The Best Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser of 2023


It’s summertime, and while this is the season for bike riding, it’s an even better season for long and cruisy ebike riding. And the best bike for summer is a fat tire electric beach cruiser. Today we’re going to be looking at 4 new electric cruisers that were released just this year.

Below are four of the best electric beach cruiser fat tire bikes that came out in 2023 thus far. They all look lovely, but you only need one to take with you to have the most relaxing beachside bike rides you’ve ever had. Which one is our winner today? Let’s find out.

Himiway Cruiser ST – Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike

best fat tire electric cruiser

First on our list of the best fat tire electric cruiser is the Himiway Cruiser ST. While the visuals are a little more reminiscent of a standard ebike, the frame and specs make it nice and clear that this is a cruiser designed for leisure first.

One of the most impressive things about the Himiway Cruiser ST is its max range, going up to 60 miles per battery charge for lighter riders who utilize the pedal assist. In classic ebike fashion, it comes with the most revered Shimano 7-speed gear shifting function as well.

It weighs 72 pounds which is a bit on the heavy side, but with its max load capacity of 350 pounds, nearly anyone can use it with ease.

This is a fat tire bike, after all, so the Himiway Cruiser has 4-inch wide tires, providing great traction and stability on sand, dirt, asphalt, and even wet flat surfaces.

The motor is 750w with 80nm of torque, making it a powerful bike. This makes the Himiway Cruiser ST a good option if you do a lot of summer riding on bike trails with lots of unevenness or debris.

There’s also an LCD screen that displays a speedometer, an odometer, and a battery life meter. It also has a port for USB charging.

Keep in mind that the tires are 26 inches long, meaning that tall riders will especially benefit from this bike.

Emojo Breeze Pro

fat electric beach cruiser

Our next fat electric beach cruiser contender is the Emojo Breeze Pro. It has the visual design of a retro cruiser with its soft pastel, light brown, and white colors.

The handlebars are made out of very soft yet high-quality leather, which is just lovely to the touch.

Including the battery and motor, it weighs 74 pounds with a load capacity of 250 pounds, so this isn’t considered a heavy-duty electric fat tire cruiser.

In classic fat tire cruiser bike fashion, the Emojo Breeze has 26-inch tall tires and 4-inch wide wheels

While some assembly is required, the Emojo Breeze is quick and easy to install.

The digital LCD screen is quite big and very easy to read in light or in the dark, even for people with below-average eyesight.

While this is an electric cruiser primarily designed for leisurely rides, it does have a rebound-based front suspension, so it knows how to handle some rough bumps in the front should you get in the mood to take it to more off-road conditions.

It has a max speed of 20 mph and a max range of 30 miles, taking about 6 hours to fully charge the battery. Solid specs for a fat tire electric beach cruiser for someone looking for a no-hassle way to breeze their way through the summertime.

Sohoo 48v 500w Adult Step-Over & Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-bike

Soumye 48V500W13AH 20' x4.0 Folding Fat Tire Snow E-Bike Mountain Electric Bicycle Beach Cruiser Foldable Bike

Here’s a more unique fat tire electric bike beach cruiser for you: the Sohoo 500w ebike. What makes the Sohoo interesting is that it is classified as a step-over or step-thru bike.

This means that the seat is placed on a low angle, making it possible for people of various heights to simply walk into the bike from behind and sit down, without having to mount it from the side by raising their legs.

As beach cruisers are known for prioritizing comfort and ease, it’s a no-brainer to make a fat tire electric beach cruiser as a step-thru. Step-thru bikes are the easiest to get on and get off.

This makes step-thru bikes great choices for smaller riders, older riders who’ve lost their agility, or people with leg or hip issues who still want to enjoy the wind on their faces as they cruise along on their favorite ebike.

While many fat tire bikes have 26-inch tall tires, the Sohoo 500w only has 20-inch tall wheels instead. This is another conscious design choice to make this fat tire cruiser ebike as accessible as possible.

Sohoo 48v 750w Adult Step Over Step Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike

Soumye 48V750W16AH 26' x4.0 Fat Tire Electric Step-Thru Beach Cruiser Adult Snow eBike, X-Large, (Step-Thru Blue)…

The last fat tire electric beach cruiser we’ll be discussing today is very familiar: it’s another Sohoo, but this is the 750w variant instead. Like the 500w version, this is indeed a step-thru fat tire electric cruiser, but there are some differences to note.

Think of this as essentially the bigger and faster version of the Sohoo ebikes. Instead of 20-inch tall wheels, they are 26 inches tall instead, in line with how fat tire electric cruiser ebikes are usually designed.

While the previous Sohoo was capable of only 7 different gear-shifted speeds, this one has a whopping 21. This gives you plenty of freedom and control over what you want your max speed to be.

This is definitely a big bike, even by fat tire electric cruiser standards, so no one under the height of 5’8’’ should even think about using this bike.

If you are tall enough to own this, you will surely have the time of your life. The load capacity is 330 pounds despite weighing around 70 pounds itself, which is impressive. It can go as fast as 28 mph so you can definitely use this as a speed bike, a leisure bike, and an exercise bike all in one.

Why do Electric Bikes have Fat Tires?

While the standard bikes have wheels that are 1 or 1.5 inches in thickness, fat tire bikes take this to another level. Most fat tire bikes, including fat tire electric beach cruiser bikes, will have tires that are 4 inches wide instead.

This is because wider or fatter tires provide superior stability on a wider variety of surfaces.

Because they’re not as thin, they won’t be as wobbly while turning, while going at max speeds, or while supporting heavier weight. As a result, they are widely considered more dependable for more extreme circumstances.

This is why many off-road bikes use fat tires, as they are better equipped to deal with rocks, branches, debris, uneven roads, and steep hills. 

Regular wheels are perfectly fine for roads and sidewalks, but they are less stable on paths that aren’t managed, making them less comfy and less safe. Fat tires are chosen because they handle these conditions better.

Why Buy a Fat Tire Ebike

If you do a lot of your bike riding on beaches, dirt roads, forests and woods, mountain trails, or hills, you should buy yourself a fat tire ebike cruiser. They will heavily reduce your odds of getting into an accident and will make your rides feel smoother and easier.

Many fat tire electric cruiser bikes also have better front suspension, which makes them better resistant to shocks. Combine this with the thicker wheels, and you have yourself great protection from bumps and falls.

fat tire electric beach cruiser featured

Final Verdict

If you can only choose one fat tire electric cruiser in 2023 from this list today, my vote has to be the Sohoo models. They both have the functionality and versatility that modern-day ebikes need to stay competitive.

There is a bit of a caveat, though. While both bikes are similar, they have big differences in the size department. If you are a smaller rider, then you should go for the 500w version, as the 750w model will be too tall to be comfortable.

My Favorite Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser

But speaking as someone who is of the right height, the Sohoo 750w is easily my winner on today’s list. It has great specs, the best gear-shifting functionality, and solid battery life. It feels like a cruiser and a high-quality off-road powerhouse at the same time.

This is the fat tire electric cruiser bike to watch out for in 2023.

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