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More and more people are searching for an electric scooter that will fulfill all their commuting needs. With so many models coming in a compact design with easy to charge batteries, it’s no wonder why electric and motorized scooters are becoming more popular. Today, we’ll be taking a look at yet another contender for your next potential commuting device: the GOTRAX GXL electric scooter.

Does it have what it takes to satisfy your daily commuting goals? Or is this a forgettable attempt at closing in on this new and exciting market? Read on to find out.


Gotrax scooter

12 miles

15.5 mph

31 lbs

250 Watt

The GOTRAX GXL may be lacking in a few departments like max range or comfort but it offers great value and gets you to your destinations reliably


  • LED speedometer
  • Attractive blue finish
  • Very compact folding
  • Double gear switching
  • Quick charge time
  • Bright headlight
  • Affordable price
  • Responsive brakes


  • No kickstand
  • Doesn’t handle bumps that smoothly
  • Non-ergonomic pedalboard
  • The 12-mile range may be too short for some

Product Features

  • The large 8.5 inch tires make for a very stable and smooth ride that will prove invaluable on bumpier roads and hills
  • The V2 is a new model and improvement upon the original Gotrax GXL. The battery life, folding design and other features have all undergone more rigorous quality control and have all been improved
  • The throttle grips are extremely comfortable and ergonomic so your hands will never feel calloused or worn out after hours of use
  • High quality lithium-ion battery has 36 volts and recharges fully in around 4 hours
  • The max range is up to 12 miles and the max speed is 15.5 mph


As the name implies, GOTRAX (pronounced “Go Tracks”) designed this scooter for commuters in mind. It isn’t going to hit the top speeds that thrill riders will be looking for. It is meant as a replacement for your cycling or public transportation methods.

One thing right off the bat is that the GXL scooter is one of the more affordable options considering all its features. It is considerably cheaper than other electric scooters in its tier. It seems that from the look of the specs that GOTRAX intends their GXL scooter to compete with similar brands that are offered at higher prices. Let’s find out if you’re better off choosing them or a different brand.

What to Look for in a Commuting Scooter

When you’re looking to buy an electric scooter for the main purpose of commuting then you have to factor in a few important aspects into your final decision. Think about how often you’ll be using it and how far you plan to go on any given trip. If you plan on using it at least five days a week then you’ll really want to pay attention to things like battery life and comfort. You’ll want the machine you’ll be using all the time to be comfortable and be capable of lasting as long as you’ll need it.

Speed may not be a top priority but everyone wants something that can get them to their destination in a timely fashion. You may not need something that goes over 25 miles per hour but anything below 10mph would probably be a little too slow.

Gotrax scooter

Build quality is, of course, a deciding factor. No one wants a device that scratches or rusts easily or wheels that will wear and tear after only a few months. A scooter strong enough to handle your route is ideal, and perhaps even necessary.

Safety features are always an important category. Wearing the appropriate protective gear is always recommended but it is even better to have a device that has responsive braking and is resistant to water. Any scooter that lacks a good headlight always loses points in our book.

With that said, let’s begin dissecting GOTRAX’s GXL electric scooter.

Basic Specifications

The GXL scooter weighs about 31 pounds. It has a maximum load capacity of 220 pounds just like many other electric scooters in its weight class. It’s about 44 inches tall when in its standard position but it has a very convenient folding mechanism. The handlebar will angle backward pretty far and reach a vertical state that is level with the pedalboard. This makes it a more portable scooter when carrying it around or storing it away.

Both of the tires measure 8.5 inches and are air-filled. They can be easily refilled with any standard air pump like ones used for bicycle wheels.

The GXL sports a solid max speed of 15.5 miles per hour and offers a max range of about 12 miles off of a full charge. While both of these numbers should satisfy many commuters, the downside is that this scooter lasts less than an hour if you always use it at max speed. The 250-watt motor is impressive but it seems that GOTRAX had to sacrifice for a weaker battery in order to get that price down.

The GXL comes in two colors: standard black and navy blue. We find that the latter matches the bright red better than the black.

Gotrax scooter

Build Quality

There’s nothing much to say about the build of the GXL. It’s not bad but it isn’t special either. The aluminum used in the casing seems pretty standard. It doesn’t look like it will rust very easily but any scratches or marks it will acquire over the years will be a little apparent.

The actual robustness of the GXL doesn’t seem particularly sturdy either. When picking up or riding this scooter it was clear that we have ridden devices that felt tougher. On the other hand, this is a commuting scooter, not something made from tearing up grass dirt roads. But we still expected a frame that felt a little more well-composed.


The GXL is a reasonably comfortable scooter, but don’t expect it to have the same kind of luxurious feel that more expensive models offer.

The foot pedal board has a nice mesh pattern to give it the right amount of grip for your shoes but unfortunately, it has a flat surface. It isn’t curved so it doesn’t provide the most ergonomic sensation for your feet.

The handles aren’t the softest we’ve ever used but they’re still pretty good and offer the right amount of grip.

There is no cruise control function so you’ll always have to be accelerating manually. This isn’t too big of a deal but people who have already used a cruise mode may feel that this is lacking.

Gotrax scooter


As mentioned earlier, both wheels are 8.5 inches and are inflatable. What we discussed in the previous section about the GXL not providing the smoothest riding experience is mainly due to these tires. They seem perfectly durable and don’t look like they puncture too easily. However, even on the terrain, they were designed for, such as regular asphalt roads or sidewalks, we’ve been on nicer wheels.

Grass and dirt, let alone sand, aren’t ideal choices and will diminish the traction considerably. Luckily, this is only a commuting scooter and not an all-terrain vehicle so you should hopefully know your boundaries and your limits and not have much of a problem with that.


GOTRAX did a good job with the shock absorbent wheels. Bumps from behind or the front feel very well dampened, even at the highest speeds. Surprisingly, the GXL doesn’t seem to handle bumps or cracks in the road all that well despite having this feature.

The front headlight is a great addition considering how bright it is. You can easily use this scooter after dark and be totally visible to drivers as well as see what’s in front of you by several feet. It does drain the battery a bit, but it isn’t too bright so it isn’t as power-hungry as you might expect.

The braking system is also very well done. Both wheels are fitted with a metal disc that stops the tires when activated from the brake lever. Not only do they work well at any speed but they are fast-acting too.

Gotrax scooter

Extra Features

Despite being a cheaper model, the GXL is fitted with some really neat extra features. The LED speedometer is a really nice addition as you would normally need some sort of smartphone app to get this kind of diagnostic stat. It’s accurate and is totally visible during sunlight or darkness.

Probably the best extra feature is the 2-gear system. In default mode, the max speed of the GXL is around 10mph but the max speed of 15.5mph is unlocked when switched into gear 2. This is a neat way to guarantee having minimized speeds for those who are still practicing and is about as close as the GXL gets to a cruise control function.

Concluding Remarks

For the price, the GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter is worth it. It will be more than suitable for anyone looking for a simple way to get to work, school, or anywhere within range. It may be lacking in a few departments like max range or comfort but it has great safety precautions and a couple of really convenient bonuses like the speedometer. It’s also much more compact than a lot of other electric scooters despite weighing over 30 pounds.

It’s not the most advanced transportation device ever made but anyone on a budget will surely be most satisfied with the overall performance. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy your new electric scooter.

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Talal Almasri August 8, 2019

Here is my experience with gatrax:

I bought the GXL escooter and I received the box slightly broken. I sent multiple emails along with pictures informing the company with the damage. Gotrax offered me a 15% discount to keep the escooter, I declined the offer. When I asked to return it, I was told returning cost is on the customer. This is new unopened box, received (1-day ago) with broken box and visible scratch (see picture) where it was broken. They claim they are “US-based company support”, this is truly a joke: do I have to pay for returning damaged product? By the way, people are complaining about the 2 year non-functional phone system (yeah whatever: we are switching over bla bla bla), you cannot talk to them, just email.

When I was shopping around and reading reviews, I truly thought some people are complaining for nothing, they were not, I was wrong, they were telling the truth.

Maybe good product, but way less than substandard customer service.

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