Best Electric Skateboard under $1000

Electric Skateboard

Who says that skateboards are just for kids and teenagers? Electric skateboards are a step up from the traditional basic design and are not only fun but are also incredibly easy to use – for people of all ages! Check out the amazing electric skateboards available for under $1000. Ideal for those wanting to avoid traffic […]

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Best Lightweight Mobility Scooter (Folding Style)

Mobility Scooter

The popularity of mobility scooters has risen dramatically in recent years. Walk down nearly any street in America these days and you’re likely to see someone riding one. Why’s that? Well, with improved design and technology, mobility scooters have advanced from the unpractical, bulky, and unsightly items that they once were to something much more […]

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Top 5 Best Electric Unicycles in 2024

Electric Unicycle

E-Scooters and electric skateboards get all of the attention these days. That’s why we’re going to take the time to shed light on the electric unicycle. Unicycles have always been associated with circuses. Clowns and juggling are almost always pictured when someone even says the word unicycle to you. Allow us to help you change […]

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Electric Skateboard

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen an electric skateboard come out that really dared to push the boundaries of the vehicle’s capabilities. That’s why I am excited today to discuss the new and upcoming SPECTRA X by WALNUTT. This is the newest model in a line of portable and fashionable e-skateboards that all […]

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