What You Should Know About Bringing Electric Scooters on Public Transportation

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If you possess your very own motorized vehicle such as an electric scooter then you are probably enjoying the fact that they make commuting much more convenient. However, due to various limitations like storage or battery life, people can’t expect to use these e-scooters exclusively. Just like with regular bicycles or skateboards, sometimes you’ve just got to lug your e-scooter onto a bus to catch your breath.

What You Should Know About Bringing Electric Scooters on Public Transportation

Unfortunately, it won’t always be as simple as hopping onto a bus or getting into a taxi. Depending on where you live, some public transport services may not even allow you to bring your scooter on board with you. Or it could be that you don’t know the best way to go about taking your e-scooter into other vehicles. Below we’ll discuss all you need to know about the ins and outs of bringing electric scooters aboard public transportation.

1. Find Out If Your City Allows You to Bring E-Scooters on Board

The first thing you should look into if you’re concerned about bringing electric scooters aboard public transport is to check with the services of your local area and see their rules on the matter. Just about any public bus will allow bicycles, wheelchairs, and even mobility scooters on board but there are still some cities that have gray areas for recreational motorized vehicles.

Subways are going to be a safer bet than buses as they have a lot more room for both standing and sitting. It isn’t uncommon to see a rider and his or her bike on a subway train so odds are your city will allow you to do the same when it comes to e-scooters. However, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry so check beforehand just to be sure.

Taxi cabs generally will allow you to put things in the trunk of their car so e-scooters also fall under this category. Just be sure to double-check with the agency when making your call.

2. Have Etiquette and Awareness of Your Surroundings

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when bringing your electric scooter on public transport is to take up as little space as possible and be mindful of others around you. There isn’t anything wrong with having to bring your scooter, bike, or skateboard on board a car or train but no one likes someone who hogs up all the space.

This goes without saying but the more portable your e-scooter is the easier of a time you’ll have with this. If your electric scooter is on the small side then try to find a spot where it can be tucked away without obscuring the path of others walking on or off the vehicle.

If your electric scooter can be folded or has a retractable stand then always put your e-scooter in its most compact shape when aboard a bus or subway. Try to keep it as close to your side as possible when standing or tucked in between your legs when sitting down.

Be sure not to use your e-scooter to block or even take up a seat. Chairs are meant for passengers, not luggage.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to try to avoid bringing very dirty scooters aboard a bus or train. No one likes sitting next to a dirty person and the same applies to scooters. If you’ve just been blazing through some murky puddles or dirt roads then you might want to clean your scooter up a bit first, or maybe even think twice about using public transportation.

3. The Safety of Yourself and Other Passengers is Priority

Most cities will allow motorized scooters on board not just because they aren’t too inconvenient but more importantly because they pose no real safety threats. However, this doesn’t mean that you should haphazardly toy around with your vehicle while riding inside of another vehicle.

Always make sure your electric scooter is turned off when on another vehicle. This is especially true if you own an e-scooter with a higher top speed as no one wants it to accidentally go off in the direction of another passenger.

4. Preparing Your Electric Scooter for Cargo Storage

If you are planning on taking your e-scooter aboard a vehicle with cargo space such as a large metro bus or a train then you should think about how you can take advantage of the luggage space. There usually isn’t any room aboard these vehicles as opposed to public city buses so it will be more comfortable for you and other passengers to store your electric scooter in the cargo area.

Although, you probably don’t want to just throw your expensive and shiny scooter in the cargo area along with a bunch of heavy suitcases as there’s no telling whether your scooter will get scuffed up or even damaged during the journey. Luckily, there are a few solutions to this issue.

Carrying Cases or Covers

Many retailers sell carrying cases for electric scooters that will protect your motorized vehicle in situations like this. These kinds of backpacks tend to be pretty large themselves though, so keep that in mind.

You can also consider getting an electric scooter cover rather than a full-size backpack. These are much more portable and can be folded up easily so you won’t feel like you’re lugging around your own extra cargo. Many of these scooter covers are waterproof and are made out of resilient materials to give your e-scooter the extra protection that it needs.

Just like with city buses or subways, it is always wise to keep your electric scooter off and fold it into its most compact size when putting it into cargo storage. This will not only help save the battery but reduce the odds greatly of your electric scooter getting scuffed up when brought aboard public transportation.

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