.

In Summary

While a few steps of preparation are certainly needed, we hope that this article has shown that taking your mobility scooter aboard an airplane is really not the teeth pulling experience some people make it out to be.

Boarding planes can already be a bit of a hassle for people without mobility scooters but with our tips, you should be able to have a much easier time at the airport. The people at the airport are only there to help you be as secure and comfortable as possible so remember to ask them for assistance if you need it.

With all that said, enjoy your trip and have a safe flight!

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