Loomo by Segway: Full Product Review


Segway is famous for making some of the most cutting-edge electric vehicles on the market, but now they have truly outdone themselves by going all out with what can only be described as half-hoverboard, half-personal robot. Behold the Segway Ninebot Loomo, the next generation of personal transportation!

Specs and Overview

The Segway Loomo is an advanced hoverboard that is paired with an AI system that gives it all sorts of unique functions that truly makes it one of a kind. It may sound like a stretch to some, but it truly is a personal robot. But before we go over the Looma review and its unique functionality, let’s discuss the basic stats and specs.

The Loomo robot weighs 42 pounds and has a load capacity of 220 pounds. It has a max range of 22 miles per battery charge and uses Android 5.1 OS. It has 4GB of RAM memory and 64GB of internal storage.

Most importantly, the Ninebot Loomo has an HD camera capable of depth-sensing, motion tracking and recording, and streaming footage at 1080p 30fps.

What Does the Segway Loomo Do?

The Segway Ninebot Loomo is meant to be thought of as a personal assistant. This isn’t just a segway or hoverboard that can move on its own. It is capable of several useful functions that are designed to make your everyday tasks easier and more efficient. Think of this as a “smart segway” to act as a companion to your smartphone.

You can use the Loomo segway as a personal carrying device. You can place your grocery bags or backpack on it and let it carry your belongings for you. This is very handy considering the 220 pound load capacity.

Because it’s also outfitted with an HD camera, you can use the Loomo robot to record wherever you go, like leisurely walks or important conversations.

How fast does the Segway Loomo Go?

The Segway Loomo personal robot has two different maximum speeds depending on which setting is activated. In the automatic robot mode, it has a max speed of 4.3 mph, more than enough to keep up with you as you are going along at your usual walking speed. When riding it in the self-balancing vehicle mode, the max speed is 11 mph.

This means that on a complete battery charge, the Segway Loomo robot will give you 2 hours of use when riding it at max speed and 5 hours when it is following you in robot mode at max speed.

How much does the Segway Loomo cost?

Because of the advanced AI, the HD camera and the other features that set apart the Loomo from other hoverboards, it certainly does have a higher price tag. Segway has placed the Loomo price at $2000.

Segway Loomo Review – Riding Experience and Features in Action

loomo segway robot

Stepping onto a Segway has never been a disappointing time in my experience, and the Loomo robot is no exception. From the very moment you place your feet on this thing, you can already tell that it has exceptional build quality that more than justifies the price.

As Segway mentions, the wheels work on different kinds of terrain. The stability on surfaces such as wood, rock, grass and dirt is impressive. Not once did I feel that the Loomo segway was really off balance.

While I wasn’t used to it at first, using the Loomo in its patented robot mode really was a useful treat. It took some time to get used to just how good this thing is at following you around.

Using the Loomo robot to help carry my belongings was useful, but the HD camera is really where the personal assistance comes into play. The potential this thing has is phenomenal. 

It’s also impressive with just how responsive it is to voice commands. You can tell it to stop, speed up or slow down and it responds nearly instantly. 

The auto-balancing feature works just as well in robot mode as it does when you are riding it yourself. Watching this thing just move over bumps and cracks effortlessly is something you may never get bored of seeing.

While this is undeniably an advanced piece of machinery, I need to make it very clear that this is not a complex machine to actually operate. When it comes to riding, the Loomo works just as simply as any other Segway device.

This is also true for the newer features like the touch and voice command. The gimbal has 3 axes so it always knows how to self-stabilize when filming a video. This means you’ll never have to worry if your video is going to come out blurry, crooked or unfocused.

The motion detection is another feature that will always come in handy. The Ninebot Segway Loomo always detects a person or an object and reliably moves out of the way and changes its trajectory on the fly just like a living thing. The AI is so advanced that it will feel weird having to adjust to using anything else.

It’s also very easy to update and connect to a smartphone. This is because the Segway Ninebot Loomo actually receives all its updates automatically, giving you the freedom to not have to deal with any manual processes yourself. The smartphone controls are also very easy and intuitive, making this possibly the best smartphone app I’ve ever used for a personal transportation device.


  • Fantastic stability in both manual and robot mode
  • Great build quality, even by Segway standards
  • High quality HD camera
  • Simple, automatic firmware updates that require zero input
  • Reliable auto-follow function
  • Multi-terrain wheels


  • Steep price for most
  • Battery life could have an extra hour or two

Final Thoughts

The Segway Robot Loomo Personal Assistant Hoverboard has completely nailed what it set out to do – be the ultimate robot companion for all your indoor and outdoor needs. It’s fun, comfortable, convenient and useful. What more could you ask for?

The AI is truly state of the art, and that’s ultimately what you’re paying for here. If you’re ready to enter the future of segways and hoverboards, there’s no better stepping stone than the Loomo robot from Segway.