Battery Powered Ride On Excavator Toys Your Kids Will Dig


For all the talk there is about ATVs, dirt bikes, electric bikes, and electric skateboards, battery powered ride on excavator vehicles seem to get left in the dust. It’s time to change that. 

These 13 ride-on digger toy excavators harness the energy of construction site machines that kids are so often fascinated with. Your kids may be too small to operate a real one, but they’re just the right size for these sandbox excavators! Every trip to the beach or the local park will become a blast with one of these by your kid’s side!

Top 12: Battery Powered Ride On Excavator

1. 12V Volvo Excavator Kids Ride on Car with Electronic Digging Arm

battery powered ride on excavator

This battery-powered ride-on excavator from Volvo is a fantastic way to give your little boy or girl the ultimate birthday or Christmas present.

The sleek combination of black and yellow really makes this ride-on digger toy stand out, making it look more stylish than the real thing. It has an impressive weight limit of 130 pounds, making it a good choice for older kids as well as younger ones.

It also comes included with a plastic shovel, encouraging your child to really get their hands dirty and enjoy digging up the deepest of holes.

2. Kids Electric 12v Battery Ride-on Tractor / Digger

battery powered ride on excavator

Here’s a ride-on digger toy with a little more power than the previous entry. If your kid likes to go a bit faster, this 12v battery ride-on excavator tractor should get the job done.

It has a max speed of over 3 mph, making it a solid choice not only for digging but riding as well.

The rear wheels are also considerably larger than the front ones, making your kid sit higher in the back, increasing the sense of realism and power. They are also a little better at powering through sand pits compared to other battery-powered ride-on excavator diggers.

3. Costzon Ride on Excavator

Costzon Ride on Excavator, 12V Battery Powered Construction Vehicles for Kids, Front Loader with Horn, 2 Speeds, Forward/Backward, Safety Belt,Treaded Wheels, Digger, Ride on Car (Yellow)

If battery life is more of a priority, the Costzon ride-on excavator will be a great choice. It can run up to 90 minutes on a full single battery charge, twice as long as any of the previous battery-powered ride-on excavators.

It’s available in three different colors: blue, yellow, and green. This is a nice little bonus many other ride-on diggers don’t offer. Not only that, but it comes with a safety belt and a horn, making it feel safer and more enjoyable to kids who really want to get immersed in their construction fantasies.

Thanks to the well-designed wheels, this battery-powered ride-on excavator is suitable for asphalt, sand, dirt, and brick roads, making it highly versatile. Your kid could easily ride it from home to the park and back (with adult supervision, of course)!

4. rolly toys CAT Construction Ride-On: 360-Degree Excavator/Shovel Digger

rolly toys CAT Construction Ride-On: 360-Degree Excavator/Shovel Digger, Youth Ages 3+ , Yellow

For anyone looking for a smaller ride-on digger, the rolly toys CAT is a perfect option. While it’s not a good choice for driving, it puts your kid right in the action by having them sit closer to the digger so they can feel more immersed.

While 8-year-olds can use this, it is also suitable for three-year-olds. You could buy this for a small boy or girl and keep it in use for over five years.

5. Lenoxx Ride-On Excavator

battery powered ride on excavator

This battery-powered ride-on excavator has a large-sized steering wheel and a larger excavator digger, making it feel more life-sized and realistic.

The seat has a lot of room, making it a more comfortable ride on digger toy than average. This is a great choice for long sessions that will completely drain the battery. Your kid will be asking for more at the end of every ride.

6. Kids Ride On Excavator Digger 6V Battery Powered Tractor

battery powered ride on excavator

This is one of the more stylish-looking battery-powered ride-on excavators out there. Its lower body frame makes it resemble something more like a race car than a tractor or a construction site machine.

This is also a durable toy thanks to its versatile wheels that can handle multiple surfaces and the anti-slip technology. It also has a fun horn and only weighs 20 pounds, making it lightweight and easier for mom and dad to carry back home.

7. Falk Power Builder Wheeled Excavator with opening seat

battery powered ride on excavator

Here’s a battery-powered ride-on excavator that really brings the heat when it comes to realism. The tall excavator arm closely resembles those featured on actual construction sites, so your kid can feel the excitement and anticipation of every single dig.

The front of the toy is outfitted with a dirt guard that adds to both the durability and realism of the toy. As another added bonus, there is an extra storage compartment hidden underneath the seat. This makes a perfect spot for your boy or girl to store any other toys or tools, such as plastic hammers, plastic shovels, or sand buckets.

8. Anpanman Wanpaku Shovel Car Ride On Kids Toy Excavator Vehicle

battery powered ride on excavator

Here’s another great battery-powered ride-on excavator suitable for the youngest of ages. Built in Japan, this is a lightweight toy that is easy to move around.

The digger is easy to operate and works like a charm. It’s also a more affordable option so parents can easily use this to fit any budget.

9. Falk Wheeled Excavator and Helmet included

battery powered ride on excavator

Keeping up with the trend of affordable and lightweight ride-on excavator toys, Falk has created a fun-sized toy that is perfect for older infants and toddlers.

This is a perfect backyard toy your boy or girl can use to dig up as much dirt as they want. It’s built with a tall arm build that accurately mirrors real-life machines, but it also has a front dirt guard and footrests to complete the look and add to the overall comfort levels.

To top things off, no pun intended, it even comes with a free plastic construction safety helmet so your kid can look the part and play the part!

10. HONEY JOY Ride on Excavator, 12V Battery Powered Construction Vehicles for Kids

HONEY JOY Ride on Excavator, 12V Battery Powered Construction Vehicles for Kids, Front Loader Shovel w/Horn, 2 Speeds, Forward/Backward, Safety Belt, Kids Bulldozer for Boys Girls(Yellow)

Weighing nearly 40 pounds, this is a more rugged and durable battery-powered ride-on excavator than average. Honey Joy constructed this toy so that it would properly embody what it feels like to be digging up major dirt on a real site.

Thinking outside the box, they even added a reverse and parking function so your child can drive and operate this toy like it’s the real deal. The light on the front is also a nice touch.

More impressively, it has a battery life of 90 minutes, making it one of the more powerful ride on digger toys you can buy today.

11. JOYLDIAS 12V Ride On Excavator with 2.4GHz Remote Control

JOYLDIAS 12V Ride On Excavator with 2.4GHz Remote Control, Electric Construction Vehicle for Kids Digger with 3 Speeds, Bluetooth, Microphone Jack, Music, Lights, Yellow

For bigger and older kids who really want to feel in control, the Joyldias ride-on excavator 12v digger toy is the way to go. The seat is wide, the digger is wide, and the wheels are wide – everything about this toy is simply big.

This battery-powered ride-on excavator might have some of the most comfortable seating of them all. It can also attain a max speed of 5 mph, making it considerably faster than the others.

It also has fancy bright LED lights and 3 different riding modes, so there are more than enough bells and whistles on this bad boy to make it stand apart from the rest.

12. Poco Divo Digger Scooter

Digger Scooter, Ride-on Excavator, Pulling cart, Pretend Play Construction Truck (Color May Vary) by POCO DIVO

Probably the most unique-looking battery-powered riding excavator on this list, the Poco Divo is made with bright, attractive colors and, luckily for mom and dad, is very easy to install and assemble.

More importantly, the Poco Divo is available in two different models: one with a regular excavator scooper and one with a top-down grabber that resembles claw machine games at arcades.

As cool and unique as this battery-powered excavator digger toy is, it is one of the cheapest options, making it an amazing deal and a high-value toy! Don’t miss out on this deal to get your son or daughter one of the best ride-on diggers available. 

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